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The Evil Pixie    pirate
04/08/2011 at 19:15
thanks - had best get practicing!
The Evil Pixie    pirate
14/08/2011 at 17:11

Sure I just posted but hey hoo!

Have finally attached my cadence sensor for my 305 to my road bike and dusted down my turbo trainer.

I'm thinking of getting bike fit before I get run fit with the mad idea that this will make getting back to running easier. Plus it's easier to get back to 1 sport rather than 2. Let alone 3 all at once.

Now my bike is tiny. So when on my TT I need to block at the front otherwise I am always going down hill (scary and feel like I will fall off) but this also means I am high up which is also really odd and scary.

Is it just a case of get used to it or can I do anything to improve this?


Trogs    pirate
15/08/2011 at 08:41

Needing a block under the front wheel on the turbo is normal cos the trainer will lift the back wheel off the floor. 

You could surround the bike with cushions/matresses to raise ground level and provide a soft landing if you should happen to fall off

The Evil Pixie    pirate
15/08/2011 at 17:22

LOL Trogs!

Guess I will just have to get used to it then - helped by trying for more than 30secs at a time I guess!

I'm looking to get my bike fitness up and son has just got into biking but only off road. So I was wondering will using my old 5 gear hybred off road help with fitness and strength or not really be of much benefit? I'm planning to get him out for 1hr+ at the weekends and then when he is happy to hit the road maybe swap to the road bike then?

15/08/2011 at 17:34


telephone directory under front wheel to raise level, or you could splash out and get a:

Some cycling will be better than no cycling (IMO), if only to get you used to weight bearing on hands, saddle and pedals.  You could presumably change up gears to make it harder for yourself when going up hills.

Trogs    pirate
15/08/2011 at 17:45
Got to agree with Ferret   Off roading on a hybrid might even be better cos it's potentially going to be harder work with only 5 gears - also likely to be good for bike handling skills and balance.
The Evil Pixie    pirate
15/08/2011 at 18:26

thanks both

I've been using my old bike to get to work (not happy about leaving the road bike there) a few days a week and today's ride was a lot quicker than previously done so something is working!

But I won't be there for long as I start work as a teacher soon!

I'm planning on a middle distance next Sept and thought I'd aim to work up to 2k swim, 60m bike and 2 hrs running but do this more frequently to build a base for IM training

note currently 30mins of bike or running is hard work and Ive not swum for a year

The Evil Pixie    pirate
04/07/2012 at 21:33


having meet a load of FAB pirates at the outlaw registration this weekend and having had the men in my life tell me I'm too old to do an IM my thoughts have returned.

I saw a man with a scare from ear to ear from surgery. A lady with a purple face having been hit in the face with a cricket ball last week. A man who had his knee replaced since entering so had about 6 wks training.  The list goes on.

I have no excuse.

So I'm currently (still) overweight and unfit.

It would only ever be a get round in 16:59:59 and would be on minimal hours.

I'd love to do Outlaw next year.

So I'm thinking what can I do? Rio said 15hrs a week at the peak of training, 20 ideally.

I'm new to teaching so still struggling with work load and tiredness. This makes me think perhaps a longer training plan with a peak being one long bike OR run a week alternating it.

I now have Iron Fit and Going Long for my summer reading when I also intend to do loads of training to "get round" a middle distance in Sept (market bosworth).

What do I need to do to survive an IM?

Is it possible given my past to do it next year when I've hardly trained for 18mths?



meface    pirate
04/07/2012 at 21:49

Well get round is interesting.

If you just make the bike cut-off at 10.5hrs then you have 6.5 hours for the run (walk). If you just hit the swim cut-off of 2 hours this leaves you 8hrs for the bike. 112m/8=14mph.

You need to get your bike to the point where you can average 14mph and be in condition to march a marathon.

Have you thought about Challenge Henley which is in September so would put the big weeks in the summer holidays?

Swimming - get on it now at least twice a week before school. If you can't commit to swimming twice a week for a year then maybe you shouldn't commit to IM next year.


The Evil Pixie    pirate
04/07/2012 at 21:54

My pool opens at 7 which is when I leave for work but I am aiming for 2 swims a week (been twice this week)

I did the 2.5km swimathon earlier this year, ironically the swim is possibly my strongest element just now!

I only get 4 wks off for summer as I'm at an academy - which also gives me long days (leave home at 7am get home at 6pm) hence my minimal training and wondering if I can extend the training time and do 1 long session a week instead of 2

The Evil Pixie    pirate
04/07/2012 at 21:55

is Henley the pirate event next year?

M...eldy    pirate
04/07/2012 at 21:58

IMO it might be posible but its not a formular I would like to rely on

Pick an early week in the training schedule whilst you are at work and do it for a month and then evaluate and see how much more time you would have to increase the hours when the plan picks up

IM *is* possible for anyone but there is a caveat and there is no short cut again IMO

Dont start off with what you cant do, start with what you can do

The Evil Pixie    pirate
04/07/2012 at 22:02

Oh I totally understand it will be damn hard - nothing worth doing is easy! You guys were so inspiring at the weekend though and I'd love to say I did that!

ImRio    pirate
04/07/2012 at 22:03

Pix you can do it.  You will need to do one long bike and a long run a week but your longest run only needs to be 2:30 max.  Lots of time on the bike is key as I said and if you can do at least one brick session a week that will help loads.

I have rarely managed to get an average of 14mph on the bike in training and yet have survived and that includes walk/hobbling the run too

I agree with Meface that swimming at least twice a week is important mainly because you need to get out of the water in a good enough condition to get on the bike and ride.

Start biking now building to 3-4 hour rides if you can over the winter (even if it means turboing).  Message me if you want turbo ideas.  One hard session (hill or interval reps), one cadence session and one long bike.  Much the same for running though they needn't be hard sessions as they take longer to recover from.

Whatever you do, consistency is the most important thing and making a plan and sticking with it will help you get round in the best possible way.  If you want it enough, you will make/find the time to do it.  If you can't commit then give yourself time until you can

The Evil Pixie    pirate
04/07/2012 at 22:12

Thanks guys!

Pirates are indeed the best!

meface    pirate
04/07/2012 at 22:15


Many of us work at least that, have young kids and don't get 4-weeks off in the summer.

I have been know to get out at 04:00 bike till 06:45 swim till 8:00 then bike till 10:00, take kid 1 to swimming lesson back by 12:00 and then out with family to bbq. You need to find the times you can fit in. IF I had to do it on one long session a week then bike every week and accept the fact the run will be a walk. However the long run builds up to 2:30 and is therefore shorter before that.

With 4 weeks off in the summer you could use them for the biggest block of training. Or even with a bit either side get two solid blocks in.

There is a splinter group for Challenge Henley next year but main event is IM Lanza.

No sit down and do your lesson plan, oops I mean training plan. Try to schedule it and if it fits go for it.

I convince the missus that there are 4 crap weeks and 4 horrific weeks and each of those has a weeks recovery which are OK. On that basis she can live with it.

M.eface >O<

The Evil Pixie    pirate
05/07/2012 at 06:01

 lesson plans?

My last job was 9-5 with 1hr for a run I mean lunchtime. I had time to run before work too. I didn't realise then how lucky I was.

I left to train as a teacher became totally absorbed, lost fitness, mojo and gained weight.

It's hard work changing that 18mth habit but I got my timetable for next year yesterday so I can plan now!!

05/07/2012 at 08:07
You have to really want to do it Pixie, those who fail often fail because they didn't have complete buy in at the start.

Write down WHY you want to do it and a key motivation point to keep going and put it somewhere prominent so you see it regularly. It should help when the going gets tough and fed up of the training.
Ultra AJH    pirate
05/07/2012 at 09:31

If it is true that they are thinking of a half at Outlaw why not target that?

It sounds to me like stuff is full on for you with work and setting yourself up for something which could lead you to hate knowing you need to do a 5-6 hr bike but physically not being able to do that and get the work you need to done....could completely demotivate you and lead to a DNS.

Just food for thought. Longer term work and training will become more manageable.

TheEngineer    pirate
05/07/2012 at 11:10

Half an Outlaw? What would you say when you finished?



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