swimming goggles

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WildWill    pirate
05/10/2003 at 19:51
IW - what advantage do you get with tha masks?
05/10/2003 at 21:03
you get to look like a space cadet.

sorry, i mean... even _more_ like a space cadet.
05/10/2003 at 21:08
Any advice on how to avoid the marks left round my eyes from the goggles? I've tried loosening them, but then they leak. I use Speedo ones btw.
05/10/2003 at 22:06
Talking of goggles ... a friend and her daughter had a high speed collision in the pool last night - 10 year old's goggles connected with mum's shoulder... wow, you should have seen the bruises. Especially on the shoulder. Never realised that goggles could be used an offensive weapon.

both are OK, btw but I think will be carrying the battlescars for a few days!
05/10/2003 at 22:20
have you seen the damage you can do with hand paddles ? !!!!
05/10/2003 at 22:31
No, but I bet it's bad! I kicked hubby in the chest while I was doing breast-stroke the other week. Wow, what a bruise. never realised I had such a hard kick
WildWill    pirate
06/10/2003 at 11:29
They wont let me use my hand paddles in case i kill someone
06/10/2003 at 11:45
and they're probably right.. the speed you go ;)

i got all out of sync with the main sets last night and ended up pushing off for a swimming drill into someone doing kick.. had some near misses!
06/10/2003 at 12:47
found these chappies
06/10/2003 at 15:55
...i thought that was what i was said...
anyway.. not to mention the damage you can do yourself using them

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21 to 30 of 30 messages
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