Headsweats - IMDE '06 order

Anyone interested ?

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Bouncing Barlist    pirate
15/06/2006 at 13:41
sok Jo fit girlies with gorgeous blonde locks are exempt from the sausage enforcers
19/06/2006 at 13:40
order placed, 28 hats ordered, 4 free ones for the prizegiving on the Monday.

JD.    pirate
20/06/2006 at 10:12
I placed my order on the 13th when i missed the final posts on here and it arrived this morning. Great service. And i now have a hat and headscarf in a very piraty yellow. Think i may get those print yourself iron-on transfers so that i can have a skull n crossbone on the front.

20/06/2006 at 11:49
I have just received the confirmation from them that I have a tracking number already so its winging its way over with all the hats in stock so everyone will get them b4 Germany !
22/06/2006 at 11:12
Will you be distributing in Germany or do you need our addresses etc?

I would be happy to send extra money for postage as well as helping out your luggage allowance.
22/06/2006 at 12:09
I will distribute when I get them, leave the p&p for now as I should be able to get it free at work. I will ask for addresses once I get the stuff.

And Gumps you have mail.
23/06/2006 at 21:28
IR = 35, 163, 165
Firestar (pd)= 35, 159, 163
RichM (pd)= 102, 133
Leo M (pd)= 165
cougie (pd)= 35
Ironmike (pd)= 48, 165
Zilla (pd)= 165
Barley (pd)= 163
mellifera (pd)= 133
Garr (pd)= 12
Cartman (pd)= 163, 165
AnnaSpanna (pd)= 35, 163
oxy (pd)= 165
debbo (pd)= 35, 165
Gumps (pd)= 35, 165
Pebble (pd)= 165
DTs (pd)= 165
Mr M (pd)= 133

All present and correct ;-)
JD.    pirate
26/06/2006 at 16:28
thanks for the heads up regarding the website.

tried out my yellow hat i ordered from that website.

it was great in the absolutely steamingly hot saturday afternoon 3 hour run i did. wish i had the lawrence hat for that! but come ironman i won't be running in the sun much so i'll be fine.

now i've just got to get the skull and crossbones onto it. maybe put my name on it, but that could just get confusing - not knowing if someone actually knows me when they call my name might start freaking me out a bit after 14 hours on the move!
debbo    pirate
26/06/2006 at 16:47
But you'll have your name on your number anyway JD, so people will shout out your name.
JD.    pirate
26/06/2006 at 18:29
ah, then they'll just be mumbling my name towards my crotch, not my head!

actually i'd forgotten that, so i'll stick with a delicate pirate branding then.
29/06/2006 at 17:42
Have just been phoned by FedEx, they are hitting me for vat, import duty and admin charges, bunch of w*nkers, for a few hats !!!!! Totals about £80

Those free hats are likely to be sold now to recoup my expenses !!!

Will let you know when they get past the hitlers at Stansted.
Iron Mike    pirate
29/06/2006 at 18:37
Well don't let yourself get out of pocket-we can all chip in a few quid more to sort you out if you can't sell them.
oxymoron    pirate
29/06/2006 at 18:39
lol- what a bunch of tossers, as IM says, just charge us all a bit more, no one will mind.
29/06/2006 at 19:20
Yep, quite happy to chip in my share of excess, just let me know the cost
29/06/2006 at 22:40
thanks, that wasn't the reason for the rant I am sure if I had asked everybody would have chipped in. Downside is the reason for ordering them in one go was to keep the price down ;-(

Seems that Headsweats were kind enough to put the full value on the outside which I didn't consider so the VAT is based on the order value of £360.

I will sort something out don't worry, once I receive the hats I will see what extras we have, Lindi is already after a hat and I am sure there were others that missed the order. I will get most of it back if not all of it but a few quid here and there isn't an issue.

I am not going to make a thing out of it until I get the hats and find out how many we have.
29/06/2006 at 22:59
that happens sometimes with US orders... it's the luck of the draw

the good news (for some point in the future) was that i was chatting with mr headsweat at arizona (every finisher got an embroidered finisher hat - coooool) and he's getting a UK distributor this year, so it will all become easier. unless it's those welsh idiots who couldn't sort out the first pirate kit order.
29/06/2006 at 23:07
Death and taxes innit.
30/06/2006 at 07:41
Gordon Brown!
30/06/2006 at 07:59
Welsh idiots hey Mr Collier !!
03/07/2006 at 13:28

Stuff being released today and will hopefully be with me this week.

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