Outlaw relay

Anyone need a third member?

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Dustboy    pirate
28/05/2012 at 23:16

Still a linky retard...

29/05/2012 at 06:45

Now now gladys...not very nice is it.

29/05/2012 at 07:51

Standalone best of 3.15 in 97, 2012 best 3.51...one and only Irondistance marathon 4.40.

29/05/2012 at 18:11
I think we have scared him off......
ChallengeGoGoGas    pirate
29/05/2012 at 23:01

i thought you were very encouraging Gladys, perhaps he's just been busy.

30/05/2012 at 18:52

Sorry for slow reply, I do not check my emails very often and I noticed I had a response from you.

Thanks very much, you have not scared me off at all  So what time are you expecting to be completing the swim and bike in? I did see 10 hours being mentioned and from my very limited experience of iron man, i thought there was a cut of point?

Just sorting out my race diary and will come back to you in the next day or so to 100% commit, if that's OK?

Oh and i could be called TOFER or TIMO, those are my nicknames but I'm not sure if they go with mincing! whatever that is?

Many thanks





30/05/2012 at 21:37
join the club, I don't know what mincing is either!:-P

Re time, Pugsley swears he's going to do a sub 1 hour swim and I think my time will sadly be between 6 and 7 hours.

no problem about letting me know the next few days, though it you say no, you'll be sent to Meldy's office to explain yourself!
30/05/2012 at 22:22
if any other runners fancy an outing let me know.
My sometime riding partner was doing a relay with his 2 daughters doing the swim and run......
well the running daughter has done a runner and is not going to make it......

So if anyone needs a run let me know
30/05/2012 at 22:23
oh and any, and I mean any ability level is catered for..... the more numpty the better
ChallengeGoGoGas    pirate
02/06/2012 at 17:56
How many hours would I have OC?
02/06/2012 at 22:28
Daughter 1 will swim in 1hr 45
He will bike in 6:30
So i think you have about 8 hours.

Ill be in the pub cheering you on!
ChallengeGoGoGas    pirate
02/06/2012 at 23:01
Right so they'd be thrilled at the concept of having someone like me destroying their otherwise stellar relay time then?
03/06/2012 at 01:45
Gastank - unless you want to commit to buying me a lifetime supply of Thornton's I think you had better keep your arse firmly and safely attached to the support feed station
ChallengeGoGoGas    pirate
03/06/2012 at 11:29
Yes maam and sense would suggest that realistically should be running another marafun so soon after last...

Sorry OC heart is very willing but head and body need to be sensible (and I can't afford more thornton's)
03/06/2012 at 12:10

Since when has an aspiring Pirate ever been sensible?  Man up Gas, don't worry about Schmunks, she's a push over really!  I've only run five miles in training so far! Just turn up and do it!  ;~)

ChallengeGoGoGas    pirate
03/06/2012 at 12:20
ChallengeGoGoGas    pirate
03/06/2012 at 12:48
The peer pressure the peer pressure....
03/06/2012 at 14:33

Do it.

TheEngineer    pirate
03/06/2012 at 15:14
Flat Foo.ted wrote (see)

Do it.


03/06/2012 at 16:25


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