forum IM outing 2005?

big road trip to some sunny location?

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26/05/2004 at 13:24
a number of people are doing various IM events this year, and a number of others are considering moving up to ironman distance next year....

so how about a big trip out?

who's up for it, and which one? i'd go for Lake Placid (late July)

26/05/2004 at 13:33
Ooh I'd love to depending on when it was...MM, would you?
26/05/2004 at 13:34
Just beat me...
yes, all being 'well' I'd be up for this on '05...
26/05/2004 at 13:36
Do they have a 1/2 as well?

come to think of it...all you IM people on here, name me some IMs which have the full and the half (maybe one on Sat one on Sun) - are there any?
26/05/2004 at 14:23
how does late July grab you?

a 'good' thing about the north american ones is that one has to put one's money where one's mouth is, so to speak, as they fill up immediately - so you know you have 1 year to train

WildWill, Rich Melik & me signed up for Florida 04 the morning after last years race - and a few hours after that, it was full

Nic - not sure i'll find the website
26/05/2004 at 14:25
Can 'do' late july...

where and whats the course like at lake placid?
26/05/2004 at 14:25
That was a quick 90 minute swim.
26/05/2004 at 14:30
haven't gone yet
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26/05/2004 at 14:30
Im defo up for a Ironman next year, have Florida pencilled in already. Can do any time except for late May to early June as im on Best Man duties.

Would prefer one in USA really, one on the ITU rankings where there will be some big stars there. I.e. one with a bit of a reputation that people will have heard of.
26/05/2004 at 14:31
go to and click the lake placid thing along the top of the page
26/05/2004 at 14:32
carl - well ditch florida and do this one instead then
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26/05/2004 at 14:38
Ah silly me, thought Lake Placcid was in Canada.

Yep ill do that one, looks big enough for me.
26/05/2004 at 14:40
looks like a nice course... two laps up and down a little hill on the bike
26/05/2004 at 14:41
you were thinking of lake flaccid, carl

that's in wolverhampton
26/05/2004 at 14:42
looks a 'nice' course... Count me in! But Nic... looks like its go big or go home! Didn't see any 1/2 IM details...

You can do it...
26/05/2004 at 14:49
no, no half IM

i'm not aware of any that do both at the same time, because they both need to lay on massive logistical operations (kayaks, closed roads, rescue divers etc etc)

Nic - of course you can - its 14 months away!
26/05/2004 at 14:55
I could be interested
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26/05/2004 at 14:56
Nic, yes you can if you have the time, I was struggling to run 3 miles 9 months ago.
26/05/2004 at 14:57
excellent, mermaid

i think that makes 5 then

and Jj has to come along in one capacity or another
26/05/2004 at 15:00
cmon tep, caspar, smithy, mellsy, daz, the austria people, M., jose...

don't make me have to badger you relentlessly at a london social...
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