Relatively pointless question about cycle shorts...

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05/08/2012 at 20:16

How are you meant to fold them?!

05/08/2012 at 20:17


M...eldy    pirate
05/08/2012 at 20:23


TheEngineer    pirate
05/08/2012 at 20:54

Open drawer... shove them in

If your a*se is as big as mine, any creases are soon stretched out! 

05/08/2012 at 21:18

My current method is akin to origami... I might switch to the shoving method 

05/08/2012 at 21:38
I screw mine up into a ball.....
05/08/2012 at 22:09

They're worse than trying to fold a fitted sheet.

I put mine astride the back of a chair and they stay upright. It amuses me so they stay there until I next need them.

05/08/2012 at 22:28
Edited: 05/08/2012 at 22:31
05/08/2012 at 22:38

Fold?  hahahahahaha 

Oh Sarah - you've got a lot to learn 

05/08/2012 at 22:48

That's almost what I do! Although mine aren't bib shorts, so there's nothing to wrap around so then tend to unroll themselves again.

Soup Dragon wrote (see)

Fold?  hahahahahaha 

Oh Sarah - you've got a lot to learn 

Edited: 05/08/2012 at 22:49
06/08/2012 at 10:02

Sarah, please tell me you don't iron them....

(The shoving method works for me, too)

Cheerful Dave    pirate
06/08/2012 at 10:04
Soup Dragon wrote (see)

Oh Sarah - you've got a lot to learn 

My wife still hasn't learnt how to iron the things properly.

Cheerful Dave    pirate
06/08/2012 at 10:05

Dammit wilkie, beat me to it again!

06/08/2012 at 10:48
I'm pleased to say I don't do ironing!
06/08/2012 at 11:47

I only iron my sheets - I do like quality, high thread-count cotton sheets, and they need to be ironed

But they're so nice to sleep on, it's worth the effort

06/08/2012 at 12:12

The only time I iron is 'smart' clothes for a job interview. Once I've got the job (if...) I revert to non-ironed attire

I tried shoving my cycle shorts into a draw this morning, and I'm afraid to say I just couldn't leave them like that - so I've gone back to cycle short origami

06/08/2012 at 12:43

Perhaps you could roll them up (bit like the video), then stuff them into a sock?


Rafiki    pirate
06/08/2012 at 16:21

Buy bib shorts then hang them up - simples!!

But Sarah, thsis may explain why Cake bonked at the Outlaw - all that extra drag caused by the creases in his shorts as you didn't iron them

06/08/2012 at 16:24

Bib shorts are not a good idea for women!

Rafiki    pirate
06/08/2012 at 19:39

Oh I don't know - they seem to suit the Assoss lady

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