Really Stressed and Nervous (Nantwich Tri)

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03/05/2012 at 17:56

Hi all. Well, I'm finally doing my first Tri at Nantwich in three weeks. I've worked so hard to get ready. I've lost 5 stone (4 in the last) year with this goal in mind, started riding a bike, swimming and running, and I thought I'd be fine - after all, it's only a sprint for goodness sake. But, here's the thing. I wanted to lose another stone in the 6 weeks before the tri and I've actually lost nothing so I am still much heavier than I should be (I'm a size 16 now).

The swim is worrying me because I wear glasses that I cannot see much without and won't be able to have them on. I'm not worried about the bike other than I know full well that I will be the last person to finish it as I am very slow (takes me about an hour to do 10 miles).

The running is my absolute nightmare and which is making me feel sick with worry at the thought of it. I know it's only 5km (which makes me feel even more pathetic) but I can't run it - no-where near. The maximum I can do is a very slow 1 mile jog and even that I find very hard. I am scared that I am going to look like a complete idiot on the day. I;m worried I'm not going to be able to run it all (I know I could walk but I;d feel like I failed if I did that). At the gym this morning it took me 15 minutes to do a mile and I couldn;t even jog all of that. I seem to be going backwards rather than progressing. My boyfriend does Tri and he's coming to support me and even though I knew I'd be the last to finish, at this rate I feel like everyone will have packed up and gone home before I'm anywhere near the end. Added to this is the fact that I have been getting so stressed and anxious about the whole thing that in the last 3 weeks my training and eating have gone completely downhill.

Does anyone have any advice at all about what I can do to get over this feeling? Has anyone ever been in a similar situation? Anyone done a Tri at a significantly higher weight than most other people are who do them? I just feel sick at the thought of it and I know I am being daft but could use some word of comfort and reassurance and advice if there are any to be had... 

M...eldy    pirate
03/05/2012 at 18:14

I would very much doubt if you will be the only person doing their first tri

You certainly wont be the only one who is nervous

Any advice now on how to cope with the distances are going to be of the non physical variety, you cant train any better in the next few weeks but you can look at it differently.  Take it all nice and slowly and have the confidence that you can get there.

So what if you are last?  Someone has to be, give 100% and no one can ask any more of you.

seren nos    pirate
03/05/2012 at 18:34

don't worry....nervers and good when mixed with excitement........stress isn't so good.....

just relax and triathlon there are many sizes.even in ironman

just enjoy and good luck

Bouncing Barlist    pirate
03/05/2012 at 18:37

Have a read of this guide to sprint triathlons, may help alay some nerves and answer some doubts/questions.

purpletrilady    pirate
03/05/2012 at 18:41

Nantwich was my first tri, its really beginner friendly. Lots of  beginners and lots of poeple willing to help.

03/05/2012 at 19:19

Leanne I've just done my 1st Tri, its not a scary as you think, for a start the swim is done in stages, so you'll not end up coming into the finish line on your own with everyone watching, there will be lots of compeptitors still out doing there race.  And does it really matter, your out there doing a triathlon not sitting as home, and just think when you go for your next tri and you will, with more training your PB will get smashed.  Don't sweat the small stuff Leanne, go and enjoy your 1st tri & good luck

03/05/2012 at 19:36

 Dont be sick with worry and you will not look like an idiot.

be proud that you are out there doing it.  It takes guts to be at the start of any race whatever the distance and once completed, the confidence you gain can carry over to other areas of your life.

Trust me!!

03/05/2012 at 19:37

I did London last year and there were an amazing variety of shapes and sizes.  There were a huge amount of ladies and gents a lot bigger than size 16.  I know you feel like you haven't acheived everything you set out to - but it's all still part of the journey. You have come a long way and are now going to go and take part in something that is just so much fun.  Time is irrelevant - the whole point of triathlon is that sheer ridiculousness of tying these 3 sports together  - it's a hoot.

03/05/2012 at 20:58
Nantwich was my first 6 years ago Enjoy
VTd    pirate
03/05/2012 at 21:37

I could never think of a trier and a doer as an idiot.  You are already way ahead of most of the population some of who may look slimmer but nowhere near as fit or committed as you.  You have done the training now go and enjoy the reason for all that hard work.

You'll do well as long as you keep remembering why.

Edited: 03/05/2012 at 21:40
04/05/2012 at 10:56

I'm not sure if I can add anything to what the others have said other than to add my vote of confidence to you & say a massive congratulations!! You've done so well to lose the weight that you have & on that fact alone you should be proud of yourself & what you have done so far.

Yes you still have more you want to achieve, but losing weight & gaining fitness all takes time - not one single person you see at a triathlon or at the gym suddenly woke up one morning looking like & able to achieve what they do, they too all had to start somewhere the same as you.

It's fantastic that your boyfriend will be there to cheer you on, and if for some reason you come last then who gives a toss - the fact that you are there & you are doing it is the most important thing!!  There are millions of other people who will be sitting on their couches doing nothing, but not you, you are out there trying and giving it your best and that is all that matters at the end of the day!!

No-one will be looking at you going "what is she doing here" - everyone will just be saying well done and congratulations for giving it go, and for everything that you have done you should also be patting yourself on the back instead of berating yourself!

Please stop stressing about it - be proud of what you are doing and what you have achieved so far and just soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the day (as tri's are one of the most friendly sports around, honestly), but most of all have fun, as that is what it is all about!

Yes it might all seem hard now, but as I said we all have to start somewhere and this is the start of something wonderful & fantastic for you - I can guarantee you that if you keep at it and you book to do the same event next year then you will smash your time, but this is your starting point and the only place you can go from here is up!

Good luck & we expect a report afterwards!

(and by the way, this is coming from someone who wears glasses (although I am lucky & get on with contacts so that is my way around it, but as others have said ask a marshall if you can leave them somewhere close to the water & safe) and has also lost nearly 7 stones in weight, so you definitely are not alone)

04/05/2012 at 11:55

Just to add to what has already been said, this isn't something to be so worried about! Do your best, have fun, and you'll feel immensely proud of yourself when you finish!

People of all shapes and sizes do triathlon, especially the sprint distances which most people start with. Everyone will be too interested in what they're doing, so if you can stop worrying about them you'll be fine!

For the swim, have you thought of getting corrective lenses for your goggles? I have Aqua Sphere Eagle goggles, with corrective lenses (I get them from Wiggle ). I wear them for the swim, leave my glasses in transition and just swap when I get to the bike

As for the run - this year I'll be walking! Needing to walk (or walk/run) is not failing. It's being sensible, knowing your own body and doing what you need to to finish I injured my knee, so running it pretty much out, but so what?! I'll be slower than everyone else, but I'm not there to beat them. I'll be there to challenge myself and enjoy the experience. I hope you can do the same

Dustboy    pirate
04/05/2012 at 12:12

Good luck, but as an aside, my other half is minus 7 in each eye ergo swimming is a problem. Especially when the kids were very young and she couldn't identify them in the pool. I bought her a pair of prescription goggles a couple of years ago and she thinks they are the best think since sliced bread. Got them from D&A about 25 quid.

Farnie    pirate
04/05/2012 at 12:25

Hello wibbling person, 

Where abouts are you?  I am making a wild guess that if you are doing Nantwich then it might be a bit local to you?  If it is, you are more than welcome to DM me for a run/bike etc. I did Nantwich as my first tri too and got overtaken by a lady on a shopper with a basket on the front, so dont worry at all about how fast/slow/silly you think you will look, its just not that sort of race.  There are plenty of people who take it seriously, but they are more than outweighed by a vast majority of people who are doing their first tri or raising money for charity or doing a relay.

Maybe we could find the original TiT and FLAPs thread to show how we were all crapping it before Nantwich too.....

05/05/2012 at 12:03

Leanne, you have described me to a tee and I have done Nantwich three times and not come last.  You will be absolutely fine.

05/05/2012 at 12:50

Nantwich is a perfect first tri. I'd be doing it again myself it it didn't clash with Chiltern Sportive. The thing is, because you are set off at intervals over about 2 hours or something, nobody knows how fast or slow you are anyway. The last across the line isn't necessarily the last overall finisher and the announcer is very good at reminding everyone of that. Enjoy it and let us know how it goes.


05/05/2012 at 16:18

Leanne, I started tri last year and will also be in Nantwich in 3 weeks. Hopefully everything written above will give you the reassurance you need. I am always amazed at how friendly everyone is at these events and the sheer numbers of first timers, I'm sure Nantwich will be no different. Time to finish is irrelevent, just soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the event and be massively proud of the progress you've made in the last year. Ohhh yes, and be prepared to be bitten by the bug

05/05/2012 at 16:48

Another vote for Nantwich. It was my my first tri. Having done a few times now it would be the first one I would recommend to a beginner to do. But I've moved on now but will probably do it again in the future.

Edited: 05/05/2012 at 16:49
05/05/2012 at 17:18

I might do the one in Sept just as an end of season blast, depending on how everything else has gone

05/05/2012 at 19:10

Just read this and to be honest you're an inspiration - to lose 5 stone is amazing, I know because losing just 4kg has been a struggle recently for me. I think you'll love doing the triathlon. Im also quite short sighted and find it doesn't matter in the swim as long as you can see in the general direction of where you are going. Don't worry about the bike - in my first triathlon I passed one person - when I got closer to them I realised it was an old gent out for a cruise on his sit up bike. As far as the run is concerned, if you have to walk it, so what? Hope you have a great day and enjoy the whole experience... 

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