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08/05/2013 at 08:24

Jamie/Cat I doubt that I will be able to get there much before 6, so will plan to be there at 6 on Thursday.

Rafiki    pirate
08/05/2013 at 10:53
IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)

Count me in too. I thought it was Wednesday evening, but could be wrong.

You normally are

I'm working late Thurs so won't be there. will pop over at the weeekend for a final swim before race day though - if its not too cold!!

Edited: 08/05/2013 at 10:54
iron fraggle    pirate
08/05/2013 at 16:03

Anyone going to Tri20 on Saturday am ?  can't do thursday evenings (too much on being chief taxi to the kids)

Rafi - how's the water temp? I have new wetsuit, but do I need my new made-to-measure gimp hat too ?  

iron fraggle    pirate
08/05/2013 at 16:25

Tri20 pix- it's at the reading lake hotel, which is just round the corner from your folks. It's sat/sun 7.30-10 i think....

08/05/2013 at 16:51

Frag I was there yesterday evening and it was around 16, I think it had been up to 18 earlier in the day, so it was a little to warm  no need for gimp hats.

Until I find somewhere to stay I don't think I will be able to do weekends

iron fraggle    pirate
08/05/2013 at 17:00

sounds positively tropical BBT

WhizKid    pirate
08/05/2013 at 17:40

I probably won't be able too thurs evening I might and I say might be able be able too do this sat but I could be working don't know yet

Cortina5    pirate
08/05/2013 at 18:23

I'll be there Sat or Sun. May even try tomorrow night. Speshially as I'm not running for a few weeks.

08/05/2013 at 21:54

Wow if it's 16 I might join you next week! I have to admit Reading has been the only place I've swam without a wetsuit (it had been 30 degs that day and I actually got too hot with the sun on my back) I guess it's quite shallow compared to the East Berkshire lakes? 

Rafiki    pirate
09/05/2013 at 08:26

The lake will be full of Pirates at this rate!! Weathers looking better for Sunday at the moment, so make take a dip then.... as long as I have enough time for the wetsuit to dry before Ipack!!

And swimming without a wetsuit is a sure sign of insanity

Tired Badger    pirate
09/05/2013 at 16:53

Bosworth tonight, hoping to be able to manage more than 1.2k before I freeze

09/05/2013 at 17:05

OW swimming starts in Rutland Water this Saturday- for details. Won't be down there this weekend, but am trying to get there next Saturday. Anyone interested?

Blisters    pirate
09/05/2013 at 17:05

Having started the thread with the aim of getting people to meet up, have fun, and go OW swimming, I decided that it was time to explore the outside world.

Following a recommendation (from here!) I went to the Bristol Open Water place at Trench Lane, near Aztec West. Easy access from the M4/M5 motorways. The water is 5 foot deep, but milky looking from the natural clay in suspension. The swim course is 650m unless you follow my wake trail.

Today, it was blowing a hoolie, the temp was probably 12 degrees. With a gimp hat I was lovely and warm, but a bit constricted. So, I tried out with just a Pirate swim cap. Ice cream head for 150m. Interestingly, by the end of the second lap I was actually getting warmth and life back into my finger tips. Bizarre. Oh, and the waves were somewhat interesting...

Fun though, AND NO CHLORINE.

BluePeter    pirate
09/05/2013 at 17:33

Ok wetsuit ordered planning on going to boundary water park next Thursday. Anyone else planning on going? Need moral support for my first OW swim

09/05/2013 at 17:44

Swimming WITH a wetsuit is madness Raf!  If you like to surround yourself with chemicals then get back in the pool

Cortina5    pirate
09/05/2013 at 17:56
SuperCaz wrote (see)

Swimming WITH a wetsuit is madness Raf!  If you like to surround yourself with chemicals then get back in the pool

Caz, you'd swim in a puddle if you could!

09/05/2013 at 18:00

I've swum in a river only a foot deep.  It teaches you to bend your elbows properly on the pull and keep your feet up

Cortina5    pirate
09/05/2013 at 18:15

Interesting....I bang my knuckles on the floor of the local pool in the shallow end. I shall try this high-elbows hype.

Feet are always down. Cat5 = sinker.

09/05/2013 at 19:09

Masters swimmers often have their arms at 90 degrees on the pull as it is the most efficient way of swimming.  However for longer distances it can put a lot of strain on the shoulders so a more relaxed arm is prefreable, but it should still be bent.  Straight arms are not ideal.  Think about it logically, you want to move the water that is close to your body so that you move through the water quickly.  Moving water further away from your body is wasting energy

Sinking feet - kick harder and use your core muscles to hold them up.  People under estimate the importance of a tight core in swimming

Blisters    pirate
09/05/2013 at 20:25

Dammit, she's so right. The other thing about straight arm swimming is that it lifts the front end of your body, which then bobs downwards just at the point that I want to breathe. (That was a reference to my stroke technique). I've heard all the talk, but it will simply take years of tutored sessions before I get to look like a swimmer. In the meantime, the aim is survival.

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