mountain bike?

what should I look for/buy?

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02/06/2005 at 14:16
I've ridden a Kula once... Nearly splatted in me pants!

I can vouch for Kona Muni Mula (2000) too, fantastico machine it is!
02/06/2005 at 14:17
[places small floral wreath at top of page, to honour the death of dignity]
03/06/2005 at 12:12
I leave the thread for a couple of days and look what happens - Jon lowers the tone AGAIN!

Out of interest - why? I can think of lots of reasons as to why you might splat in your pants... from going v fast to a too-bumpy ride to too many bananas for breakfast...

I've been keeping a half-hearted eye out for second-hand bikes but there doesn't really seem to be much happening - either way over budget or 17" frame... but I will keep looking.

Hopefully trying a couple of bikes next week so we'll see what happens... in the meantime I'm drooling over stuff I can't afford!

03/06/2005 at 13:04
methinks Jon's splat was more of the baby making kind...........
06/06/2005 at 16:02
Urrrggghhhh! Jon made a baby in his pants?!
06/06/2005 at 16:17
well... maybe half a baby...
cougie    pirate
06/06/2005 at 16:24
Not a little brown fish at all then ?
06/06/2005 at 16:33
LOL! I love that advert!
cougie    pirate
06/06/2005 at 16:36
You can watch the first five mins of the film here :,,14931-1636801,00.html

Looks good to me !

06/06/2005 at 16:40
I've always ignored League of Gentlemen cos it scared me the first time I saw it...
cougie    pirate
06/06/2005 at 16:55
Yeah - too dark for my liking when the first series was on. It's grown on me though.
06/06/2005 at 16:56
It had the same effect on me as going to see a Gerald Scarf exhibition when I was 6. gave (even) me nightmares!
06/06/2005 at 20:33
would have thought the sight of a 6-yr-old Jon gave the other exhibition-goers nightmares... ;-)

Bit precocious, weren't you?!

07/06/2005 at 09:46
No! I went wiv me ma, innart!
07/06/2005 at 15:51
As ever, any thread relating to mtb's gives me an excuse to visit one of my favourite websites and droool.... - pure mtb porn.

Lots of lovely bikes at v low prices. I bought my GT through this lot and it's been fab. They bikes are mostly 2004/2003 stock, but mtb technology (esp for hardtails) has moved on so little in the last couple of years that the heavy discounts only really mean you haven't got this years paint job.

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41 to 55 of 55 messages
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