The 2014 Outlaw feedstation/supporters thread

27 July 2014

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Today at 15:46

Rocco - that's flipping awesome as an insurance.  Steve Ho has just come on board and if I can put him in with you then we are all square again.

Ultimately, on the way out to the feedstation, nobody has 3 in the back of their cars (purposefully) so we have lots of insurance options.  On the way home, we have the van so that's 3 extra seats home and Mr Stoat out of my car.

We will be fine 

Cake    pirate
Today at 16:01
FerrousFerret wrote (see)

Cake, apologies for the beer rant which follows.  I've become more averse to John Smiths as the years have progressed, principally because it's a fairly bombproof beer and so will often be the one bitter available on tap in teeny tiny bars (I think the bar at the Vitruvian used to stock it or I may possibly be conflating several memories here).  I'll drink IPA but it's not on my 'go to' list of beers of choice.  Given the choice between a pub with beers I know and a local brewery pub with beers I haven't tried before I know which way my feet will carry me.  That said I don't think I'd be so anti-social as to sit in the Poppy on my Jack Jones if everyone was Lady Bay-ing it.    

No worries we can just play it by ear for the fodder and than get hammered?

Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah wrote (see)
Cake wrote (see)

Kaz the run route will have support all along bits of it and there will be folks on the quite sections to give you jelly baby. I'll be p*ssed near the river waving donut's at you. Will be a proper feed station every few miles hope you like jaffa cakes.  

Cake, if you've any beer near you expect to find you'll have a little less after I've been past

 Excellent you've found the level.

Today at 16:14
My ideal aid station is one that has beer, gin, sausage rolls, crisps and peanuts!!
Today at 16:15
And my latest race treat - grapes!
Today at 16:22


We have received a second marshal pack, which gives us specific information regarding our feedstation.  I think the key information for most of us is location.  I am going to send that pack out to everyone now.  

Today at 16:57

Got it, thanks Mouse!

Today at 17:28
Also got it, thanks!
Today at 17:42

Got it!

seren nos    pirate
Today at 17:43

wondering if its too late to change from doing the race to doing the feedstation.......

Today at 17:45

Yep it's too late...your hair looks lovely by the way!

Magna Carter    pirate
Today at 18:24

can't believe you've gone peroxide blond though Seren.....

Today at 18:36

Hi just back from Bolton to catch up - I'm still ok to bring stove gas & kettle, happy with lift details.

Can we swim without wetsuits on Saturday ? I got kicked in the swim and I broke a couple of ribs in ironman and don't think I'll get mine on without too much pain ! But would like to float along at the back without a wetsuit away from others. 

Got new email too thanks 

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521 to 532 of 532 messages
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