Ridiculously stupid question

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23/07/2012 at 16:00
Gladys M. wrote (see)
Goblin Princess wrote (see)
I did see GB lap me on the bike and despite my vow to keep pedalling I 'may' have slowed down a little as he pissed...just in case!

Just a little typo corrected! 

And dont believe everything you read in the forum GP, they lie, the lot of 'em. Mainly about me, come to think of it!  

  Is it Panto season already?  Oh very well then ... 'Oh no they don't!'  

Dustboy    pirate
23/07/2012 at 16:16

Siggy is thin and works for a living

23/07/2012 at 16:25

Oh no he doesn ... Oh!  

23/07/2012 at 17:38
"Dustboy can corner downhill!"
Edited: 23/07/2012 at 17:38
TheEngineer    pirate
24/07/2012 at 15:28
Gladys M. wrote (see)
24/07/2012 at 15:50

Dustboy    pirate
24/07/2012 at 23:57

You lot are getting fidgety. I feel a Dustboy lumpy ride coming on. And I am going to ask Smiffy for help. No excuses. Be afraid. I have demons to kill.

25/07/2012 at 00:08
Gladys...if only!

I was once told by a charming young man that my cycling shorts were see through and I had a lovely thong...I have since learnt Lycra doesn't enjoyed being tumble dried! Even the memory of it shames me.
14/08/2012 at 23:33

So if doing an Olympic triathlon is O. , is doing an Olympic triathlon relay also O. , an O followed by another symbol (such as , ) or just not indicated? (I'm new to Runners' World's forum and am still learning how things work here).

Britrisky    pirate
14/08/2012 at 23:51

I think O. is someone who has done the Outlaw?


Edited: 14/08/2012 at 23:51
Dustboy    pirate
15/08/2012 at 00:03

Does that make me DustbO.y now?

Britrisky    pirate
15/08/2012 at 00:05


15/08/2012 at 17:18
GP that's why the boys let you go past them ok I'm off bye.
01/10/2012 at 13:33

So I can be Go.blin Princess? I will change if Dustboy does.

03/10/2012 at 16:42

I saw that...

lucky you're proteceted by a wolf pack...

And GP should indeed be Go.blin Princess. You earned it, you flaunt it, baby!

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