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26/07/2005 at 11:14
did he wave his flag at you? he made frantic "slow down" signs to me. mind you my bike was doing 8 inch bunny hops from side to side, and rather than a manic grin my face waswhite with terror
26/07/2005 at 11:16
cougie - gumps was asking about germany
26/07/2005 at 11:16
[Scratches behind leppies ear to elicit a smile]

You've got to go sometime - why not make it fun?
26/07/2005 at 11:17
the clue was where he said "deutschland", that means germany
26/07/2005 at 11:17
[flicks ear]

I just hate that dark streak of blood and flesh that cyclists leave on the road...
26/07/2005 at 11:19
thank you haile, are you coming then?
26/07/2005 at 11:22
[Scratches under chin for good measure]

#...Oh they scraped him off the tarmac like a pound of strawberry jam,
They scraped him off the tarmac like a pound of strawberry jam,
They scraped him off the tarmac like a pound of strawberry jam,
and he aint going to ride no moooorrree...#
26/07/2005 at 11:23 I guess I was the only one who didn't know what tubs are! Now I do. Not that I have a road bike anyway! may have gravity on your side, but isn't wind resistance more of a problem for you than some? ;-)
cougie    pirate
26/07/2005 at 11:25
In best Little Britain accent : "Yeah - I know."

I'd get the tt bike anyway gumps. Like we need reasons for bikes.

26/07/2005 at 11:31
you aren't the only one who didn't know what tubs were TD, its just that most got their teachin towards April/may this year as Candy went thru what he was using for the rest of the seasons races.

As for descending the HH at 55mph + I am sure FB could get to his speed and be very safe on that piece of road as it was smooth and open, the only blip was a road change over a kerb rise, nothing too bad.

Personally I thought trying to feed while descending at 55mph was fast enough with one hand ;-) haha
26/07/2005 at 11:36
[puts paws over eyes]
26/07/2005 at 11:37
At the risk of being a completely boring pain in the ar*e, could we stick to bike related Q's on this thread please? :-)

Plus you are scaring me with all this speed stuff and tyres that blow up....

the bike numpties on here need a home
26/07/2005 at 11:38
TD - I was in an aerotuck position as well - down on my tribars with arse over the back of the's FB, the "Flying Brick"...........

I ignored the marshall Candy - he might have hollered something uncomplimentary in German as I smled at him though..... ;O))
cougie    pirate
26/07/2005 at 11:47
FFM - this is an essential part of your journey towards being a bike non-numpty.

Mockery and p** taking are major units on the syllabus.
Calf    pirate
26/07/2005 at 11:48
I always thought weight had no effect on how quick you went down a hill.
More likely FB's rugby scrum trained legs pushing a mighty gear????

Nearly 70mph thou. Do you have trouble finding bike shorts with balls that big?
26/07/2005 at 11:49
are you aware of a thing caled "gravity"??
26/07/2005 at 11:50
I realise that Cougie and have no objection to it, but am also aware that many threads descend into (very funny) tit-for-tat comments......

really don't want to be a pain.


but you know what I mean..
26/07/2005 at 11:50
you're combatting air resistance and rolling resistance. all other things being equal, heavier = faster.
cougie    pirate
26/07/2005 at 11:50
#I believe in a thing called Looooove#
26/07/2005 at 11:51
i don't think gravity is a key determining factor for size of manhood
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