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Garr    pirate
03/02/2005 at 12:50
If she's worried about pee taking, I thought it would've been a kidney infection!
Suffolk Punch    pirate
03/02/2005 at 12:53
Hopefully will get back on the Turbo Trainers tonight.

Buckers - where you going boarding? We were in Sauze d'Oulx last week where there was no snow and had to end up spending 1 1/2 each morning taking a series of chairlifts and a gondola over to Sestriere. Watch out for the ice - it hurts!
Suffolk Punch    pirate
03/02/2005 at 12:55
Careful lads - keep it clean!
03/02/2005 at 12:58
What's a pirate?
03/02/2005 at 12:59
OK, I'm obviously being thick but.... PSOF? You what????

I can add a mending patellar tendon tear and a strong hint of impending ITBS, by the way.
Garr    pirate
03/02/2005 at 13:01
Pirate Ship of Fools aka PSOF

The bunch of RW nuts doing the Swiss Ironman

[adjusts pirate hat and waves cutlass]
03/02/2005 at 13:02
I've got a sore eyelid does thast count ?

Garr    pirate
03/02/2005 at 13:04
You shouldn't blink so much Mt. If I've told you once I've told you a thousand times. No more than 10 blinks a minute! Now look what's happened!
03/02/2005 at 13:11
SP, going to Claviere, there is 10cm on the lower and 40cm on the top.

Heavy snow is forcast for 7th which is when we get there so fingers crossed!!
03/02/2005 at 13:12
SP - no snow at Souzy??? what??? there was near enough a metre of fresh powder in Chamonix last week..............

I should also add to my whinjuries.....

scabby knees from Toughguy - are itching like buggery!

03/02/2005 at 13:14
oh yeah...I've been scratching my legs for days (and getting told off about it too)
Suffolk Punch    pirate
03/02/2005 at 13:14
It must be down to seeing Ipswich Town at the top of Div.. sorry, The Championship and Delia Smiths lot at the bottom of the Prem (great match against Middlesborough tho').
cougie    pirate
03/02/2005 at 14:00
Injury : Twisted ankle
Action : Strapping and RICE. Oh and wheres my pullbuoy so I can swim ?

Hope to be running middle of next week. 10 days sounds good enough ?

Oh and will dig out wobble board too.
03/02/2005 at 14:13
Swerve - how long have you had your PT, and how are you treating it?

Oxy - I moved my heel outwards a bit in relation to my toe (so my foot was a bit more parallel to the frame). It has stoped the ITBS (fingers crossed), but shouldn't matter as I'm getting an adult bike soon anyway, so to the back of the shed with the tiddly one with the stabilisers...

My inner thigh/knewe can sometimes hurt on the ride now though, which lets me know I've rotated my foot too far, so I constantly adjust.
I have not, however, tested this theory on a long ride yet, so here's hoping.
03/02/2005 at 19:41
Ailments: drunken sledging impact - bruised and stiff lower left back and funny hip left leg("ow!" not "ha ha!")

action taken: none apart from moaning about it - taking it easy?


excess cattarr when running/cycling
action: work out how to spell cattarr
03/02/2005 at 19:49

03/02/2005 at 20:06
no it's a banjo
03/02/2005 at 20:11
Hmmm I'm doing a creative writing course...

So far i've got

It was a dark and stormy night

I need another 473 words and some inspiration - perhaps if i get drunk?
03/02/2005 at 20:37
It was a dark and stormy night, except there wasn't really a storm. The broken triathlete sat at his computer swigging cheap brandy from a half empty bottle. Half his concentration was focussed on how to cheat his food diary over the next few days so that his coach didn't beat him up for being a gluttonous wreck. This he knew would be trouble in days to come.

The remainder of his scant attention wandered erratically through the forum like the intoxicating vapour particles escaping from his lips as he washed back another lug of drink. He barely registered his media player switching albums from one Coldplay ablum to the other. Well, to him they were all the same. He was so wrapped in this state of semi-consciousness that he didn't have a chance of seeing the shadow reach out behind him and then silently, menacingly enter the room. (Like a fart from a jack russell)

hmmm what could he write?
Garr    pirate
03/02/2005 at 21:35
Like it Zilla!! When's it out in paperback?
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