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09/01/2006 at 15:35
[bets Cougie says he's never had problems with his Barse either]
09/01/2006 at 15:36
DM - hasn't got a hole in the middle... has got a groove down the whole thing... is that a flap groove..?
09/01/2006 at 15:36
I think cougie was born with a saddle up his backside ;-)
09/01/2006 at 15:39
I find that cycling hurts me neck more than me clackerbag. Am I doing something wrong?
09/01/2006 at 15:39
Your neck shouldn't be anywhere near your saddle.
09/01/2006 at 15:41
ps. Cath, if it's a groove, then it's called a slit-bit.
09/01/2006 at 15:41
09/01/2006 at 15:42
So in future, in addition to drinking more fluids, I need to keep my slit bit clean to prevent this happening again then.

09/01/2006 at 15:43
09/01/2006 at 15:44
FF - try raising your handlebars. You are straining your neck to look forwards.

(The alternative of not looking forwards is not something I'd recommend......)
09/01/2006 at 15:45
09/01/2006 at 15:48
once again, you people are NOT selling this cycling thing to me very well AT ALL!
09/01/2006 at 15:48

who said that?

Is there an echo in here??

09/01/2006 at 15:49
Jj - tis fun...really
cougie    pirate
09/01/2006 at 15:49
Its prob just the height of your bars FF - are they low down or something ? And the helmet you wear - some of them come quite far down the head and if you are low on the bars - you need to tip the head up more
09/01/2006 at 15:50
Is that true Nessie? I can end up in agony after a long ride.
09/01/2006 at 15:53
Yup. I ended up with a right proper lump on the back of my neck. T'doc said it was from straining my neck back the way. Took the sun-visor bit off my helmet too, for the reason's Cougie says.

It doesn't take much - 2-3 inches can make all the difference.

Oooer, missus...............
09/01/2006 at 15:54
methinks FF is extracting the urine????
09/01/2006 at 15:56
he's better be careful doing that - he might get cystitis.
09/01/2006 at 15:56
He wouldn't. :o(

Would he?
21 to 40 of 79 messages
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