Monsterman 3

Anyone doing it?

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30/01/2004 at 12:38
... or was everyone put off by the rediculously tough MM2?
30/01/2004 at 18:23
Clashes with the Wokingham half unfortunately. I suppose with MM3 being on the Saturday I *could* do both, but something tells me it's not a good idea!
04/02/2004 at 13:39
my god, somebody has entered the same event as me!!!

hi - I have entered the Monsterman 3. I think it's very over priced but I decided to give it a go. I've never done one before.

What were the other ones like? I think it'll take me about 2 hours. Does that seem right to you? I'm expecting it to be pretty tough.

04/02/2004 at 14:08

Welcome, welcome...

The previous two were tough, very tough! MM2 was so tough, I didn't complete the second run. That said, I think the organisers overcooked it and, privately, would admit as much. Over half the field did not complete this race.

They are promising a much gentler course for MM3, so we shall see.

Timewise, s'pose that depends on your form and fitness... what sort of times do you put in on other events?
04/02/2004 at 16:02
dunno, rocks! It depends on the course. Lots of hills equals slow, no hills means not so slow!!!! I am not going to rush. The reason I do cros country stuff is 'cos I like looking at the scenery!!!!

see you there.
04/02/2004 at 16:25
Phoenix.... cu there - I can recommend the fruit cake and flapjacks afterwards.
05/02/2004 at 11:42
rooks, I'm feeling a bit nervous about the transitions and don't want to be rushing about like a headless chicken. Any tips on doing it properly? This will be my first attempt at a 'serious' duathlon and I want to get it right.

Also does everybody wear fancy tri/duathlon stuff???? I'm either a mountainbiker or a runner and not usually both at the same time!!!
05/02/2004 at 12:01
sorry - got interrupted...

Been thinking about times. As I'm not going to set off fast, bearing in mind how far it all is, I thought I'd be running at between 9 and 9.5 min miles (my long distance get-there-without-dying speed). And based on my mountainbike race result of last Sunday and a speed of 6.7 min miles (9mph - sounds really slow but it was pretty twisty single track!!!). Put the 2 ( or 3) together and add some tired legs - 2 and a half hours minimum... oooh, sounds pretty hard work!!! Does that sound about right compared to other people?
05/02/2004 at 12:02
I would say don't get too fazed by it... There are some people in serious tri-kit (the winner of the last 2 races has reputedly represented GB in the sport!), but there are alot like you and I who are just up for a bit of fun and variety. I am stictly a shorts and wicking t-shirt man.

As for the transition... unless you are looking to be seriously competitive, just try and stay calm (don't do what I did on my first duathlon last summer, and set off on the second run still wearing your helmet!) and do the necessary. The field is sufficiently small and spaced out that you are unlikely to slip many places (if any at all) purely due to a slow transition. Give yourself time for a drink/energy bar, as these events are deceptively sapping.

In MM1 I had severe cramps during the second transition, and it took me several attempts just to bend down and change shoes!

Anyway, come and say hello before the start if you get a chance... I'm riding a lurid yellow GT Avalanche 0.0 which stands out from the crowd - I'll probably be there with a buddy who will drive us there in a green saab.... in the real world I pass off under the name John (like, anyone would believe that!)
05/02/2004 at 12:04
Timewise, it is so difficult to predict, but I very much doubt you will be last!
05/02/2004 at 12:17
Where could i get the details for this race as it sounds a bit good?

05/02/2004 at 12:22
I will be riding the only rigid bike there probably! It's a turquoise blue titanium Raleigh Torus that Noah found in the ark!!

I drive a series 3 1978 long wheel base Landrover called Speedy....

My name is Catherine and I have short mouse brown hair (attractive or what??!!!)

looking forward to the flapjack!!!
05/02/2004 at 12:24

you'll need to be quick, don't think they'll take entry on the day, but an email or call today would probably see you in.
05/02/2004 at 12:30
oh yes... and I have a tattoo..!!!!
05/02/2004 at 12:30

What a chauvenistic pig I am... had assumed I was corresponding with a chap, bot a chap-ess!!!

Well, a pleaseant surprise, and the good news for you is that you will have a reasonable shot at a "podium" finish and corresponding prize!!!

Will definitely keep a lookout and try to say hello.
05/02/2004 at 12:31
05/02/2004 at 12:34
you are indeed a chauvenistic pig, rocks!!! Perhaps I should avoid you at all costs!!
05/02/2004 at 12:36
oh well, at least I recognise my faults... surely that's a redeeming feature!!! Anyway too late now, you've let out details of "speedy", so you'll do well to hide!
05/02/2004 at 12:37
05/02/2004 at 12:39
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