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10/08/2009 at 11:09
Come on now.

What'.s the matter with a fact.

I'll try to remember to apologise for being quick.

I didn't realise folk were so tetchy.

Sorry but swimming is like make it difficult...Runner since 74.......never had an injury.......guess thats bragging again.rather than a fact.
10/08/2009 at 11:21

Thanks guys  Relaxation is definitely the key.

Paul - if you have something to announce to the forum, try starting a NEW thread instead of hyjacking an existing one. That way, people might be more receptive to you and what you have to say.

10/08/2009 at 11:22
Paul Scoffield wrote (see)
Sorry but swimming is like make it difficult.

Okay yeah, my biomechanics and a congenital joint abnormality did mean I made running difficult for myself, without realising.

But that doesn't mean it was an easy matter to sort it out.

If you've got any actual ideas for us on how to improve and get as quick as you, Paul, then we might be a tad less tetchy.

10/08/2009 at 11:23
Nice work on the breathing, Angelic!
ImRio    pirate
10/08/2009 at 11:39

Exactly LP.

Paul it is not so much about being quick.  So what.  Be constructive for those that aren't.

We can all have bragging rights, just not on a beginners how to improve thread, without helping.  It is fabulous that you are lucky enough to be able to swim quickly without much effort.  Things that people on here are striving for but seems impossible when you can barely put your head in the water or swim a length.   Swimming is very technical - much more so than running can be so I am sorry but I don't necessarily agree that you "make it difficult"

10/08/2009 at 11:50

Hope you feel better now "I was great in 1974" Paul. 

Like the others said, nobody is being tetchy, this is a very obvious "beginners" thread of people having a go and the title makes that very clear.  It gets great support from more experienced triathletes and their advice is very appreciated.  Just blowing your own trumpet and taking the piss is generally not appreciated.  It's obvious this thread isn't your bag and I agree with LP about perhaps starting your own little thread.  maybe there are a handful of others on the forum who would like to reminisce about how fabulous they were... in 1974.

10/08/2009 at 11:54

Morning all,

Well done Paul, you are much faster than people on a beginners swimming thread, what a man you must be.  Why not share some drills, give us pointers rather than showing off, or at least show us some empathy instead of acting like a tw@t.  Or maybe you can't help it?

Overslept this morning (the joys of school holidays), so went for a shorter ride than I had planned originally,but had a nice gentle ride with some tough hills and even more challenging traffic thrown in.  Did 22 KM in 47 mins, so am happy enough.  My gym membership runs out today so I will go for a swim as well to get my moneys worth.  

I agree about the importnace of relaxation, it takes me a few lenghts to stop panicing, and then I swim much better.  Can you warm up before sprint tri's?

10/08/2009 at 12:05
Shiva wrote (see)

  Can you warm up before sprint tri's?

I was wondering that too, so thanks for asking!.   Good ride btw!

10/08/2009 at 12:08
Gosh you're all tetchy.

I can't make a if you wish to poke fun...You will find I am fine with that.

Grow up you lot.get a grip.I was never taking the

Ok here are some tips................put strength into every stroke, hold half your breath into your body to maintain bouyancy. Always keep your fingers closed together, extend beyond your comfort zone and don't use your feet to try to propell yourself. They only maintain balance forward momentum is done with your arms and is why your strength should be used there.

You will find that I am never well done you.

PS ever so sorry folk I thought it was a forum............Dear oh dear
10/08/2009 at 12:17
"Just stating a fact. Slowee" is pretty offensive if you ask me, and that was before anyone had said anything remotely rude to you.
ImRio    pirate
10/08/2009 at 12:20

Paul as you appreciate with no tone of voice it can be difficult to determine when someone is joking or otherwise.   The smileys help.  Please don't patronise it is not helpful at all.

Most people on the forum are genuinely nice people who are looking for help but don't need to be made to feel small or slow by comments (no matter how unintentional).

Tips on technique are great and even good swimmers like you must still do drills and things to help as well as sessions that you use.  All that sort of stuff is great, just lighten up on the comments about being slow.

10/08/2009 at 12:21
That was supposed to be light hearted........and it is a fact.
10/08/2009 at 12:22
I think I will try a more balanced forum .

ImRio    pirate
10/08/2009 at 12:24

Slow compared to you  maybe but not slow compared to a lot of other people.

Now if you don't quit being offensive on here I for one will ignore you and I hope the rest will join me if they haven't already.   Just stating a fact!

10/08/2009 at 12:24
Ok Paul, thanks for popping in
10/08/2009 at 12:27
You might want to pop in the "can't run 5k yet" thread to see who's up for doing a 100 mile Ultra next month.  I'm sure they'll appreciate your input too.
ImRio    pirate
10/08/2009 at 12:30
Nam wrote (see)
You might want to pop in the "can't run 5k yet" thread to see who's up for doing a 100 mile Ultra next month.  I'm sure they'll appreciate your input too.

10/08/2009 at 12:31
10/08/2009 at 12:31
10/08/2009 at 12:32
Thank you.everyone else has.
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