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Doner Kebab    pirate
05/03/2013 at 21:34

thanks EP/fraggle but i have been up and down like a yoyo since that was taken but thankfully im about 4lb lighter than that now, christmas is always my undoing,

..and birthdays 

..and BBQs

... and cake


IronChris68    pirate
06/03/2013 at 10:12

I started this to lose weight and get fit, since 1st January I have lost 2 stone according to the scales, and according to clothes a lot more than that.

I started by reading "The end of overeating-taking control of our Insatiable appetite" by David Kessler, this opened my eyes to the food we eat and why we eat it. I then changed my diet and in a big way, out went a lot of processed stuff, as well as crisps, biscuits etc. In came fruit and fresh food, lots of fresh food as well, plenty of fresh peppers, salad, veg, chicken, turkey etc.  I also got the Hairy Dieters cook book, some stunning food in there, curries, sweet and sour etc

Immediately after training I have a Rego drink, this calms the hunger pangs, I drink lots of water, drinking water has the same affect on hunger signals that your body sends out as eating a pie does, hence lots of water for me,  and I allow myself treats, I am still allowed bacon which is a bonus! But I have noticced that when eating meals I leave the carbs rice\pasta\potatoes\which bread alone or tend not to eat it all, it took 3 weeks to really get into it and I feel so much beter, healthier and not picking up as many illnesses, I stir fry a lot of food with very little oil, but chicken, peppers, spinich, bit of chorizo, some chilli and pineapple with salad, my plate is running over and comes in a less calories than the pie I used to eat.

Once you get used to the change and it is a big change then you will see improvements and very rapidly, as the training intensifies then you can eat more, but eat more of the good stuff



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21 to 22 of 22 messages
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