Pirate DIY Half IM, The second coming!

4th & 5th May 2013

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06/05/2013 at 12:06
Mrs SA wrote (see)

Black speedo swimming shorts (Mr Platts's by any chance )


I'm quite happy to send these on.


I can't understand why you would be so keen to get rid of these


06/05/2013 at 12:15

Oh blimmin eck!

Sorry meant to say "happy to send all of these back"   Talking of which, did Bobby Nobby pick up his bike pump that has been in our garage for a year?

seren nos    pirate
06/05/2013 at 12:18

yes.i saw it in his hand

seren nos    pirate
06/05/2013 at 12:56


seren nos    pirate
06/05/2013 at 12:57

 wonder how i will cope next weekend.the scale is metres not feet


3000ft in 28 miles

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06/05/2013 at 14:46

Here's my report.

I set off Friday afternoon to get up to Macca on the Friday as I didn't feel like driving up on the day of the race. Upon getting there I could see that the camp site was full with Serens portable mansion in the back garden, but the SA's were kind enough to put me up in the living room which was great, especially as I am normally late getting to events . Friday night at the pub was a good laugh meeting a few new faces and some I remember from either Wales or the christmas party.

Saturday came early waking up at about 6 . Then it was faff time, trying to decide what to take with me on the bike and to transitions etc. But I finally got organised and could then relax.

This weekend was really about trying out nutrition and race pacing so I wanted to try and run it as close as possible to what I would be doing on the big day, so times and stats were not important . It was the taking part that counts...

The cycle up to T1 was a nice little warm up, and the bike racking provided by Marshallini was great.

The swim went well. Managing to do some overtaking and drafting on the feet of Tracey as I couldn't quite get the speed up to overtake her. A slight hicup with the Garmin meant that it was reading an odd number of lengths so to be on the safe side I did a couple of extra lengths, with the Garmin reading 1975m I was out of the pool in 35:03. Outside of the pool the heavans had opened so it was like being home in Wales, so it was on with the arm warmers and pirate gillet and off on the bike. T1 in 4:06.

Took my time getting to the start of the lap section of the bike course and for the first couple of laps as pushing it to overtake in the pool had taken a little out of the legs and I just wanted to settle a bit, so took an early gel to get some energy in. First couple of laps went without incident, it was nice to see SA had put a couple of lambs out on the course to make me feel at home, but the plan to try to distract me didn't work. On the turn on to the third lap the road was a little greasy and the rear tyre didn't want to play ball and after a few hairy moments I decidied to go past the turning and do a u turn rather than try to take the corner at speed. The rest of the bike went well, with good fuelling, and the fuel station providing some 4 in 1 when asked (who would be daft enough to ask for a high5? ). The bike course was great, and I was able to stay down on the bars for the whole lap and didn't need to go onto the granny ring. A big thank you to all the support at the feed station.

Managed to keep a consistant speed averaging 18.4 mph, with a top speed of 36.8 mph finishing the bike in 3:03:29.

Rolled into T2 feet were a little numb after wearing no socks on the ride, a quick dry of the feet, and an application a compede blister plaster on an area which always rubs on the inside of my trainer and it was out onto the run. T2 in 4:23.


Edited: 06/05/2013 at 14:47
06/05/2013 at 14:47

The first lap felt pretty easy, I was taking my time to make sure I was going the right way, the second lap would be easier as I now knew the way, so wasn't really paying much attention until I started running past some shops that I hadn't seen on the first lap, so a quick turnaround and an extra 0.2 miles and I was back on track. By the end of the second lap my right foot was suffering from a blister, it was at this time that I realised that I had put the compede on the wrong foot , a quick stop at the feed station to find another blister plaster and off again, the third lap went by with to problems, the forth was a little harder, owing to the fact that I hadn't done any running for 2 weeks. But finished the run in 1:47:04. Again the support from both the feed stations was great with some fantastic cheering from Jordy and the kids helping out.

Finished in 5:34:05. (ps the time is not important )

Another great evening in the pub with refueling on a new protein regime consisting of chicken, beef, pork, bread with garlic, potatoes, and some more chicken 

The Sunday was a little more relaxing, supporting from the side again it was great fun.

A big thank you to Mr and Mrs SA and Jordy for both putting this on and putting me up for the weekend. And to everyone else who took part, cheered, provided nutrition (cake, bacon and sausages and enough gels to swim in) was a great weekend and looking forward to seeing you all again soon

06/05/2013 at 18:20

Race report in the form of self-talk:

Friday arrival: "Lea the Pea! I've missed that bawbag. Where's my t-shirt?"

Friday night meeting in pub: "Hey, these people are ace. What a fab bunch. I can't stop giggling at the name 'Button Mushroom'. Seren did an Enduroman? How is that marvel of a woman still alive? Where's my t-shirt?

Saturday morning: "Pirate fiesta! Where's my t-shirt?

Race briefing: "Got my t-shirt. It's fab. Very chuffed. Now can I go home?"

Swim: "Hey, those master sessions are paying off. Oh shit, was that 76 or 67?

Bike: "This 12 lap job is playing with my mind. Mind you, keeps my thoughts off the agonizing, saddle-induced agony in my lady garden".

Feedstations: "You don't realise how much I truly love you for your smile, water and gels. I'm so grateful I could cry. This kind of really hurts, you know". 

Run: "Oh dear, I forgot I had this part. There's SA. If I can just keep SA in my sights then I'll be...where'd he go? Okay, there's Matt. If I can just keep Matt in my sights then I'll be..."

Finish: "Hey these people are ace. What a brilliant and merry band of Pirates. Wrist warmers, sausage butties and cake. Did I say these people are ace?" 


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06/05/2013 at 18:28

Brilliant report Les boules. Well done. 

seren nos    pirate
06/05/2013 at 18:29

brilliant report les boules.....

06/05/2013 at 18:46
Mrs SA wrote (see)

Morning everyone .  


Ok ... found at SA Towers this morning:


Black speedo swimming shorts (Mr Platts's by any chance )




Speedos are not mine. 


The Silent Assassin    pirate
06/05/2013 at 20:26

Unfortunately my race report is turning into a novel of epic portions, it will go up soon, you have been warned


06/05/2013 at 20:26

Hi to all the Pirates, back from my Mother-in-Law's lovely dinner, just going to put my little bit in now

Here goes: Would like to Thank all the Pirates that turned up over the weekend and a big THANKS to Q, Jo, Jordy and Marshallino for a quality DIY event!

Next year's one will hopefully be twice the size and more Pirates will do it.

Once again, would like to thank everybody who turned up.  I better not forget to thank Honk and Slagiatt for helping me with my 3 punctures on the day!

Thanks Slag for letting me have your front wheel the finish the rest of the race, your a TOP MAN!

See all you Pirates at The Outlaw!

Britrisky    pirate
06/05/2013 at 20:31

Here goes - 

Friday night - freedom - yay!! Lovely time to break the ice and put some forum names to faces

Saturday - throroughly enjoyable day, marshalling (I was actually thrilled it was raining, as this was my first opportunity to use my pirate umbrella!), and then assisting / supporting on the bike and then the run feed station. Not sure why I was really cold all day, but at least my pirate buff kept me a bit warmer. Driving around the bike course was a bad idea - it was hilly, and watching pirate after pirate finishing looking like death warmed up raised my anxieties sky high. I don't normally get into a tizz about these things, but I was not confident ... 

Dinner that evening was even nicer, because I'd made friends by then - ate with Les  Boules and Lee the Pea, plus the rest of the bunch. I hoped that my beef and ale pie and crumble with custard would suffice for carb loading ... I rehearsed and packed for race day, then off to bed

Race day - Up at 7, first pot of porridge (Oats so Simple, just add water) with banana, coffee, get dressed, second pot of porridge then off to SA Towers.

For some reason panic then set in - I'd packed everything so carefully the day before and then promptly forgot where everything was ... I had to have a word with myself and stop fretting and then I did find my energy drinks stuffed into my cycle shoes (who the hell put them in there?). I started to calm down and got myself ready to go.

Swim: took the middle lane and didn't get swum over, or kicked, or anything, really. I reckon I drafted off another chap quite a bit (not sure who he was, sorry). An uneventful swim - out in 46.56 (4 secs than my last HIM swim which was down river in a wetsuit - so well chuffed with that), and off on the bike.

Bike: the first 10 minutes was about getting my bearings, eating malt loaf and finding the first lap. Then started the first hill - none of this big ring malarky for me, down the gears, and then down some more ... more hills  - bottom gear now. But down the hills as well - that was the fun bit! Great cheering at the feed station, first lap done - now that wasn't so bad, was it? And so the circuits continued,up the hills, down the gears, eating, staying happy, staying positive. Quite frankly I was starting to enjoy myself - was down on the aerobars quite a lot, and loving the downhill sections. Even the up hills were so bad ... 

I did start to get a bit bored around lap 8, but the pirate cheers were just lovely, and then the end was in sight ...

Britrisky    pirate
06/05/2013 at 20:42

T2 - a big welcome at Chiltern Avenue and I took a moment or two to get my head together and my trainers on. A quick jaffa cake and I was off

Run: I say run, a bit of a shuffle at first, but I'd been here before and was patient with myself, knowing this feeling would pass. More ups and downs, but I had my head on and just patiently waited for it all to get easier. It did - lap 2 was a happy lap, I was running well, and looking forward to getting past half way. Lap 3 was harder, but a quick chat with a couple of young lads warning me about boys with BB guns perked me up a little, as did the young man with a guitar who cheered me on! On lap 4 I focused on being half way through a full IM run to fool myself into thinking I had to keep something back for later so as not to feel completely drained. More encouragement from the feed station - thanks to the kids especially there, and before I knew it was I turning into Chiltern Ave for the last time. Job done. It was 5.15, so that's 7 1/4 hours, which was fine by me.

An awesome weekend - loved every minute of it - even the hills, thanks guys!

seren nos    pirate
06/05/2013 at 20:53

the race didn;'t start till 7 mins past 10 brit so even better time..you looked strong all day and will do well at Outlaw.thanks for the umberella

06/05/2013 at 21:00

Just found a pirate swimming cap too.  Anyone's?

06/05/2013 at 21:04

jo the cap is slags.

06/05/2013 at 21:12

Race report from what I can recollect

Having put my 10th wedding anniversary on hold, I was up and raring to go for the Saturday. The early enthusiasm was tempered somewhat whe I opened the curtains to see rain and the trees bending in the wind. Not great conditions for a fair weather person like me.

Got to Chez SA in good time though and met those who had already got there and worked through the odd stage of "do I use my real name or do I use my forum name?". A mixture is the answer which means even now I'm not entirely sure who I met.

Off to the pool en masse and with 3 lanes to chose from I opted for the middle which worked out about right. Couple of over taking manouvers (passing and being passed). I seemed to make time up during the length then lose it on the turn around, which was odd as it is not like everyone else was doing tumble turns! Out of the pool in 41m:15s which is about what I expected. No running, bombing or heavy petting mean't it was an easy stroll to T2, out of the fire exit and in to an early summer downpour.

On with the heavy duty waterproof and off on to the bike course had T1 done in 3m:34s.

Now, I'm not sure if you have seen the picture of the Impossible / Penrose Staircase, but the course felt a little bit like that. At best I counted 9 climbs and 2 descents. I kept up a reasonable pace passing quite a few and was feeling quite smug until BBT went past me on about lap 9 like an Exocet Missile! It was only when I thought I'd  finished that I realised that the feed station I'd passed throughout the morning was not SA's house where I'd been 4 hours earlier (I realy must pay more attention to things) and had to do a quick dash thought Macc to get to T2. Getting Lost Episode 1: I got completely confused and after asking directions, was met by Matt who too looked a little puzzled but spotted a Pirate sign which got us back on track and in to T2 in 3h:20m:50s

In to the garage and a quick change and was out of T2 in 3m:53s

My feet were still a little numb when I set out and my pace felt a little pedestrian. I was wrong, my first km went by in under 4m:30s. Getting Lost Episode 2: Passed Lee the Pea then hung a left when I should have gone straight on. Realised and ended up trying to find my way back through the estate. Fortunately, I recognised a junction from when I got lost at the end of the bike stage and worked my way back on to the course. Lap 2 felt horrible. Getting Lost Episode 3: Managed to pass by SA and then take another wrong turn. Luckily, he was in fine voice and shouted me back whcih meant I did not lose too much time. However, now being on the right path. I got to another junction which confused me so I had to wait for SA to catch up and point me in the right direction (lost about 3 minutes). Final 2 laps went off without incident and finished the run in 1h:37m:20s

Total finish time 5h:46m:52s

So, what have I learned?

  • Rolling around SA's lawn with cramp in both legs is v embarressing
  • Cake is my hero, I think I'd still be cramping now was it not for his healing hands 
  • I am crap with instructions and need REALLY BIG signs to follow
  • I need to do more running off the bike. Fink Intermediate wont cut it
  • Name badges are recommended for Outlaw and should be mandatory for all Pirates, along with the use of forum names. Your name at birth should be forgotted as soon as you throw your lot in with PSOF to save the confusion
  • Hosts, marshalls and support at the DIY event was phenominal. I can't thank you enough

A great day

06/05/2013 at 21:22
Mrs SA wrote (see)

Morning everyone .  


Ok ... found at SA Towers this morning:


Pirate baseball cap

Adidas blue/white union jack wristband

Black speedo swimming shorts (Mr Platts's by any chance )


I'm quite happy to send these on.


Wrist band is mine.

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