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12/06/2005 at 20:33
URR - Normann Stadler said he was going to take it easy because of Frankfurt IM in 4 weeks' time, and then proceeded to break his course record by 8 whole minutes! Finished in 3hrs 40.

Mr/ IW finished in, as far as I can calculate, about 5hrs 36mins.
13/06/2005 at 09:39
Yesterday passed in a bit of a blur at times, but my recollections and observations are thus.
Thanks to Mr and Mrs Ironwolf for getting me to the start line on time.
I was aware that the start of the swim would be a bit rough but was surprised by how long the chaotic period lasted. I dont think I got into any rhythm swimming untill at least 300 metres from the start. Open water swimming is worth practacing as it certainly more difficult than following the lanes in a pool.
I took my time through transition as I did not want to make any silly mistakes here.Once on the bike was surprised how fast some people can cycle straight after the swim, but i managed not to get drawn into going too hard and kept at roughly the speed I thought I could maintain. Going up the climb was passed by the elite racers on their second lap. The first one was just a blur, i guess that was Normann Stadler.
Didnt feel very comfortable on first lap of bike, I was just worrying about the second lap I think. Once on the second lap I felt better as I realised that I could get round. Had to have a pee on the bike, not sure if i have the technique right as I ended up with a wet foot! The last 10 km of bike i tried not to push too hard as I knew there was still the 20 km run to do.Transition went smooth, saw Becky and Ironwolf. Legs felt reasonably OK so I thought that getting under 2 hours for the run was possible if I paced myself properly.The first lap I think took around 56 mins, I then just tried to hold this pace. Around 14 kms I started to struggle but was not too concerned as this only left 6 kms to go. I managed to run all the way and fineshed the run under 2 hours and I think the entire event in under 6 hours, but am still waiting for official times on website.
The organisation of the event was great. It was a memorable experience for me. I would like to do an Olympic length event later this summer, to gain experience in triathlon before I commit myself to anymore longer events.
13/06/2005 at 17:03
Heidelberg Olympic Tri is Sunday 7th Aug, 1700m river swim in the Neckar, stiff bike climb up behind the castle to the Konigstuhl tower, 2 laps up there and back down. 10km run up the Philosopher's Way and back down.
John is already entered in the individual, I'm in the relay with 2 work colleagues (introducing 2 more 'newbies' to the world of tri)
13/06/2005 at 17:06
sorry, I'm not qualified to advise on the pee-on-the-bike technique!
13/06/2005 at 18:21
Heidelberg looks an interesting event, I will give it some thought!
13/06/2005 at 22:49
I have done Heidelberg and can call myself Heidelberg Man :)

It's a great event, though when I did it, it was one of the hottest days in Germany, 33C+ and I rather took it easy. Due to high temperarture no wetsuits allowed, a real disaster for me, as I need a wetsuite to cover up my poor swimming :) I had an aweful swim, but the water wasn't too bad. I think I didn't even made the cut off time and came just ahead of the breast stroke guys. Well, it's all fun anyway. Then on the bike, chasing the others. After 3km there comes a really really really steep ramp, possible the steepest hill in the area, up Molkenkur(?) then you cycle two laps around and up the mountain with some further longish nasty climbs. The bike part is tough, I got lapped by Taubert, elite triathlete. Then the 10k run can be a killer if you put in too much energy on the bike leg. Running was my strength and I passed loads of people, it's 5k up and 5k down the Philosophenweg, the first 1.5k are steep then okay. The downhill just kills your quads. Was really knackered at the end and exhausted, it was very hot, glad I made it without a collapse.

Foggyone, how did you like the event? I grew up in the area and spent all my teens cycling up and down the mountains around the Pfalz. Maxdorf is a very sports enthusiastic community. There are also many little lakes close by too, still open for swimming.
14/06/2005 at 06:54
The whole Macdorf Tri event was great. The area is superb for cycling. The people were very friendly too.
I would like to do the Heidelberg Tri but cannot find out how to enter online, there is a website for the event but I cannot find the regristration page. Perhaps the event is full.
14/06/2005 at 08:06
Please disregard my previous post regarding not finding registration page.
14/06/2005 at 10:55
Great! Go fo it! Heidelberg is a good one too.
15/06/2005 at 16:02
splits are up on site:

Mr. IW - 34.00/3-11.08/1-51.30 total 5-36-38

Foggyone 39.37/3-18.30/1-55.10 total 5-53.17

Well done guys!

Norm's splits -


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