PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley

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24/05/2012 at 14:02

UIW - Travelodge in Dover overlooks West Harbour where all the UK channel swimmers train - 5 min walk from the ferry terminals

24/05/2012 at 14:04
Dubai Dave wrote (see)

DtS Remember the Retirement before you get all dewy eyed about Vichy! Have to say Sweden is almost tempting, as is the Hemley 1/2 IM

fuck me guys - it's taken me 2 returns to make sure my 3rd retirement sticks.  you're mere neophytes in this retirement lark!!   and I think Pebble has retired 8 times to my knowledge!!

24/05/2012 at 14:15

I did say I had retired after IMUK 2010.... So have one retirement in the bag

Gyraffe    pirate
24/05/2012 at 14:17

Just adding my two pence worth. In terms of affordability, it's not so much the cost of events but the cost of living that is the problem. With hikes in food and petrol prices there's not a lot left to spend on having fun. Added to that, the choice of high profile events in this country is much greater now than it was a few years ago, so there are good reasons to stay in the UK as well as obstacles to going abroad. 

I could be very tempted to do a UK based long distance and a mediterranean half.

Edited: 24/05/2012 at 14:17    pirate
24/05/2012 at 14:23

I echo what Waff says - whilst, yes it is a choice to take part or not, when I started out in this, the cost of living was a lot cheaoer - even if it didn't seem so at the time! The national and international fiscal situation affects us all, on one level or another.

Dubai Dave    pirate
24/05/2012 at 15:53

MMmm Spectating at Vichy almost tempting, I haven'y actually managed any previous retirements so I guess I might have to do one more IM yet! 

Bouncing Barlist    pirate
24/05/2012 at 15:59

I trust all those arguing for the events to be UK based will be signing up

Bouncing Barlist    pirate
24/05/2012 at 16:04

Anyway, we should get back to 2013.

Who's going to nail their colours to the mast?

I'll start a list, you can add events & your names if youre 'interested' (not committed) to any?

I'll start the ball rolling:

2013 B Movie Event (Extravalanza's obviously next years blockbuster )

Challenge Henley

Doozer.    pirate
24/05/2012 at 16:07
Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

Anyway, we should get back to 2013.

Is that not move forward to 2013??? I know you have many talents, have you added timetravel

Bouncing Barlist    pirate
24/05/2012 at 17:30
Doozer. wrote (see)
Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

Anyway, we should get back to 2013.

Is that not move forward to 2013??? I know you have many talents, have you added timetravel

I was in 2014

M...eldy    pirate
24/05/2012 at 18:46

My colours may be on two masts in 2013

Thats if I survive 2012  

(i have asked for the thread name to reflect <<cough>> our decision by the way)

ChallengeGoGoGas    pirate
24/05/2012 at 19:10

My colours may be on two masts but not the same two.... i'm seeking support in starting a newbie splinter group wannbe attack on the "go wash your mouth out" IM UK... and the really "hard" newbies (i.e. the remaining stoopid ones who didn't die after episode one) can then attend the very posh Henley gathering afterwards

24/05/2012 at 20:19

I thought we'd sorted this AGES ago..... Lanza for the "Pirate Worlds" and Henley for the National Champs? It will be awesome to participate in a Marquee event like Lanza as part of a big crew, and there has been a swell of enthusiasm from a lot of folks to do Lanza for a while. The fact that I can't make it there myself because it's not in school hoildays... my loss. Just means that somebody else can win .

Henley inspires me about as much as the three stooges who currently run the main UK political parties! But it's cheap and easy for the southern mob and... erm... other things that I haven't yet sussed.

The Pirate thing has become too popular to please all of the people all of the time. Worthy of a celebration in itself.

So I think I'll do Vichy next year, or possibly Sweden.

M...eldy    pirate
24/05/2012 at 20:23

STIL ... absolutely, and there wil always be a pirate presence at IMUK and IMW and all the other places that we would like to go & see

Henley is quite nice .. well, its not Bolton  

ChallengeGoGoGas    pirate
24/05/2012 at 20:33

.... i'm hoping Bolton is better than it looks/sounds but i plan to rise from the dead in time to join in the Henley festivties as a full fledged pirate

Blisters    pirate
24/05/2012 at 22:18

I've been to Bolton, in fact my family come from there. Gastank, I'd say that you shouldn't hold up your hopes. It's famous for the being the cradle of the Industrial Revolution in Victorian times, years of neglect, and the upsurgent home of the BNP. (Or is that Oldham?).

The only two things I remember about Henley are that they don't do Tri when it's peak season, because they're rowing. And the race reports from the tri had all the racers hanging onto the pontoon trying not to get swept down the Thames at the start.

But what do I know?

Personally, I'm eyeballing IM Wales. 2013.

Rafiki    pirate
25/05/2012 at 08:06

Gastank - all I can say about Bolton is the Landlord form local is from there, he raves about it, he's a huge Bolton football fan, he was the first person ever to get married at the Reebok (football stadium) - he wouldn't have a word said about the place, thinks its great, the dog's bolloxs.......but he lives down here, five miles from Henley....speaks for itself really

ChallengeGoGoGas    pirate
25/05/2012 at 08:35
It's a SIGN!!!! Your landlord from Bolton now living in Henley, I must do Bolton and then Henley
Blisters    pirate
25/05/2012 at 18:04

There's another sign! I found a holiday book in our house, open at Lanzarote.

25/05/2012 at 22:43

Stick to Wales Blisters, that gives you two summers and one winter to get ready !

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