Ironman Lanzarote

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26/05/2004 at 15:01
July 2005?
26/05/2004 at 15:03
indeed july 2005

the north american ones fill up within 24 hours - you'll need to talk yourself into it by 25 July 2004 and then sign up sharpish on line the next morning

looks like we might have a big excursion in the making.....
27/05/2004 at 21:20
just got back from Lanzarote watched the race from 7 am till 5 pm then helped give back the bags to the finishers,great day and great weather,cant wait for next year
01/06/2004 at 18:21
Back from France now and have uploaded a few pics from our Lanzarote trip. Not many action ones, mostly drinking but you get the picture! Anyone who did Tough Guy earlier in the year can keep an eye out for Steve, Bass and Emmie.

Lanzarote pics
01/06/2004 at 18:22
One thing I forgot to mention is that at the top of the page you can click to see the post race celebration photos.
01/06/2004 at 18:37
Great pics, Rich!

<<<<and you now have two 13-year-old fans!>>>>
02/06/2004 at 09:36
excellent stuff Dick2.........well done to the whole lot of you........
02/06/2004 at 10:11
looks mental...

I like pic 6 - on a drip then pic 10 having a pint.

Aaah isn't that hat sport is all about!
cougie    pirate
07/06/2004 at 11:31
Love the pics. The pre-race one even makes me nervous though !!

Blimey Rich - after doing some of the bike course (by fluke) at the weekend there I'm full of admiration. Some of those roads are very heavy going. The road over Timanfaya (Spelling ?) was fine coming away from La Santa, but heading back into the wind was a b*gger !
07/06/2004 at 11:38
Yeah, Cougie that's the first big climb up through Timanfaya, not steep but long and the road surface is awful, great descent down into La Santa though. The next climb up Haria, is similar, a long, slow drag into the wind, but the third one up Mirador is steeper, but there are spectacular views up there to take your mind off the pain.

Did you have a good week then? Bet you were in the pool every morning at 7am doing a quick couple of kilometres before breakfast.
cougie    pirate
07/06/2004 at 13:06
I'll have to look out for the other climbs next time then.

Week was great thanks - saw your name on the results and turned out the bike stand I used was next to your number ! Spooky.

Erm, swimming. Yeah.
18/01/2015 at 10:48
I'm doing Lanza too. First time I M also. I m a month in Spain putting the bike miles in- good long climbs. Formerly a runner (London - 2:47 no tapering/ultras etc) but can't cycle down hill very well! Scares the hell out of me. Prefer going up! Worried that this could screw up my day. Swimming ropey on account of pneu and lost fair bit of strength. Will I be ok: ie finish. 350 miles last week on bike with good 10 mile climbs. Figure time in the saddle and doing some 200k rides will be beneficial? The Glasgow to ed sportive is a good tough 110. Spent most of last year in the saddle I guess. Spent time in Sierra Nevada doing 20 mile rides up to 1500m etc at end of 60m days. Just looking for re-assurance! Aaaaagh
18/01/2015 at 10:54
Never done sea swim either...
18/01/2015 at 11:01
I guess essentially training advice.
M...eldy    pirate
18/01/2015 at 12:56

Toby, this thread is 10 years old, most of these people are dead


find the current Lanza thread and join in, 


Crooky-IronKnee    pirate
18/01/2015 at 15:04
M...eldy wrote (see)

Toby, this thread is 10 years old, most of these people are dead




10 years, is that how long it takes to kill a Pirate

M...eldy    pirate
18/01/2015 at 18:55

Some are more hardy than others

19/01/2015 at 11:23
Oh yeah. Woops.

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