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27/11/2011 at 18:44
Hope someone can help, my husband's got into triathlons in the last year or so. I'm looking to buy him something for Christmas to help his training. I think he'd like a gadget to measure speed and distance on his bike. Anyone got any recommendations, I don't want to spend a fortune max would be about 150.

Many thanks
27/11/2011 at 18:58
There are loads of bike computers on the market that do just what your after....maybe have a look for a Cateye wireless one...should come in quite a bit below your budget as well.
27/11/2011 at 19:08
Has he got a GPS watch that he uses for running? If not he could use a garmin forerunner for his runs and rides. There are loads of models around, some include Heart rate monitors aswell. If he doesn't have anything to measure his runs either then I am sure he would be made up with one. The 305 os an older model that is available on line now for around £100 and will provide him with tons of data he canupload and pore over
27/11/2011 at 19:12
Any cycle computer will do that - about £20 upwards.

If you wanted to spend more you could get a wireless one, if he uses a turbo trainer much then a rear wheel one would be useful as he'll get speed measurement on the turbo. Cateye strada double wireless gives you cadence and speed off the rear wheel for about £70.

But if you wanted heart rate on top then the cateye triple gives you that for about £100. There are other brands have a look at Wiggle there is quite a choice.

The other thing you might get is a Garmin Forerunner 110 watch which would double up for running and cycling - though you'd need some kind of bike mount. That's a GPS watch with heart rate so he'd be able to set it to tell him his speed/pace and distance and do heart rate.

cross post - yeah what B said - if you can get a 305 for that then that'd make a good present - I used to use one - you do need some kind of bike mount for it though if he mainly wants it for cycling.
Edited: 27/11/2011 at 19:13
27/11/2011 at 19:22
Thanks a million for your replies, he doesn't have any type of gadget the HRM and GPS sound good. I'll check all the advised options out.
Crash Hamster    pirate
27/11/2011 at 19:29
Pretty much what they said, but you could always buy him a treadmill instead
27/11/2011 at 19:30

I second the Garmin 305 suggestion,

You can buy online for about £100.

Cheerful Dave    pirate
28/11/2011 at 08:49
If you could stretch a bit further you could get him an Outlaw entry.  If that doesn't get him outside training then nothing will.
28/11/2011 at 09:47
"Cateye strada double wireless gives you cadence and speed off the rear wheel for about £70."

highly recommended - I have one on my bike and it's superb - and just fitted one to the missus' bike. what I like about it is you can stick a magnet on a turbo wheel (if you have one) and still get speed and cadence info.

downside is the display is a little small but that's the only criticism.

buy him that and a turbo for the days he can't get out in winter
30/11/2011 at 08:51
Folks maybe you can enlighten me will the Garmin give him bike info such as speed and wheel rotations? Or should I look at getting the cateye strada and a more basic Garmin for his running. As you can see I'm a bit clueless, maybe at his level he doesn't need all that bike info!
30/11/2011 at 10:18
The Garmin 305 Forerunner is a great bit of kit that can be used for both cycling and running.

Essentially it is a wrist worn GPS receiver, though you can buy a bike attachment kit. Once it has a satellite lock it can track where you are, how fast you are moving, what your heart rate is (assuming you buy the HR monitor at the same time). It can also work out average speed, pace, calories consumed (its a bit hit or miss on this area to be honest, in my opinion), how much ascent and descent you have travelled. It can also allow you to enter training data to warn you when you go too fast or slow, or work too hard etc.

For monitoring your training, and making sure you train effectively its a great bit of kit.

You can also buy a cadence monitor that attaches to your bike to measure how fast you are pedalling, and it will also tell you how fast and far you are travelling if you are indoors on a stationary turbo trainer.

Buy him that, plus Don Fink's Be Ironfit, and you can happily kiss your husband goodbye for 10 hours a week, secure in the knowledge that he is running or riding away happily, coming back keen to earn brownie points, losing lbs of fat and most likely going to live years longer. Not bad for a christmas present!
30/11/2011 at 10:56
Yes I would recommend the garmin 305,never had any problems with it.
30/11/2011 at 11:15
Thanks again I've ordered the Garmin 305 and a bike mount, guessing I won't be seeing much of him next year!

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