London Duathlon 2005

Saturday 17th September

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28/09/2005 at 17:21
Just been informed (and subsequently found) that they have finally split the results by male /female competitors...

...and I like what I see... 4th female overall and fastest female on both the run legs :)
28/09/2005 at 17:38
Like the new profile pic spans...:-)

Well done on your results! So Iron Man in Frankfurt next year then..........?? :-)
28/09/2005 at 17:47
ha ha ha... i thought that I needed something to celebrate my selection!!
ImRio    pirate
30/09/2005 at 16:27
Spans it looks like you were 3rd Female! Well done you!

I was 212th which at least wasn't last!! And anyway I enjoyed it. Lots of room for improvement before next year!!!!!
30/09/2005 at 17:39
awesome, so Toni was a guy!!... shame I know the 2 girls that beat me and therefore I won't move up the order any further...
Kanga M    pirate
17/09/2006 at 05:35
Get Barlist to pay them a visit ;-)
Plum    pirate
17/09/2006 at 15:42
Nice to see you today my antipodean chum

Lazy day watching my bike being thrashed round the course and admiring all the lycra clad lovelies

looked so much fun I think I will give it a go next year
17/09/2006 at 16:18
Finally made it home after this morning's excursion (via Gourmet Burger Kitchen!). Thoroughly enjoyed myself at this, dispite the my hamstring tightening up halfway round the 2nd lap of the bike. Managed to drag myself round the final run leg to cross the line in about 2hrs 4min (i think, forgot to stop the watch....). Though not an exceptional time by the standards of you lot here(!), as my first multi-discipline event, it'll do me :-)

..will be back next year......
Kanga M    pirate
17/09/2006 at 16:33
Cheers Plummy. Soz I couldn't chat, too busy wearing my undies over my shorts and dispensing some tough love as Super Marshall ... also known as checking race & bike numbers :)

Munch - you looked a lot more chilled than most other finishers, some weary folk out there today.
Kanga M    pirate
17/09/2006 at 16:34
Anyone else noticed this is last year's thread ? Just searched on duathlon this morning to pick up the vibe, and this was the first relevant one I found. Same peeps, same drivel, and an earlier vintage :)
Plum    pirate
17/09/2006 at 17:31
My bike got round the 45 mins ish even without me on it... so now I know it can go fast if it tries I have no excuse for being idle.

was it just me Kanga or were some of those going in to check their bikes looking for a fight, I didnt think being asked to put your helmet on or do it up was cause for throwing your teddy in the corner but some were getting really stressed and I was there really quite early.

Munch sorry i missed you i thought I saw you out there but wasnt sure, I had my pirate hoodier on first thing but it got so bliddy warm it came off and I became anonymous
17/09/2006 at 17:59
So Munch was that you in the pirate gear this morning? Somehow managed to miss you on the first run (we must have run right past you), but you looked strong on the two bike laps :-)
17/09/2006 at 18:00
AJH - good to see you this afternoon - but we definitely need to get you a skull and crossbones for your front as well as your back!
17/09/2006 at 18:29
Some photos up at flickr. Sorry to those who snuck up on me so I didn't snap!
17/09/2006 at 18:41
Hollywood - yep that was me in the pirate kit and you managed to get 2 pics of me on the bike. Cheers :-)
17/09/2006 at 18:43
evening alll

nice to see some old and new friends today . . .
despite a marathon last week I managed 2;16 today
and managed the second run at a faster pace than
the first . . .

Ultra AJH    pirate
17/09/2006 at 20:38
Thats just what I was thinking Hollywood!

But I enjoyed it anyway.

Sorry I didnt see you Plum, it was very stressful getting there and I didn't want to go off and leave hubby after he had to walk about 3 miles to get to the right place. He was slightly pissed off!

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