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17/09/2012 at 13:44

NR - not training is not good, but no work sounds OK, does that include housework too? Hopefully you've got someone who can help do that for you , after all I'm sure plenty of mugs of tea were also prescribed?

I'm reading Iron War at the moment and from that it appears that what makes endurance athletes succeed is their ability to suffer and not give up. Seems like you're doing very well on the training for that bit?

Can you read from down there? don't drop the laptop on yourself please.

Edited: 17/09/2012 at 13:44
Nurse Ratched    pirate
17/09/2012 at 14:00

I am a hard-headed, stubborn old beeeatch, and this is a minor setback!

I am being waited on hand and foot, and will try not give myself a black eye with the laptop.

17/09/2012 at 15:04

Aw nurse, do you need an emergency Chardonnay air drop? 

Nurse Ratched    pirate
17/09/2012 at 15:08

 Ooooh, yes please.  And a box of long straws.

17/09/2012 at 15:23

Maybe just a syphon?

Nurse Ratched    pirate
17/09/2012 at 15:35

IV would be quickest, but I wouldn't get the taste

17/09/2012 at 15:55

Nah you've got to get the taste it's half the fun, well as long as it's an OK bottle/box.

Does anyone possess a pirate sedative? I'm far too bouncy today and it's supposed to be a rest day.

Nurse Ratched    pirate
17/09/2012 at 15:58

 Anything with a %ABV on the bottle

M...eldy    pirate
17/09/2012 at 16:00

Looks like we have found our level in here today 

Hope things continue to improve Nursey, you could start looking at training plans and plotting long bike rides 

Nurse Ratched    pirate
17/09/2012 at 16:05

Yes Melds, for when I can walk properly again!

M...eldy    pirate
17/09/2012 at 16:26


WildWill    pirate
17/09/2012 at 20:34
Evening all

Managed to reach a milestone target tonite in my training of an hour on the Versa Climber ... Well chuffed

Full session was

- 75mins Spinning
- 60mins Versa Climber
- Weights ... Full body

Felt good
WildWill    pirate
17/09/2012 at 20:36
Pix ... Just a tip ... If you are week on the bike , Fink is to light on the cycling front and you will need to up the cycling content
Cortina5    pirate
17/09/2012 at 22:11
WildWill..... wrote (see)
Pix ... Just a tip ... If you are week on the bike , Fink is to light on the cycling front and you will need to up the cycling content


17/09/2012 at 22:46
Outlaw now sold out apparently.
M...eldy    pirate
18/09/2012 at 00:29

I'm worn out, does that count?   

Ironholgs    pirate
18/09/2012 at 09:34


Hope the back continues to improve Nurse.
Yep IronWar - bit like marmite, you either hate or love it. Personally I thought it was good, interesting the measures of suffering that get talked about. I think a propensity to suffer is essential to just get you to the start line, let alone the finish. But hopefully not too much suffering.

Oi SD I can't get that link to work, but I'm guessing as it's pathe news it must be ancient coverage, look I know I turn 40 in 2 months but I'm not that old honest.

18/09/2012 at 09:41

Cake hmm this could be close my bike is 25 years (age corrected after a chat with my Dad who bought it)  old so how second hand was yours when you got it? I also made the front wheel all by myself age 13.

People who know a bit about these things tell me it's too small but when I measured it I make it a 52cm frame which is way too big for little 5ft 3 me. So we shall see, I do get a little lower back ache over 35 miles but it could well be a case of I just need to get used to doing more miles.

I'm reading Iron War at the moment, finding it very interesting.

Nurse - Hope your a bit more mobile today.

Slow and steady 5 mile run this morning for me, feeling much better for it.

Nurse Ratched    pirate
18/09/2012 at 10:13

Morning chaps and chapesses

Thanks for the good wishes.  Unfortunately the back is no better today. I am struggling to walk, and can't stay on my feet for more than a minute at a time.
Drugs, lots and lots of drugs.
It's firstborn's birthday today and he's been promised a meal out tonight, so I shall have to dope up and hobble from the car to the restaurant!  I did manage to spend an hour at the kitchen table last night, decorating his cake.

My training Partner in Crime has also entered Outlaw - just squeezed in at the last minute - so we'll be there on the starting line!

18/09/2012 at 10:35

Is t6his where all the Outlaw  2012 are hanging out??? 

Swam this morning not brill but better than it was a few weeks ago, will have to get on the bike later.

Outlaws over for a couple of weeks so best go get the house ready.

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