Ironman Austria supports thread

it all starts at 6am (our time) Sunday

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11/07/2007 at 06:32
<creeps into thread>

<sends Wabbit to bed>

I think Howling Mad IronMeldy is sleeping it off at the moment.
Doozer.    pirate
11/07/2007 at 08:46
Got back home in the early hours this morning after a 20 hour car journey, special thanks to CRAB for driving all the way despite my offers to share the workload. I managed to stay awake most of the journey this time.

Was great to meet everyone last week, sorry if we didn't get to say goodbye to everyone before we left. Thanks for helping to make my first Ironman experience so memorable, lets hope we have as good a time in Nice.

Special thanks to all the supporters for keeping us all going, and Oxy, if I ever get chance I will get you back for the Super Soaker.

Will do a race report later although I imagine it will be something like: swam a bit, biked a lot, shuffled a lot.
11/07/2007 at 08:51
You're all back!!

*happy smiley face*

I'm off to look out for your match reports, well done again xx
Iron Mike    pirate
11/07/2007 at 09:36
I made it back safe and sound too after a lot less stressfull drive this time-only 16 hours or so. All the bikes are good too. Now have to get to halfords and get some t cut to try and remove an austrian bollard from the side of the hire van-oops...Will write a race report later.
JD.    pirate
11/07/2007 at 10:17
kanga - lol, kids eh. perhaps she was disappointed that you didn't win just like tricksters kid was the other day.

i may have caught your finish on camera so i'll send it along to you in the next couple of weeks.
Symes    pirate
11/07/2007 at 11:54
Thanks for all your support both in Austria and back home.

Briefly thought about running for the bus this morning and decided it wasn't really an option, I think it may be that way for some time! At least I won't be tempted to take the bike out for a spin as it is currently somewhere between Klag, Frankfurt and here, possibly keeping Eccentric's company!

Congrats to GOM and the now soon to be Mrs GOM, top timing :0)
GOM.    pirate
12/07/2007 at 11:13
Morning all,

Me and the future Mrs GOM, are now back at home as well.

And just wnted to say thank you for all the great support.

Now where is that credit card, to sign up for Ironman Nice :o)

Thanks all for the support

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