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Re-run of last year's thread for anybody doing any 2012 iron distance race

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M...eldy    pirate
28/08/2012 at 17:37

Nice to see you taking it easy then Max 

28/08/2012 at 18:15
I know Melds I am a sucker for punishment but i said no ironman in 2013 not that i was taking up golf
it sounds a bit daft but i was getting a bit IM stale as barring pre race injury or in race mechanical i know i will probably crack it, i got this way with marathons a few years back, i am properly cacking myself over this as i usually cant walk next day after a mara so 2 x 34 mile runs is a mega challenge for me i am really fired up to train for this
Slim i will be looking at a half IM next year funds permitting to keep my hand in i wont rule Bala out but was looking at some of those lake district ones i was going on about a few months back
28/08/2012 at 20:27

Oh.........I thought you were taking up golf.

So, you're still going to do a bit of exercise then!  

28/08/2012 at 20:38
Just a wee bit
28/08/2012 at 21:36

yay - back on the horse with a 30 min run today.

Longest run for 4 months since IM lanza and boy do bits of me know about it.....legs, knees, calves all ok but obviously biking does nothing for certain muscles in my core / groin area... I feel a little broken.

JJ do not spill your whisky again

bburn plO.dder    pirate
29/08/2012 at 09:45

Just checking back in and catching up. My training is bobbling along aimlessly at the moment. I'm managing about 6 hours a week, but it's a bit random . I need the school holidays to finish, so that we can get some routine back into home life, then I can get my training structured and routine again!

STIL, Bobby Nobby and SA you are all putting in some awesome training. Not long to go now  

Great race reports slimshady and Stubby, you have definitely "sold" the event to me, sounds perfect for my HIM challenge next year.

Ridgebackmax, 2 x 34 mile runs - you are a nutter


29/08/2012 at 11:14

Morning boys & gals,   about time I showed my mug in here.  Good stuff on the IMW training team,  keep at it (albeit abbreviated for taper!) not long to go now.
I've done little for the last 2 months apart from put on weight,  finally managed to creep into the next stone bracket so time to do something about it.   Ran this morning which showed that carrying an extra 12lbs of lard around is not the best idea.

Like the idea of that event RBM,  a pal of mine has just run 7 maras in 7 days in each of the main Aussie cities and he was shot to bits at the end of it,  not sure that a flight each day after a marathon is ideal recovery!  Defo not for me at the moment though,  it's going to be shorter and harder for the next 12 months,  trying to regain some long lost speed and ultimately give a quick 1/2 marathon a go in October 2013.  I reckon I can fit some olys & 1/2IM in next year as part of training though

Cortina5    pirate
29/08/2012 at 11:29
bburn plO.dder wrote (see)

I'm managing about 6 hours a week, but it's a bit random

Same here. I need to put a plan together for next year. The rest of this year has some filler, but nothing special. Like Jaffa I think I'll top out at HIM next year, but will focus on shorter and faster.

The Silent Assassin wrote (see)
After I finished I realised just how much I have had enough and just want this to be over (happens ever year a few weeks before event)

I remember that feeling very well at about the same timeframe too. Slower speaks sense. Taper starts soon anyhow. I bet you're looking forward to that last ~2hr bike session.

RBM you are officially nuts.

Good run OC. Take it easy and get it foam rollered.

VT, very impressed that you seem to have carried on in the same vein as DK. Is he bullying you to continue?

Razor51    pirate
29/08/2012 at 12:58
SA. Are you doing the wythenshaw 100 on Sunday? me and horse were thinking of doing it.
The Silent Assassin    pirate
29/08/2012 at 14:21

Was thinking about it Razor, not sure about whats going to be better, that or a hilly 100

29/08/2012 at 15:12
Hey everyone, I have had my problems with training in the past few weeks, basically, man flu followed by a heavy work travel schedule, then to top it off an itb injury that has stopped me running and cycling at all this past week.

So basically I have had a really low volume of training in the past 2 and a half weeks with not much sign of change before ironman wales.

I'm worried... ??5 weeks of very little training before racing my first IM distance is not confidence inspiring...

Assuming my knee lets me train by the weekend, what would you do in my situation to try rescue some fitness and get to the start line in the best possible state of mind?
29/08/2012 at 16:41

Crux - everyone is different but you cannot catch up on training missed - so dont do anything drastic!

What I would do is a 3-4 hr bike on saturday followed by a 1.45 - 2hr run on the sunday.  All nice and steady but if you complete it then I think you will feel more positive about IMW.  I would then do consistent training up until the last week - nothing particularly long but just consistent.  Then taper...job done!  

30/08/2012 at 06:46
Crux look on the positives you will be well tapered and rested for Wales its your first so the aim is to complete not get a time sooo relax and do what you can in the time remaining as long as you are fit n well this IM lark really is all about the mental game
30/08/2012 at 10:22

Crux - sorry you've been poorly. I agree totally with what Slim and Max say. It's taper time now, and attempting to cram in too much extra training in these last weeks is going to leave you at the start with fatigue at the start. I reckon Slim's spot on with those targets for the coming weekend - they are the same as mine! Actually I'll be running first, and maybe you should do it that way round too, to decrease the risk of setting back your knee.

Hang on in there!


30/08/2012 at 15:56

Bad luck with the knee injury, Crux. Going from nought to 100 now is only going to break you. The time to get fitter has passed. Best you can hope for is to arrive fresh. Maybe try to look back on some of your earlier training before you got the cold and focus on positives.

Reading back over the last couple of days it seems like everybody's going to sack the long, slow stuff and go sprinty. Have you been reading too much Kitten Cat ? I might join you. I'm keen on faster/flatter rather than longer/harder too.... unless Slim convinces me to do Embrunman .

Had to rest yesterday. Felt soooo weary. Swim set at lunch today and I was knackered at the end; 1km warm-up, 2x400 as my main set and then 200m warm down. Still tinkering with stroke mechanics and I think I'm making it harder for myself. I should settle for an 80-minute swim at Tenby and get over it. Can't help it if I have a mermaid for a swim partner!

Last knockings for me before taper starts on Sunday, so feeling knackered is probably about right. Looking at 80-100 on the bike tomorrow and a 2-hour run on Saturday. Then crash diet for a fortnight .

The Silent Assassin    pirate
30/08/2012 at 17:02

swim for me tonight, will be 2.4mile effort, then short turbo and run on friday, followed last long bike Sunday (hurrah!)


Cheerful Dave    pirate
30/08/2012 at 17:10

I'm looking for a swim of a mile, maybe 2k tomorrow morning, followed by a 3h ride, probably laps of Box Hill so it'll be quality rather than quantity in terms of mileage.  10-15 mile run Saturday with a parkrun in the middle, and winding down after that I would think.  Two weeks of sorting kit, packing & re-packing is about right.

The Silent Assassin    pirate
31/08/2012 at 10:23

4k swim last night in 1:34:00, 10 laps of a 400M loop, i still think its a little over 400m, but, I'll take that time



bburn plO.dder    pirate
31/08/2012 at 10:42

Good swimming, a great time. SA.

I managed a 1600m in the pool yesterday, slow (just under 40mins), but it was all front crawl, and without a pull buoy. That, for me, is progress .

Not happy this morning, got up at silly o'clock for a bike ride, only to find I had a flat back tyre . Sorry to say I went back to bed!!!

31/08/2012 at 12:33

 unless Slim convinces me to do Embrunman .  STIL - if you've read my report and still aren't convinced then I'm afraid there is nothing more I can do!  

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