Need to buy a race belt

Anywhere in London that sells them?

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cougie    pirate
04/05/2005 at 15:05
Tee hee - not sure.

My only regret is that it didn't show up very well on our pics.
04/05/2005 at 15:08
How did this thread go from "I need a tri belt" to "girl with Everton FC tattooed on her a*se" in the space of a single page? Must be a record!
cougie    pirate
04/05/2005 at 15:11
We've sorted the number belt dilemma out.

This is more like a Jazz thread now. Throw any old bumf in and see how it works out.


04/05/2005 at 15:12
[fiddles distractedly with tastefully beribboned underwear]
cougie    pirate
04/05/2005 at 15:19
Good fiddling !

All we need is Cleo Laine and we're away.
04/05/2005 at 15:20

04/05/2005 at 15:25
Thong/tattoo is probably better than vpl I guess.
04/05/2005 at 15:30
only on the right ar$e tho.
cougie    pirate
04/05/2005 at 15:30
Naaah - this was the left cheek. I clearly remember.

It looked pretty good.
04/05/2005 at 15:31
[checks left @rse to see what's wrong with it]
04/05/2005 at 15:31
[blows raspberry at Cougs for gettin in the way]
cougie    pirate
04/05/2005 at 15:32
I HOPE that was a raspberry !
04/05/2005 at 15:32
[adjusts thong, blushing]
cougie    pirate
04/05/2005 at 15:37
Did that thong vibrate at me when you raspberried ?

All this freestylin' Jazz has gone too far !
04/05/2005 at 16:53
Cougie - have a look at the tatts on to see if she's listed.

No tri belts on there though....
cougie    pirate
04/05/2005 at 17:10
Sadly - no sign of it there. Tatoos seem to be more popular on blokes for some reason.

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21 to 36 of 36 messages
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