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06/09/2003 at 08:56
Pretty easy really - if it's winter, raining or bad weather, the "winter training bike" gets used, in summer the "summer training bike" gets used (only in good weather though!)
And at all other times the "race bike" gets used - normally for racing or training close to a race - the riding position is more extreme than on the other two.
Hope this makes sense - works for me!

06/09/2003 at 11:47
06/09/2003 at 15:01
I'm similar to cornish but I have just one training bike (trek 1200) that I use for all my training outdoors (when not in gym doing spinning or sitting on those silly upright bikes with mama-cass saddles!).

I only use my racing bike for raced only! oh, apart from when I have to cycle to the race and back. For one, I have carbon bladed wheels, which I want to look after.
06/09/2003 at 15:13
Don't you diss Mama Cass's saddle!

Built for comfort, not for speed!
06/09/2003 at 15:25
hi jj

not dissing it, its just my legs almost jut out at times :O)
06/09/2003 at 15:37
So do mine. I just wear bigger jeans.
03/10/2003 at 16:59
Some spinergy wheels on ebay if anyone interested - £190 for a pair of 8-9 spd clinchers is damn good (used to retail at £400 each)

check it out:
Monique    pirate
04/10/2003 at 12:34
Daz I have checked out those wheels- would they be compatable with a campag 9 gear cassette I wonder?
04/10/2003 at 17:03
8 days to go yet - watch the price fly!
04/10/2003 at 17:53
Hi Monique.
Best thing to do is send the guy an e.mail to confirm this, but he does say on the ad that the rear is compatible with 8-9 speed which sounds to me like there is enough space. someone else (who knows more about bike mechanics) will hopefully be able to give more info.
I have these 4-blade spinergy wheels on my bike and I love them. Think might be an idea to buy 4 beam-bridges for the rear wheel though to stop any flex. only cost a few quid.

I also saw a pair of these spinergys being sold in the london tri exhibition this year. 2nd hand for £400. So £190 is very the moment....
04/10/2003 at 23:01
Spinergy wheels usually come as either campag or shimano compatible - I bought a secondhand pair for 300 instead of almost 600 - best thing is to check their website: (I think!)

Monique    pirate
05/10/2003 at 00:12
Cheers Paul I will do just that, Daz you boffin what are beam bridges- sounds like you made them up so I can embarrass myself in Hargreaves (again).
05/10/2003 at 09:17
They strengthen the wheel........ - It's all on the website.

05/10/2003 at 13:40
monique, you might want to ask for some ribbed rubbers as well. ask for a pack of six. they are great tyre spare for wet conditions! work really well :O>
05/10/2003 at 13:42
monique, seriously, good luck with the wheels. i know what its like buying expensive and much needed gear, a real pain in the rear!
but def recommend taking a risk and going for some decent wheels that are being sold second hand. semi-decent will only mean you will want to upgrade again in a few years time. this way you get it out of the way in one go.
do you have a friend from club who can go with you to check out any wheels? what about your fella, does he know about bikes?
Monique    pirate
05/10/2003 at 18:10
Karl is such an expert he has a mountain bike which he has never been on, bless him he's always at work.

The trouble is although I have biked all my life I know so little about proper bikes and technical stuff, and I want to be quick and look the part of course.
09/10/2003 at 11:34
This one is crying out to be straddled
ales klar!
09/10/2003 at 11:37
I bet it's a dud...
21/10/2003 at 12:21
Triathletes training bible currently has a bid of just £1.20 against it. early days but could save a few quid if you were thinking of buying it
Monique    pirate
21/10/2003 at 18:47
Daz you are obsessed.
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