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they really do!!!

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14/12/2004 at 19:24
Posted last week about the Internet scam we thought we got caught in, and got lots of good advice from peeps about contacting the authorities, the credit card company, etc.

Back in April, JR ordered a Litespeed titanium frame, and all the bits and bobs to make up the whole bike. The guy handling the order assured us it was all on track. JR was told he had to pay up front, it was nearly 5000. Well, time went on, and no bike. We were in almost daily contact by phone or email with the specialist, Cody Smith, who told us there was a bit of a delay in making the frame. By the end of May, we still had nothing except an assurance that the order was o.k., just the Litespeed folks had a lot more orders than expected for this particular bike and production was backed up. Then in June, we were told that Cody Smith was in hospital after a bike crash. July, another staff member told us Cody would not be back. All phone calls seemed to be answered by yet another new person, all said they would get back to us and never did.
In August, we managed to get hold of the boss John Cobb, who explained that there had been some trouble with staff and Cody Smith no longer worked for him. We had to email him the original order. End of the month we heard that the frame had never even been ordered. We would have to wait another couple of months until Litespeed worked through their current order backlog. In October, Cobb said the frame had arrived, he would assemble everything and it would be shipped out by the weekend. He promised JR a great Christmas present. Then Wendy emailed to say it was going to be shipped and she would let us know when it had been sent off.
In November, we started trying again to contact them and got no replies to our emails. The phone numbers were out of service and the web site had moved!

A lot of bad language flew around the house for a while.
14/12/2004 at 19:33
The rest of the story......

The new web site states that expanding to a network of local outlets had not worked out and the firm had gone back to selling only from their main shop.

Last Friday the post office informed us a large package had arrived for John. One beautiful Litespeed titanium bike frame complete with handlebars, fork, saddle, seatpost, brake system, drive chain, etc etc. In fact everything to make up a brand new bike!

I have to say, in this case I was wrong. After calling John Cobb every name known to man (and some probably only to women!), he came through with his promise and delivered.
There ARE honest businessmen around after all. So all's well that ends well.
14/12/2004 at 19:37
That's good news IW

Glad everything got sorted out in the end
14/12/2004 at 19:38
I know you're most likely thinking what a pair of wallys.

I did moan and complain all the way about putting this order in, it's such a lot of money. And I never lost an opportunity of telling the Mr. he was throwing his (our!) money down the drain. But he was hoping against hope he'd get the bike eventually.

Seems I was wrong.
14/12/2004 at 20:31
On the off chance you've changed your mind... i'll take it iff your hands for just a minimal handlng fee.
14/12/2004 at 21:41
Looks like it will be a Happy Christmas after all for Mr IW. I think he should buy you a new bike now for your patience.
14/12/2004 at 21:44
Ha bl...y ha! He'll never let it out of his sight now it's finally turned up. But I'm not having it in the bedroom, so there!
14/12/2004 at 21:45
Richard!!! Mwah.....

What a wonderful idea! He HAS been asking me what I want.

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