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Red_dog_chris    pirate
26/07/2013 at 13:20

I have the swim smooth dvd and it has training plans with it, it has some good pointers. I was thinking of doing the one in Jan at Loughborough to get some fine tuning 

26/07/2013 at 14:01

I'm sure it would be helpful - you can always tweak a stroke - but swimming sets and drills twice a week would probably improve your swim time if your technique is basically ok.

26/07/2013 at 14:06

And if you want customised swimsets and drills, try Swimplan.com.  It's free

26/07/2013 at 14:06

Although I think that companies like Swim Smooth can help you if your technique is rubbish and you don't know how to improve, I also think that swimming style is similar to running style in that we all have our own techniques that might not match the text book but which work for us.  For that reason it sounds like it might be a waste of money for you.

If you want to see improvements then you really need to spend time in the water.  Swimming speed is about technique and strength.  Strength comes from doing the miles with maybe a little gym work too.  Technique comes from practicing drills and doing sets.  Just like running, most of us are reluctant to do speed work and that is why we aren't fast.

If you still want fedback on your technique and can't get it from your usual sessions then have a word with your tri club about putting on a one off training weekend with a BTF coach.  You often get video analysis as well as tips on how to improve your swimming and a review of your running and cycling too.  My club managed to put on one of these events for about £15 per head but the cost will obviously be dependent on whether you have to hire facilities and how many people there are.

If you aren't a memebr of a tri club then maybe try contacting one to see whether they do these events.  My club used to offer any spare places to other local clubs or individuals rather than let them go to waste, although they would obviously not benefit from the club subsidy

26/07/2013 at 14:28
SuperCaz wrote (see)

If you want to see improvements then you really need to spend time in the water.  

I remember going to a free coaching session run by a well known local coach - up there amongst the top coaches in the UK - to be told that there was little wrong with my style, I just needed to swim more.  and when I have, guess what happens - I get quicker.

and I think if you look at the pool times for people like Meldy and Flyaway who have been putting in some serious sessions, then they have clearly got quicker.

sure, swim smooth might help you improve your style, but you'd be better served getting more pool time 

26/07/2013 at 15:45

I found one two one swimming lessons for £15-20 a session near me. Whilst this isn't cheap, if it is just a few pointers you are after a couple of these may work wonders. I was a reasonably good swimmer - just not front crawl, my efforts at front crawl were appauling - as were my efforts to improve. I would guess i improved more in the half hour lesson than I did in the last month. Being told what I was actually doing wrong rather than what I thought I was doing wrong was invaluable.

However you might not be as useless as me.

26/07/2013 at 16:47

Hi everyone, Annie from Swim Smooth here.  I'd say you've all hit the nail on the head there.  You may find Paul's most recent blog helpful: http://www.swimsmooth.com/addressing-what-is-holding-you-back.html .  He discusses the type of training and preparation that is required to complete open water swimming events successfully.  We recommend you get a 121 video analysis session from one of our certified coaches http://www.swimsmooth.com/certifiedcoaches.html, so you can see which areas of your stroke are holding you back and could benefit most from a tune up.  We've found thousands of swimmers fit into one of our six individual swim types http://www.swimtypes.com/yourtype.html we recognise not everyone swims the same (and hate the idea that some methodlogies suggest you should).   Once you've found which swim type you are, we have recommendations to help you improve your stroke flaws and become a faster, more efficient swimmer.  I recommend a minimum of three sessions per week to see any significant improvement in your speed, efficiency and stroke technique: http://www.swimsmooth.com/training.html where at least one of these is based on your individual CSS pace (read more about his on the link above).  

That said, if your triathlons are in the open water we suggest adopting a punchier stroke with a slightly faster stroke rate (70+ spm) to help you swim faster though any choppy water (as it is generally with upto 2000 swimmers starting at the same time such as in Ironman events!), such as the elite triathletes do. 

Brilliant idea about your local tri club and attending a BTF coach seminars, infact we wrote the swim part of the syllabus for their coaches' training amongst other coach education resources for other governing bodies.  Also, we're running some open water days in conjunction with British Triathlon whcih you may wish to attend: http://www.triathlonengland.org/take-part/open-water 

I hope that helps!

seren nos    pirate
26/07/2013 at 17:29

Thanks Annie.....for your contribution..and the fact you have come on here open about you are part of the team.........

I hate companies that try and decieve that they are inconnected.....


I would love to have an analysis one day.but a) the cost is a bit high for me and b) I don't think i would follow all the drills.........I won't use hand paddles because of dodgy shoulder or flippers because of dodgy achillies.........etc

but thinking that one day i should learn to swim properely incase I get a non wetsuit swim

26/07/2013 at 17:51

Agree with the rest. Simply put, I don't think you do enough swimming to justify a one to one technique day yet. Swim 3/4 times a week, with a club if you can, and then see what happens. Chucking £250 at it won't make you faster, just poorer but so many people do it, like it's some holy grail. It's not. You have to work at it, just like everything else!

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