Pirate outings in 2014

Is it to early to start the debate?

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21/02/2013 at 15:54

as I have mentioned before in this thread - you need to factor in that 2014/15 MAY see a new UK IM event.  Both Bolton and Wales only have a licence for another year I believe and my source says, WTC might can both events and just have one UK IM event but not based at either of those venues.   

but like many things WTC there are facts and rumours and that one is still in the rumour mill 

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M...eldy    pirate
21/02/2013 at 16:55
If there is a new one for 2014 then they need to announce fairly soon I would have thought & 2015 is spoken for
21/02/2013 at 17:56
I disagree with Meldy. I think it should be Sweden.
M...eldy    pirate
21/02/2013 at 18:20

Your case for the opposition?  

M...eldy    pirate
21/02/2013 at 18:21


Mousey wants a sabatical and if we go to Wales then she wont be able to resist !!!   

21/02/2013 at 19:42
Ha ha ha!!!

Not at all. I just thought that the champs have been in the UK for two years now and I would be nice to actually *go* somewhere!
21/02/2013 at 19:44
It would be nice. Auto correct on phones is a bitch!
cougie    pirate
21/02/2013 at 19:54
Sweden would be a new flag on the Admirals tattoo I think ?
I like the sound of Sweden.
Kanga M    pirate
21/02/2013 at 20:04

C'mon, get out your wallets and passports and come play in Oz. Port Macq is May time, WA/Busso is December, or IMNZ, Cairns, Challenge Wanaka.

You know it makes sense ...

M...eldy    pirate
21/02/2013 at 20:06

Lol yes it would be Cougs !!!

I'd need more than my wallet Kanga  

Mousey, so you are not having a year off then? !

21/02/2013 at 20:09

Mouse is having this year off i thought?

I'm doing Wales this year, I'm not IM next year apparently so i've been told.

M...eldy    pirate
21/02/2013 at 20:14

All the more reason to come and play in 2014 the Mr F !!

seren nos    pirate
21/02/2013 at 20:16

so he gcan get himself in trouble...........anyone whoi does IMW this year can have a year off next year to recover for 2015 in austria

Bouncing Barlist    pirate
21/02/2013 at 20:29
If its Sweden, doesnt mean others cant race in Wales.

Is there a danger that choosing Wales could leave you hanging in the wind if there is doubt over 2014 event? Id guess we'd not find out till Sept/Oct.

Does it matter if only say dozen people go to Sweden?
seren nos    pirate
21/02/2013 at 20:30

at the moment it only seems to be you and mouse barley


Bouncing Barlist    pirate
21/02/2013 at 20:42
Wales is a good option but to choose it you really need some assurace itll be on next year (would be mental for WTC to remove it in my view)
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
21/02/2013 at 20:45
I agree with Mouse though, we need to get away from the UK a bit, I think the UK events we've done lack the electricity and atmosphere than when a loy of us are holed up in a hotel overseas.

IM France could be another option, but thats going over old ground.
Mr StOat    pirate
21/02/2013 at 20:51
Has Barcelona been discounted?
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
21/02/2013 at 21:01
Not discounted but Personally i fail to get excited about Barcelona or Almere, i see that theyre choices of some people. I also worry that theyve got the potential to fail to get others enthusiasm in the same way that Henley has.

I decided to enter Henley this year to show solidarity as it was chosen as the Pirate champs and support the race despite Lanza being my preferred choice.

Its a bit dissapointing to see some of those who were pushing it last year are not doing it.
Mr StOat    pirate
21/02/2013 at 21:08

In that case I'd go for Sweden. Its a beautiful place, not cheap thoguh

Having said that, I've not done my first yet, so I've no idea why I'm even thinking about what I'm doing next year

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