Countdown to Dr Nic's Channel Swim

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06/07/2004 at 16:40
Many of you know, but equally I guess many don't, that one of our illustrious forumites, Dr Nic, is going to swim the English Channel this summer.

She has a swim window of 23rd - 30th July and could go at any time during this week - weather and sea conditions permitting - and could be asked to start her swim at night. Nic will be ably assisted in her support boat by boyfriend, MMmm Universal Twinkler, Scooter Boy, Petal and a non-forum friend Kate. There is an official Channel Pilot and crew on board as well - someone's got to know what they are doing and, most importantly, where they are going!

Nic has been doing the bulk of her training in Dover Harbour (the home of the Channel Swim Association) since May - without the benefit of a wetsuit! Nic reached a milestone in her training last Sunday with a 6 hour swim (in rough water). This time is almost a pre-requisite for an attempt - so she is well geared up to complete it.

Nic is doing the swim as the result of a lifetime ambition. To get an idea of the task - think of a 23 mile swim (minimum) across the busiest shipping lane in the world in salt water and on the go for a very long time - estimates vary for Nic of between 10 and 18 hours, or possibly longer if conditions worsen, in the water. Nic will have to feed in the water (she is not allowed to even touch the boat) and neither will she have the benefit of a wetsuit to keep warm. She is indeed a complete nutter!!!

Nic is also raising funds for WaterAid as part of her swim - take a look at Dr Nic's Channel Swim . If you want to donate, follow the link on the page.

Wish Nic the best of luck for her swim and let's hope she gets the right weather conditions for it.
06/07/2004 at 17:06
good luck nic you old loony
06/07/2004 at 17:44
How come you are not in the boat fb? Were they worried it wouldn't keep up?
06/07/2004 at 17:47
bloody cheek Mr M

simply - I suffer bad seasickness so opted out,
06/07/2004 at 18:21
FB was on the boat when I did a training swim off Eastbourne recently and not only did the vessel stay afloat, Melik, you cheeky beggar, but I was more seasick than him! :-(
06/07/2004 at 18:30
Hang on a sec, it was a compliment on your swimming Nic. Blimey, some people are so sensitive. ;-)
06/07/2004 at 18:36
Hm, that's OK then I suppose!
AndrewSmith    pirate
06/07/2004 at 21:17
Good luck Doc I am jealous. Hope it goes well and more importantly safely
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
06/07/2004 at 21:49
Yes my best wishes to you and all your crew Nic. Looking forward to seeing your reports (just hope Captain Collier isnt your pilot else youll zigzag across the channel and probably end up in Jersery or Bognor!).
06/07/2004 at 22:08
Good luck Nic and hope the weather and sea conditions stay kind to you!
06/07/2004 at 23:38
Good luck Nic - you are bonkers lass
cougie    pirate
07/07/2004 at 00:02
Good luck Nic - you're amazing !
07/07/2004 at 07:22
Go Dr Nic - wonder woman!
07/07/2004 at 10:52
Good Luck - madness!
07/07/2004 at 11:26
best of best of best of luck from all yer mates at dulwich runners
07/07/2004 at 13:42
Good luck Dr Nic, hope the tide goes your way.
08/07/2004 at 10:18
Thanks dudes! :-)
21/07/2004 at 13:12
The countdown is on!
21/07/2004 at 13:43
hopefully caspar - just have to see what the weather does first........

21/07/2004 at 13:53
keep us in the loop fb
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