Outlaw 2012 race reports

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Mr Zuvai    pirate
05/07/2012 at 08:00
Maybe a 2000 feet stirring up the bottom before the start turned it into duck-poo soup!
05/07/2012 at 08:25

If I never see that lake again it will be too soon, Sunday was the only time I have felt physically sick when swimming and nothing to do with physical exertion!

I've been loving reading reports, well done everyone, competitors, marshalls/feed stationers and supporters

05/07/2012 at 10:04

bizarrely I didn't notice any duck poo when I did the 3K swim on Saturday - some weed in the start area but no poo.   but maybe with less involved it wasn't so bad or perhaps we stirred it up for you guys....  



05/07/2012 at 10:27
KK i get where you are coming from its deffo hourses for courses, i think Seren really hit the nail on the head with people doing it for the right reasons i.e not to fulfill somebodys elses expectations
DD i was looking for a pirate dressed as an eskimo on the bike but failed to spot you
05/07/2012 at 10:37

I wont clog this up with my day its on www.shortfatbaldsid.blogspot.com if you have trouble sleeping take a look. Outlaw was my 1st Tri. I was blown away by all of you. Humbled to the core. Thank you to the staff who were fantastic and thank you to the competitors. Warriors each and every one of you. Respect. 16hrs 45mins of joy. Loved it!

05/07/2012 at 10:54
Azattack wrote (see)
Just the second to last guy... I think that was his first ever tri!!! Not a pirate but deserves a mention.

Cheers pal - sorry i kept everyone out there so late. You are all legends!

05/07/2012 at 10:59

"SID SID SID SID SID"  Absolutely incredible!  Great effort! 

Lee the Pea    pirate
05/07/2012 at 11:09
Aw Sid, what a fab report, had me crying! Very well done mate . It was awesome cheering you down that finishing straight, glad to have been there
Edited: 05/07/2012 at 11:10
05/07/2012 at 11:32

 *hands Sid a tissue so he can wipe away Cake's slobber*

Well done Sid, I missed your finish as I was in the one of the tents at the finish at the time!

Orca    pirate
05/07/2012 at 12:12

Wonderful reports everyone. Keep them coming. If no one objects I'll add my Austria report here when I eventually get around to writing it. In summary, it was extremely hot with temperatures on the bike peaking at over 40 degrees. Not good when you've done almost all your long bikes in winter gear because the Irish summer has been so crap! Very disappointed with the swim, even allowing for the fact it was non wetsuit, I was a good 10 minutes slower than expected, Loved first lap of the bike, hated the second, felt like there was a hairdryer in my face for most of it, the run was about survival in that heat. Glad to make it through the finish and although on another day I might have been a little disappointed with 12.58, given the day that was in it, I was quite happy with that. All in all, doing an IM without the pirates really isn't a good idea. It wasn't half as enjoyable!

Cheerful Dave    pirate
05/07/2012 at 12:38

Outlaw race report

I lined up in the water between bays 2 & 3, at the front but mucking about with my watch as the gun went meant I got swamped by lots of people.  Normally I zigzag all over the place in OW, but this time I was straighter - sighting was easy, you couldn't see much ahead into the rising sun, so just head for that.  I managed to swim into a lot of the lane markers and it took me a while to realise what they were and that I hadn't just been kicked in the head.

I managed to draft a bit on the outward leg, and on the return I was starting to pass some people, getting held up a few times as I caught little groups but it was a fairly uneventful return, eventually getting out in 1:18:20, 433rd of 781 solo finishers.  Very happy with that, 7 minutes quicker than last year and right in the middle of the pack.

Jogged through getting the wetsuit off no problems (a first!), armwarmers, gloves & helmet on, onto the bike without too much fuss.  4:14, making up 86 places.

I scoffed an energy bar & drink early on, making steady progress.  A bit of banter with fellow pirates as we passed, including Carl who I caught at the top of the hill only to find that his pasty-powered bike was too quick for me down the other side.  After Oxton Bank (not the same without the pirate feed station at the top!) the field started to thin a bit.  The wind wasn't great but I was maintaining a decent enough pace without pushing too hard.

On to the southern loop, looking forward to the pirate feed station.  I attempted to chuck a bottle into the trolley only to catch my tribars with it which steered me straight at seren - not the only close call she had there.  The best feed station, loads of support and so good I decided to do a second lap to do it again. 

At the far end of the southern loop we turned back westwards, and this was where the wind started to hit back - a real struggle into it for miles & miles, with the thought that we had to do it twice nagging at me.  I'd passed Joddly before the feed station and she came back past me here, going very well.  My average speed was dropping there, and despite the lift of the feed station again I never got it back properly, not even when melli caught me.  The last 20 miles were all pretty much into that wind, and I didn't want to push too hard into it which would kill off my run before starting.  I was surprised how many were doing the opposite though, really caning it back up to transition.  5:42:21 in the end, a bit disappointing but the best I could do in the conditions.  Up another 225 places, 122nd as I gratefully left my bike in the good hands of FB.

In & out, with a slight delay when I remembered I had Zero tab at the bottom of my bag.  The few seconds to get it proved worthwhile a short while later.  2:38, up another 12 places.

The start of the run was one place where the wind came in handy, blowing us down to the other end of the lake and making it easier to get into a good running pace.  The downside was turning at the end and coming back into the wind, that was a lot harder!  It rained for most of that first lap too.  I had the familiar feelings of impending cramp at the end of that first lap of the lake so I dropped my zero tab into a cup of water which sorted it, no problems from then on.  I used gels I took with me, and took water at alternate feed stations to get through the run.  On a hotter day that wouldn't have been enough, but it was fine this time.

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Cheerful Dave    pirate
05/07/2012 at 12:40


A few pirates were already on the course when I started, melli was going well and GB & funkin were coming the other way as I approached the feed station at the mid point of the run out along the river.  By the time the second lap started though, there were pirates everywhere.  I think I said hello to everyone, apologies if anyone was left out!

The second lap is always the worst, the finish seems a very long way off, but it was made so much easier by the pirates on the course competing and supporting.  GB was walking by now unfortunately, funkin was still ahead but getting closer.  The lady with the metronome made me laugh, glad I wasn't behind her.  As I got back to the lake melli's name came over the tannoy on the other side, I couldn't work out why as I knew she was out at the football ground, I didn't realise she had just taken the lead.  Out along the river for the last time, past the 20 mile marker, only 10k to go.  This time I got all the way to the far end of the river section before seeing funkin and I passed him shortly after.  From there to the end of the lake was a nice tailwind, but the only thought left was that the last 2k to the finish would be hard work. 

And so it proved, but the sun being out, loads of support and the finish in sight all helped.  High 5s to the pirates lined along the chute, across the line in 10:26:05 after a 3:18:29 run, making up all the lost time on the bike for a 30 second improvement on last year.  No complaints with that.

Shower & change, some of that excellent food and it was on to supporting.  Some cracking performances going on all evening from pirates and others.  A great weekend, loved every minute.

05/07/2012 at 13:00

smashing time dave..... - a worthy second winner of the pirate novice 145.
I wanted to race you and funkin here, but that was not to be...... I'll just have to dream what times I would have got

05/07/2012 at 13:02

nice one CD - lightweight guys like you aren't built for headwinds.  on the right course and conditions, you're still a sub-10 shoe in one day...

Cheerful Dave    pirate
05/07/2012 at 13:16

You'd have been up there OC, as would GB if he hadn't punctured and killed himself hammering the rest of the bike to catch up. 

Maybe one day FB, if conditions are perfect which they rarely are.  I'm not going to go chasing flat courses though, IMW might be next and I'm sold on Embrunman one day.

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05/07/2012 at 13:23

IM Florida or Challenge Barcelona is waiting for you CD...     GB needs to take stock of what he learnt at Outlaw - he has potential to be very quick given the right focus and training (and no 7 pints the night before race day!).  classic 2nd IM error that many make - over confident of ability and just hammered it too hard.

You'd do well at IMW and Embrun with your lightness - you're built for lumpy courses unless like us larger peeps

05/07/2012 at 14:19

Feel I can ask about the pirate avatar thingy now that I have done an Ironman..... .  How do I get one?

05/07/2012 at 15:06

You have to write your report first

05/07/2012 at 15:14

Here's my race report http://www.tritalk.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=87245, but you'll have to dirty yourselves with a trip to TriTalk to read it! 



Edited: 05/07/2012 at 15:14
Lee the Pea    pirate
05/07/2012 at 16:23
Slacko, your link doesn't seem to work? Or maybe my ipad just won't let me access tripetalk

Great report CD, and awesome time!
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