PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley

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Rafiki    pirate
11/04/2013 at 13:56

Scuba - if I get a bit if time later, I'll drop down a few notes on the course and post it on the recce thread - hopefully, it will give you an idea of what to expect, plus it may be useful for those that won't have a chance to recce the course beforehand.

iron fraggle    pirate
11/04/2013 at 14:26

Just discovered Mcvities Mini Gingerbread men today - ideal on the move food Soupy ?



Edited: 11/04/2013 at 14:27
WhizKid    pirate
11/04/2013 at 18:18
Well done fraggle, racing wheels are awesome I love my zipps... Doesn't matter if your going fast or slow you always look fast!

Training wise for me today was much better and a hell of a lot more fun 12 mile run which was a tempo run, first 20 min nice easy pace 7:04 m/m avg, 2nd 20 mins stand alone mara pace 6:52 m/m, third 20 mins was hurting a touch at 6:44 m/m... Last 20 mins or so was a cruise back too home at about 7:45 m/m which was lovely in the evening sun.... Hope you all are getting some of this sun!
Scuba Trooper    pirate
13/04/2013 at 17:18

Fraggle - Things are looking up, new race wheels and food ideas, hows the training?

Another 60miles this morning and managed a 20min brick run too. Not sure whether to do my planned 1:15-1:30 easy run tomorrow or the club 3.5/19/3.5km duathlon, it would be my first multi sport event.

Hope everyone took advantage of the sun this morning.

WhizKid    pirate
13/04/2013 at 17:40
I took advantage I was bloody working ended up getting home went on a horrid wet run then a 3km beasting in the pool.... Hoping its dry enough for a ride tommoro...Anyway! Duathlon, do it! Way more fun then a standard run!
Edited: 13/04/2013 at 17:41
13/04/2013 at 19:29

Well the New Forest sportive has been cancelled tomorrow due to flooding on the course. Bugger. Will go out on me tod instead. A bit annoying as I'd cut my training back a little this week to cater for it. Oh well.

Rafiki    pirate
13/04/2013 at 19:33

Well i managed a 100 miler round the Henley course - struggled up Howe Hill twice, the second one 76 miles in! Easier with the new compact on, but still a struggle (although over took some bloke half way up the first time round )

iron fraggle    pirate
13/04/2013 at 20:50

^^^   am hoping the go-faster wheels will help me, btu I imagine by the 3rd time I'l either be crying/pushing the bike or vomiting - or any combination of the 3

14/04/2013 at 11:56

Go faster wheels sound scarey lol. 

Its a lovely day and I would love to be out on my bike but I have other work to do. I've missed a couple of other sessions this week too. I'm in dispute with my employer and things are hotting up. I'm on the verge of constructive dismissal and already have a tribunal claim against them for discrimination and whistle blowing detriment. I have to have a response to long email from them on Friday prepared by tomorrow. Didn't want to do it yesterday cos it was my birthday so it has to be today (sigh). 

Anyway, if I leave before getting another job I'll have loads of time to train. 

ChallengeCheggers    pirate
14/04/2013 at 15:35

Go faster wheels are scary - especially the first time you're using them and find some breeze - even more so if it's a cross-wind. 

Like Jamie says though, they make you look fast all of the time!

Belated happy birthday Soup - and I hope things sort themselves out for you.

WhizKid    pirate
14/04/2013 at 17:27
Sounds a bit crappy soup do you work in a school? Anyway whatever it is I really hope it all goes well!

106 miles on the bike 5hours 45 and a 4 mile run transtion god damn my legs felt heaaaaaavy! I also encountered all the seasons today,sun, wind (lots of wind!), rain :l and bleeding hail :/ was a very lumpy ride but I do feel good now hope all is well!
Edited: 14/04/2013 at 17:28
14/04/2013 at 17:55

jamie - NHS. Not known for their sympathetic treatment of whistle blowers. I'll keep my mouth shut in future. Got threatened with dismissal and effectively been demoted. But IM training sure as hell takes my mind off it all - when I can get out and train. 

WhizKid    pirate
14/04/2013 at 18:01
Hmmmm sounds a bit odd, I actually watched a tonight programme or panorama on whistle blowers in the NHs and how they are basically told to put up and shut up, hang in there soup doesn't sound fair at all what they are doing..
14/04/2013 at 19:40

60 miler today for me, on my lonesome, in about 4 hours. Hardly quick but I actually felt relatively strong at the end of the ride despite doing over 1000m of climbing. Was pretty windy today and that definitely slowed me in parts. That rounds out another 10+ hour training week. I shall be switching to my TT bike very soon for my long rides as it's only 7 weeks until Swashbuckler! Lord only knows when I'll be able to do any OW swimming before then!

The warmer weather does mean I can start using an extended commute as part of my training and can get off the damn spin bikes in the gym. They're OK but just not as good as the real thing. I'm really hoping this kicks my bike training on a notch because I am realistically looking at an 8 hour bike split currently.

11 hours planned next week and then it's the end of the base phase. Already. Currently trying not to think about the 'bigger picture', if I do, I start crapping myself.

Scuba Trooper    pirate
15/04/2013 at 14:54

Soup - Hope everything goes as well as possible at work, IM training much be a welcome distraction as well as a added complication at the moment.

Jamie - Impressive mileage and speed as usual. Thanks for the encouragement, I did the Duathlon 3.5/19/3.5km in 1:09:30 (run was cross country and both run and bike were undultaing). I was slowest in both tranistions at 1:30 for each and all I had to do was change my shoes and helmet . Pleased that the run splits where very even, so paced it well and felt good even after 60miles on the saturday.

Doubt I will be able to afford to upgrade much on my bike before Henley but like the idea of faster wheels

iron fraggle    pirate
15/04/2013 at 16:50

i think the 'go faster' wheels are Fulcrum racing 1's (will tell you when they arrive) so not deep aero profile scary-in-a-crosswind jobbie, but lighter stiffer ones than what i've currently got.  They *are* supposed to make me faster, though whether that'll actually happen is anyone's guess

WhizKid    pirate
15/04/2013 at 20:01
St - well done mate I'm really glad you went for the race, I hope you had a brilliant time! For your transitions that's easy stuff to work on I did my t1 in my last duathlon in 21 seconds just make sure everything is lined up in order and maybe if your confident enough keep your bike shoes attached to your bike with elastic bands saves heaps of time!

Fraggle - I want some pics of these bad boys! I love my wheels and I don't think they are too bad in sidewinds here is a pic of my beast neway
16/04/2013 at 08:54

Cracking ride round Richmond Park after work with Dustboy yesterday.  Only did a couple of laps cos didn't want to get locked in the car park but really hammered it on the second lap. Made a fun change from the long slow stuff and as usual with Dustboy had a hell of a laugh. Great way to unwind after a stressful day. 

Scuba Trooper    pirate
16/04/2013 at 18:36

Soup - It's lovely to have a change of pace now and again even if its not in the training plan especially with a fun training partner.

Jamie - Nice machine, puts mine to shame

Badger - Know what you mean a about not thinking about the big picture very scary still. My mileage and times seem similar to yours, although I am getting in nearly 2000m of climb on 60mile ride (if you can believe garmin data). Not sure I'm looking forward to build sessions with added intervals. 

9 miles in 1:17 for me this morning and Tri Club coached swim this evening. 

16/04/2013 at 20:22

Great swim coaching session tonight. She has told me to do breathing practice in a bowl at home so I called in at a certain large supermarket to buy a new one (didn't fancy washing-up bowl). Its only when I noticed someone looking at me a bit strange when I realised I'd picked up a round bowl and a rectangle one then put my head in each to decide which was the better size. 

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