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11/12/2003 at 14:18
My bro has asked for a pair of ProVision aerotex overshoes for christmas, does anyone know:

how good they are
where I can get them in London
how much they cost

11/12/2003 at 14:26
Spans, I dunno anything about them but don't worry about getting them in London necessarily, order online - I would. Try Or there are various cycling shops with websites.
11/12/2003 at 14:33
tried wiggle but they didn't have them... does anyone know the website address for ProVision?
11/12/2003 at 14:34
11/12/2003 at 14:35
and... the postage is FREE!
11/12/2003 at 14:46
do you think that provision aero overshoes are the same as the provision aerotex overshoes?
11/12/2003 at 14:49

Fab service everytime. An' really helpful if you phone up - they never laugh at you when you haven't got a clue what you're talking about (OK, they probably laugh afterwards).
12/12/2003 at 15:37
thanks for your help so far but am still struggling to find them... does therefore anyone have any recommendations of good overshoes?
12/12/2003 at 15:41
this months MBR had a bit of a write up on pixie booties... I'll see if I can remember to bring it on sunday...

but sorry no recomendations... don't bother with them meself... (in my opinion, they make ya' look kinda stuuupid!!)
cougie    pirate
12/12/2003 at 15:42
I just get the cheapy neoprene overshoes. I always seem to wreck mine anyway with the minimal walking you have to do, and I'd rather wreck a £10 pair than a £40 pair.
12/12/2003 at 16:10
No idea if they've got them but you could try Evans cycle shops (one near Waterloo as I recall) or Pearson's in Sutton - both have websites.
12/12/2003 at 16:25
been to Evans didn't have the ones I wanted so wanted some advice on alternatives really... not buying any is not an option as it is a christmas present!
12/12/2003 at 16:34
I know I was being unhelpful there!!! But I will try to bring the mag on sunday!!!
12/12/2003 at 16:41
thanks mate!! See you on Sunday
19/12/2003 at 08:56

Just checked, nothing there. Will check back issues of Cycling Plus over the weekend if you wish.
19/12/2003 at 10:22
multi that would be great, have a feeling that most of my weekend will be spent trawling round cycle shops in london...
19/12/2003 at 10:32
did you show yer bro the mag bits..? Any good...? or too off-roady..?
19/12/2003 at 11:38
good but still wanted his first choice... but the good news is that I have found some! Condor Cycles in Grays Inn Road have some in so I will go and collect them on Monday... yipee!!
19/12/2003 at 11:43
good news..!!!
19/12/2003 at 11:43
indeed... they better not be too expensive now!!!!
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