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Trogs    pirate
12/01/2011 at 21:56

Re longest bike - my first IM I only did one 70+ ride and suffered big time on the bike.  Second one I did 4 or 5 70-80mile rides and cut about an hour off my bike time - on a hillier course.

Core/weights I find helpful but I know many don't bother or will include them in the base period then drop them during the latter stages of training.

13/01/2011 at 20:01

Pirate Mentors 2011  There was a really good discussion in this thread about bike rides (and a bit on swims). Well worth a read IMO. 

Trogs    pirate
13/01/2011 at 22:21

Most the long rides I did last time around were actually sportives (organised events with marked routes, support staions etc) and yes, I took them fairly steady mostly cos I only have two speeds on the bike, steady and uphill grind.

On other more ad hoc rides I've done there's usually a cake stop somewhere along the way; gotta keep energy levels up

Edited: 13/01/2011 at 22:22
14/01/2011 at 17:14
core is good for any sport, weights aren't essential for tri but useful but no need to become a pump bunny. home or gym - up to you

long rides and long runs are done at whatever pace you want in the build phase but as soon as you get into the active phase then you don't stop for cake. simply, you don't stop in a race (unless needs must etc) so you need to develop the physical and mental stamina to cope with that. you also need to learn how to fuel on the bike (drink, gels, energy bars etc) ready for race day as you will be going through a lot of calories, and that's best done non-stop.

you mention money as well. IM is no cheap journey - it's going to coast a lot more than you think but there are ways of reducing this. there's a thread about this somewhere so go look for it or some kind person will bump it up I'm sure
Edited: 14/01/2011 at 17:15
iron fraggle    pirate
25/01/2011 at 14:42
fat buddha wrote (see)
hi Pix drag that bloody Fraggle along on your journey as well - she keeps threatening but never delivers..
 Oi - I have been damaged you know!!  If / when my nerve-damaged left leg lets me do enough training and not be injured , then yes I'll be back. I do intend to do a tri at some point thisyear - so onwards and upwards eh ?
25/01/2011 at 15:19
PSC    pirate
25/01/2011 at 16:09

Hi Pix...........    Good decision to jump onto the IM bandwagon!  And, as you already know, there is more knowledge and support here than you can every usefully use....

I didn't do core work for my first IM, and have done so far  this year preparing for my second - I feel much better this year and everything is improving faster.  This can't be a coincidence. 

25/07/2011 at 09:39
it's your call whether you want to change or not - many don't and stay in the same kit all day, but equally many do change. it's all about how quick you want to make your T times and personal comfort.

and train with tri bars as early as possible so you get comfy with them under different conditions. the more comfy you are with using them, the easier the training will be

as for discipline training - work on the weakest discipline 1st to improve that. for most that's the swimming and some 1:1 coaching works wonders on improving technique and the you can develop the swim training. for biking and running it's mostly about getting miles in the legs - the more you do, the easier it is come race day.
Trogs    pirate
25/07/2011 at 11:39

I find tri shorts much more comfortable that bike shorts regardless of distance.  My first IM I went for a complete change of clothes at each tranisition. It had a long (17hr) cut off and I wanted to be as comfy as possible.  For the second I wore the same tri shorts from start to finish but changed tops in T2.

+1 for getting the tri bars as soon as possible but only after you're fairly comfortable with your bike, gear changing, etc.  Feels really unstable the first few times you use them but once you get used to them, they're great.  You may need to adjust the bike set up slightly after you've put them on though.

If swimming is your weakest discipline get started on that soonest.  It's all about technique as FB says, some proper coaching to get the technique right first is easier than doing you're own thing then trying to correct bad habits.

Trogs    pirate
25/07/2011 at 18:33

Are you sure you can't do it next year Pix?  With the number of Pirates thinking about doing it (58) it'll be a great party, though the fabled Pirate feed station may be missing as a result.

Trogs    pirate
27/07/2011 at 22:24
28/07/2011 at 09:56
nice one Pix - get the injuries in early......

it will get easier!
28/07/2011 at 17:16
the clamp holding it onto the bar has probably just moved - that's not uncommon in a crash. it's easily fixed by the LBS - 5 minute job
iron fraggle    pirate
28/07/2011 at 17:54
Cake wrote (see
Pixie first time I was on a posh bike I broke both pedels. Don't worry about it we have all been there and we have all failed to unclip at some point.

Yes like the time today No2 son stopped suddeny in front of me - luckily we were going over a bridge and I had something to grab on to!   Going cycling with a not very road savvy 10 yr old is very handy for practising slow speed manouvering
MovingAlong    pirate
29/07/2011 at 08:58
The only time I've fallen off when clipped in (touches wood it doesn't happen again!) I couldn't get my feet free of the pedals whilst lying on the floor.

Looked up and the only person I could see was a big burly bloke carrying a golf club. Lets just say he didn't look like your typical golfer. 'Errrr.... excuse us mate, could you help us out here?'.

Turned out to be quite a nice bloke - I didn't ask about the golf club though!
Trogs    pirate
30/07/2011 at 19:12

I think it's only been moved forward next year to avoid a clash with the olympics so a good chance it'll be back in its 'normal' time slot of late July for 2013.

Yes, middle distance is another name for half iron, in this country at least - usually 1900m swim, 56mile bike, 13.1mile run though distances can vary somewhat.

Trogs    pirate
31/07/2011 at 19:30

Getting back into a training routine is definitely the hardest bit.

My 30wk IM training plan starts in a week ().  It's a 'get you round' programme and the first few weeks look ridiculously easy but are designed to get you into regular training routines. Most of the first 5 weeks are 30min - 1hr run and bike sessions with 1600m swim sessions (mix of drills and reps).

Basically, if you've got a reasonable level of base fitness and a positive mindset you'll be fine.  Though there are those - not generally found on this forum - who'll say you shouldn't even consider doing IM till you've spent at least a year at each of the shorter distances.  No sense of adventure

Trogs    pirate
01/08/2011 at 13:36

From Don Fink's book 'Be Iron Fit' - the just finish programme though I might try doing the bike sessions from the intermediate programme cos that's where I want to improve most. 

Hopefully WinterSwim will run again this year.  Found it really good motivation for getting down to the pool on a regular basis last winter.  I think it usually starts up in October.

Ironholgs    pirate
01/08/2011 at 15:49

I'm guessing that your legs might have felt "re-freshed" from the running break but it's probably a combination of the two, the cycling will also build fitness.

If you know you can run, I'd concentrateon the cycling, it's always the longest part of the triathlon. Crack the cycling and you've cracked the race. The key is being good enough to get off the bike with fresh enough legs to run/walk the marathon.


Trogs    pirate
01/08/2011 at 18:03

The only difference that more cycling seemed to make on my running was that I got better at running hills.  Shame I'm still carp at pedalling uphill though

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