london Triathlon and British 10k on same day

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02/12/2003 at 15:47
I've only just realised that the London triathlon and the British 10k are on the same day - aug 1st

dont you think this is a slight logistal oversight by the GLA?

cougie    pirate
02/12/2003 at 15:48
Oh noooo ! And I was soooo gonna enter the 10k ! ;-)

There isn't any overlap course-wise is there ? Because that could be lotsa fun !
02/12/2003 at 16:11
Couldn't you just do the 10k as a warm-up?
02/12/2003 at 16:11
no overlap on course but the old st johns ambulance are going to have there work cut out.

that 10k (I did the first and never again) has a large turn out.

part of the bike course may go near the 10k course- maybe they want to double up on marshalls!

Just make sure you get the right t- shirt and medal when you cross the finishing line.
Your mates wont be impressed with a sub 2 1/2 hours for a 10k run!
02/12/2003 at 16:29
I would.

02/12/2003 at 17:48
im gonna mow you all down on my cannondale, yeh baby yeh!!
<evil cackle>
02/12/2003 at 18:04
daz - I am thinking of marshalling again on the Sunday so I can knock ya off the bike!!

can't though as petal has decided to go for the female Olympic distance and I might (just might) have a crack at the sprint if I can be arsed.
02/12/2003 at 18:07
The bike course into London is all over by about 8.30, so there won't be any clash. The rest of the entrants just cycle round Excel.
02/12/2003 at 18:08
actually i was joking - ill be cycling with the age groupers again rhino.
only the big-heads ride through london........;O)
02/12/2003 at 18:13
fbf, you wouldnt topple a fellow porker. anyway i think it's against the code......the one i just made up
02/12/2003 at 23:16
LOL I think both events are poor and not worth doing! Save your money for more exciting tri's.

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