Rebecca Romero joins ATW Triathlon Training Day

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04/03/2013 at 09:54

I think people posting stuff about their own non-profit making events is fine - but agree when it's a business.  For instance if someone is organising a club triathlon event I wouldn't have a problem with them starting a thread saying please enter our race - but if they are doing it for money then it seems right they pay to advertise.  

Got a bit of sympathy for the OP as his coaching day probably doesn't generate enough money to pay for advertising here - but that's just one of those things.  Plenty of club forums that will put a free ad post up if you ask them nicely.

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04/03/2013 at 10:14
sjb1 wrote (see)
Why can't race organisers etc post on these forums? Lots of comments on other companies paying RW to advertise. So all the small events etc are supposed to pay loads to RW. Sorry state of affairs when you can't post. Plus I must have missed all the paid event advertisements. Can't see any at the moment.

Surely we should be supporting these type of events. If you don't like the posts don't read them.

If we are forcing these companies to pay to advertise their events then it won't be long before they will diminish completely.

FB - you need to get a life mate. Read one of these posts. Instead of blubbing, say something positive. I don't think too many people could care a less whether they've posted on TriTalk. I've got over 3500 posts on TriTAlk. According to you I'm ok to post my new event but other people aren't. Doubt I've ever posted anything else other than rubbish so that's ok eh .

I really think we should be supporting these events . The negative posters should perhaps focus on the training instead of meaningless waffle about paying for adverts.

sjb - ta for the fine comment about how I should get a life.  last time I looked I had one thanks.

and as for your comment about supporting "these events" - the OP wasn't posting details of an event but a training day run by his business.  that's somewhat different to an event and that's what most are taken an objection to.

get the fact right please before bleating and as you say "read one of these posts" - maybe you should heed your own words and read what was posted before banging on

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