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BluePeter    pirate
Today at 01:31
Symes wrote (see)
BluePeter wrote (see)

sub 12 was my A target and smashed it with 13:34 



WTF did I type there...hahaha

Obviously that should read 'sub 12 was my A target and smashed it with 11:34'

Hope    pirate
Today at 07:01
Top Pirating kids!
Red_dog_chris    pirate
Today at 07:02

Great to see loads of pirates there, big thanks to Cougs, Seren for getting me through the run. I cut my swim time by 3 mins to 1.15 and my bike by 30 to 6.14 from my 2012  time, my screwed up leg wouldn't let me match my 3.23 marathon finish of 2012 and had to settle for 6 hrs lol. Well done everyone! Great support as always

Pudge    pirate
Today at 09:21

Short race report for my part in Team TBC...

Woke up before my alarm went off on the morning of the race, thanks to some techno music rattling away in the distance somewhere.  Showered and changed then wandered over to HPP at about 5am to spend the obligatory 30 minutes faffing about with my bike in transition.  Stood on the grass bank with various pirates to watch the swimmers depart, then killed an hour or so by sauntering about chatting etc.

Made my way down to the relay handover area, and waited for Mrs SA to come ashore.  She duly arrived, having had a great swim, and passed me the 'baton'.  I grabbed my bike and got on my way, as SA shouted some words of encouragement

I felt good going into this, and my legs seemed reasonably fresh considering I'd done IMUK the week before.  The weather was good and I was really looking forward to the ride.

The course was so flat, compared to others I've done and to where I've done most of my training rides in recent months.  This wasn't unexpected, as I'd spoken to a few people and they'd described the course to me.  I mistakenly thought flat = easy, but now know this isn't the case.  Being so flat meant that I spent 95% of my time on the aerobars, so my shoulders were aching a bit towards the end.  Also, at least with riding hills, there is a certain amount of free speed on the downs, albeit with more effort needed on the climbs.  With a flat course, it does feel like a constant grind sometimes to maintain momentum.

That said, I managed to keep up a reasonable speed and averaged just under 21mph over the course.

Passing the pirate feed station was fantastic.  The noise, the encouragement and the sheer number of pirates manning it was just brilliant - made me proud to be a part of it all  Also passing Horse, Razor and Lofty at the junction just after the feed station gave me a second boost too - as they were really giving it some

Passed a few pirates on the way round the course....Seren (told you I'd catch you ), Raf, Barley and others that I can't remember now, to share an 'arrrr', or a 'go pirate'.  Very impressed that Seren even started the day considering how poorly she was, but to get a PB was superb - well done coach!

Made it back in 5:23, so pretty chuffed with that.  Handed over the timing chip to our superstar runner UltraKaz, who went on to hammer the run.  

Spent the rest of the day supporting, eating and drinking.  The finisher chute at Outlaw is a really great place to hang out as it's possible to cheer on all those coming home aswell as those completing their laps of the lake.

Had such a great weekend, so thank you to all the pirates for making it so

p.s. Mrs Digger - you are one of the wickedly funniest people I have had the pleasure to meet - thank you for making me laugh.....lots!!

Edited: 29/07/2014 at 09:30
Today at 09:47

Excellent report Fudge.  

Well done you.


Pudge    pirate
Today at 09:52
M..o.use wrote (see)

Excellent report Fudge.  

Well done you.


Your Mum definitely needs to be a supporter at the next event - if only to see what other pirate names get morphed into!

Today at 10:12

What a fantastic weekend, it was better than I could have imagined, I'm still on a high now.

quick report: I am always late for everything, usually as I tend to talk to people a lot, this weekend was no different, we arrived in Nottingham on Friday evening and stayed at an old guest house type B&B owned by a lovely elderly Scottish couple who too enjoyed yakking, so once we got settled in and had a nice cup of tea it was bedtime, Saturday was spent rushing around and faffing with kit, registering racking, briefing, bed.

Race day was brilliant, I was really excited as it's my first biggun, I was really worried about making the swim cutoff as I'm a cack swimmer and didn't do a lot of training.

swim bit : I got myself in the slow bit at the back, the gun went off and I realized my flap at the back of my wetsuit was folded over so the Velcro was rubbing on my neck, after a few minutes of looking like an escapologist trying to get out of a straight jacket I got sorted, I alternated from breast stroke and crawl and eventually hit land after 2hours 1 min, got dragged through T1 by the awesome volunteers and before I knew it I was on the bike.

Edited: 29/07/2014 at 10:13
Today at 10:27

BIKE:  I was so chuffed to get to the bike, I knew then that barring a disaster I had a good chance of finishing, I liked the bike course, it was tough, my legs were tired from the swim, it was a slog all the way round but the Pirate feed station was fantastic, gave me a massive boost, and the guys at one of the intersections, I think it was Razor and Horse? And another Pirate, what a great bunch of people you all are. My lovely wife and mum got the bus to the cricket pitch part to cheer me on, I stopped on the second loop for a cuddle and got a packet of crisps of mum. went past Buttercup who was looking strong, had a quick "go hard" shout, went past Cake who was having trouble with his bike, no breaks, I offered to help and asked if he wanted to pull over as I've got tools, no breaks he shouted, oh yeah , I let the guys know at the feed station and the message went back to the relay team. I finally got into T2 and threw my bike at a lovely volunteer who smacked me on the arse and told me to keep it up.

Edited: 29/07/2014 at 10:28
Today at 10:33
The loud music, interspersed with banging portaloo doors, made me glad I'd remembered my ear plugs!! Albeit that they didn't do a great job of blocking all the noise
Today at 10:46

RUN: After a nice rubdown from the lovely lady with the sun cream I embarked on my first marathon, this was my favorite part of the race, I meat so many fantastic people and the support was amazing, all the Pirates I chatted to on the course were fantastic, all the high 5s, hugs and offers of beer really got me round, I walked and jogged the first loop but I was reduced to walking the second, I really thought I was going to pass out on the furthest point of the loop, I got to the timing bit of the turnaround and really thought I'd need to sit down, I felt really sick and went cold, but I thought, Id have to wait ages for someone to find me so I might as well walk back, I joined a chap who was also suffering the dizzies and we became a support group as we swept up another on the walk back, all chatting about everything and anything the keep our minds off collapsing, and then out of the distance came my beautiful wife, wondering what was taking me so long, so as a group we all got to the lake together and started the lap of honor. On the final lap I came back to life, as I got to the finishing carpet I actually broke into a sort of trot, I high fived as many people as I could then saw the Pirate massive, I wanted to leap over the fence and hug you all, I tried to keep it together before getting to the finish line, bit of posing and posturing then into the medical tent where they asked me how I felt, I think I murmured something about best day of my life before Lumpty pushed me up the stairs for a bit of dinner, I was gutted I missed the last few in, by the time I hobbled down the stairs it was all over.

I was really proud to do Outlaw as my first biggun and proud to do it as a Pirate, you guys are a special bunch of people and I'm proud to be associated with you, god bless you all

Edited: 29/07/2014 at 10:50
Today at 10:56

Top reporting JP and Pudgeroo! Was amazing being a small part of it all. Even if just making you laugh lovely Pudge! Had a top weekend! Nice of Ratched to actually speak to me this year 

Today at 11:24

Rocking report JP - that finish line was worth it tho aye? and Lumpty and your Mum were so proud of you for not giving up when it got hard!  Boy did good

Symes    pirate
Today at 12:43
BluePeter wrote (see)
Symes wrote (see)
BluePeter wrote (see)

sub 12 was my A target and smashed it with 13:34 



WTF did I type there...hahaha

Obviously that should read 'sub 12 was my A target and smashed it with 11:34'


Top effort in that case 

At least it shows I was paying attention!! 

Today at 12:54

utterly broken

Red_dog_chris    pirate
Today at 13:04
Brill report jp

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