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12/08/2009 at 14:55


Yes would agree to concentrate on elements of the stroke than worry to much about powering up and down the pool.  I think this helps not only in getting it right but also increasing confidence in the water - something I was lacking when I started swimming again in April - in fact going to the deep end increased my HR to such a degree you'd have thought I'd just finished running a race!

Keep goint Bimble-Bee it does get better, I am now brave enough to go in a lane to swim with no side to get hold of!

12/08/2009 at 15:02


The plan is to leave the armbands at home by Christmas.

12/08/2009 at 19:38

Just popped in to check everyone's progress and welcome to the thread B-Bee!

No news for me as not been swimming (training) since last week because of other commitments - not through any confidence crisis, I assure you .

Hoping to pop along to pool tomorrow, but I may be trying out ice-skating with Jr S .

Can't wait for school holidays to be over so I can train when I want to train!!  

12/08/2009 at 20:04
Schmunkee, i'm the opposite the school holidays are the only time i can train when i want
12/08/2009 at 20:18

Welcome BB

Ice skating sounds fun! Last time I did that was at school... so years ago!

I find school holidays no different to term time. However, my kids are older, so they entertain themselves (PS2, World of Warcraft, alcohol...etc etc ) and I just go to work, come home and clear up after them, feed them, give them cash, and get on with my training. Works for me!!

Went for a recovery splash tonight after 6m intervals last night. Pool was lovely and empty, so just practiced bits and bobs. Still can't master the side balance thing, but i refuse to admit defeat. One day i'll bluddy get it.

13/08/2009 at 07:48

Apols if this has been poste dbefore, but it looks rather useful

Swim Smooth

13/08/2009 at 08:02
mellifera wrote (see)
Strength training for swimming should be specific - don't do lat pull downs  - that reinforces dropping elbow. Do do things for your rotator cuffs and scapular stabilsers.  On the whole it's swimming that is going to build up the strength you need to swim.

Cheers for that Melli as I was doing lat pull downs.  My routine is.

  • tricep press
  • seated leg extension
  • seated leg curl
  • hip adduction
  • hip adduction
  • seated leg press
  • chest press
  • rear row
  • lat pulldown (now removed)
  • shoulder press
  • squats
  • fly
  • bicep curl (free weights)
  • lateral raises (free weights)
  • side extensions (free weights)
  • hip flexors (free weights)

Are any of these best avoided for creating the wrong body position?

13/08/2009 at 08:06
I like that link, Bear!  I can download my own Mr Smooth!
13/08/2009 at 08:12
yeah I love that name - lol!
13/08/2009 at 09:17

Mr.Smooth, he da man!

Slaps his hand down flat fully extended at the entry to the stroke; is that right? I thought an early entry with the side of the hand and slide it forward under the water?

13/08/2009 at 09:39

I was taught (in my one-to-one lessons) to enter with the hanf at about 45 degrees and for the arm to enter the water through the same hole so to speak.

The wrist cocking back just as the pull starts is itneresting and not something I'd seen.  I thought at first that Mr S didn't keep his elbows high, but I think that's just the angle.

While that animation's good, I think it would still be helpful to have someone give you feedback - I did a day's trainign which included video analysis, and what I thought I was doing is nothing like what I was doing!

13/08/2009 at 09:40
That swimsmooth link was great  I also clicked on the Learn To Swim Freestyle link and it had a bit of info to the DVD they sell. It actually looked pretty good. The guy in it was rather cute too.   Pity I can't download him to my desktop.. lol
13/08/2009 at 10:40

Morning all, and big welcome, BB!

I'm reassured by what people was about rubbish kicking - I only ever bother trying when I'm having a lesson or doing breathing/balancing-type drills.  Otherwise it's just the occasional half-hearted flap of the legs to keep me floating!

Two sessions for me:

Yesterday afternoon: technique session - 42 x 33m lengths of various drills (front/back body balance; extensions for full lengths; extensions for 6 kicks then switch sides; catch-up; zipper; fists; splayed hands; one arm at a time) interspersed with normal FC, with a handful of backstroke and breaststroke lengths thrown in here or there.  Can't say any of it felt particularly good (extensions were particularly precarious!), but I concentrated as hard as I could on getting it right.

This morning: hubby and I woke up at stupid o'clock for some unknown reason so had breakfast early, and I felt really awake and eager to just swim.

1650m - 4 sets of 12 lengths at the highest sustainable effort level as I could muster for such a distance (396m, so just shy of the 400m mark) with 2ish-minute breaks in between, followed by a couple of slower lengths to loosen everything off at the end.

Decided to time myself for the 396m sets - frustratingly not quite 400m, but near enough to be reasonably representational.  Did the first in 11:07 ; buggered up the settings on my watch for the next two (and may well have actually swum an extra two lengths at one point - my mind wandered a bit); final set (tired at this point!) in 11:24.  Pretty pleased with that.

Used unilateral breathing for today's session, changing breathing sides on alternate lengths.

For drills/general technique sessions, I always try and stick to bilateral, but for sustained effort I find myself getting out of breath too quickly if I'm using both sides.

Mostly, I'm far more concerned with concentrating on technique, and taking things slowly to practise doing things properly, but today I just wanted to enjoy covering some distance.

I was tempted to do another 12-length set, but given how knackered I've been recently I thought I'd better stop.  I feel much better at the mo, but I'm going to have another couple of days' rest - if I don't, the post-viral wibbliness will probably just return.

God knows what I look like when I swim, Bear - could probably do with being videoed at some point!  I have a sneaking suspicion I drop my right elbow a bit, but there's probably a hell of a lot more wrong than that!

13/08/2009 at 10:51

I have been told in my swimming lessons that the hand enters the water as Bear says but then was told I should 'write' an S underwater and bring my arm up by my bust line.  I can't see Mr Smooootttthhh doing that.

Sounds like you have a really good session, Lady P - keep it up

13/08/2009 at 10:54
Schmunkee wrote (see)

was told I should 'write' an S underwater and bring my arm up by my bust line.  I can't see Mr Smooootttthhh doing that.

This page (from the intermediate section of the Swimsmooth site) explains more about the catch, and also provides information about common misconceptions, such as the idea you have to do the S shape thing.

Even if the S shape thing is correct, I can see it taking quite a long time before I'd be able to do it!

13/08/2009 at 11:00

Lady P - Yes, I am finding it hard to concentrate on breathing so to add in doing the S-shape would surely throw me off.  The reason I was told to do it was because my pull was too deep and so doing the S-shape thingy would make it shallower.  To be honest, it's the least of my worries as I just wanna be able to do continuous lengths at the mo. 

13/08/2009 at 11:09

I don't think you should be worried about it right now.

I know personally my catch and pull are a bit rubbish, but although I can now swim a reasonable distance I still need to do so much to get the extension, breathing, rotation and position in the water right.

13/08/2009 at 11:12

Hope you enjoy your ice skating, by the way, Schmunkee!

I have to admit the very thought of ice skating terrifies me - I was one of those hold-onto-the-sides-for-dear-life skaters as a kid, and I fell over and broke my wrist the minute I left the rails - on my 10th birthday!

Maybe I might be a little better at it now as my core stability and balance are much better these days, but I'm still not tempted!

13/08/2009 at 11:28

I have never been ice-skating before in my life.  Jr S had lessons at school recenly as part of a topic on water (!) and he enjoyed it.  I have decided to take him as a 'thank you' for joining me on my running and swimming training without any grumbling.  In return he has offered to try to teach me.

I don't think I have any sense of balance and so am dreading it to a certain extent.  But I am gonna give it my best shot.  At least it will keep Jr S amused if I keep falling over!

ImRio    pirate
13/08/2009 at 11:32
Try and think about wrapping your arm around a barrel or pushing yourself up out of the pool when concentrating on the catch.  That should keep your elbow high and using a bent arm to catch with.
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