Outlaw 2013

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28/06/2013 at 22:09

I have a proper cowbell all the way from some random place abroad, with the name of the village and a flower painted on it. It cost me 99p on eBay. Shall I bring it?

citizen 146    pirate
28/06/2013 at 23:49

how do you spell voo voo zaela?

Holly_Golightly    pirate
29/06/2013 at 09:16

haven't got one of them. But I'm off to Swiss land tomorrow so as I rush back through the airport, I'll try and grab a bag load more bells!

29/06/2013 at 09:52

and Toblerone please.....can always be used as a stinger on the road if not eaten

Nurse Ratched    pirate
29/06/2013 at 10:05

Ooooooooooooh I'm getting very exciteeeeeeeeeed

Tired Badger    pirate
29/06/2013 at 10:18

wish they would publish the spectator info - I have friends and family wanting to know details about gettign around the bike course.

29/06/2013 at 11:04

I'm soooo looking forward to getting off the bike and supporting with a beer .  The quicker I get the bike done then more beer I can have.  

29/06/2013 at 11:24
Saffers wrote (see)

I'm soooo looking forward to getting off the bike and supporting with a beer .  The quicker I get the bike done then more beer I can have.  

This is why I like  doing the swim leg 

Edited: 29/06/2013 at 11:25
29/06/2013 at 11:27

Haha......I try not to drink before 12noon    I'd pass out much too early and miss the fun.

seren nos    pirate
29/06/2013 at 14:00

You lot with the bells..........please remmeber on the bike leg you are suppossed to be handing us drinks and gels and bananas etc.not having a bell ringing competition 

Holly_Golightly    pirate
29/06/2013 at 14:03

I'm not going to be on the bike, seren. My chosen support role is making sure you're out of the swim and safely on the bike. Then that you're safely off the bike and on the run.


I'm staying within staggering distance of the bar. All day.

seren nos    pirate
29/06/2013 at 14:05

thats ok Holly....can you also fit a big parasoll to my bike please if it gets warm......and provide my own personal rain cloud above me for the run......

29/06/2013 at 14:06

I swam at Holme Pierrepoint today, water is a nice temperature but doesn't taste too good

29/06/2013 at 14:21

I can still remember the smell from last year, doesn't sound like it's got any better.

The Evil Pixie    pirate
29/06/2013 at 14:53

oi shut up about the manky water!!

29/06/2013 at 15:01

sorry, EP, water was lovely. temperature was nice anyway


The Evil Pixie    pirate
29/06/2013 at 15:08

do you know what temp it was?

Also what about weeds? Bossy was full of weeds making it nasty

29/06/2013 at 15:09

TBH the water was only minging at the start when we were all churning it up seemed fine once we got going and no weed soup like the 1st year

The Evil Pixie    pirate
29/06/2013 at 15:14

I'm liking the no weeds soup

29/06/2013 at 16:35

It was about 17C, super murky but very little weed if any bodes well for next weekend.

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