The Jenny Clark Try a Tri (300m/21K/4K)

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13/06/2010 at 17:48
Is it just one week to go now?  Thats gone quick!  Best of luck to everyone. 
13/06/2010 at 20:20
Thanks Soupy Looking forward to it presume sore ankle gets back to normal. More confident with bike, brick and run than I was.. oh, and swim Looking forward to a nice day out (although not as long as Brighton )
16/06/2010 at 10:25

Hi Folks,

 I look after the entries for the Jenny Clark Try-a-Tri.

Following a few drops out over the last couple of weeks and have worked down the waiting list. We now have a couple of places if people want to take part as short notice.

The event is at Ongar in Essex and is a Novice event. Details can be found on the TriSport Epping website.

 If you message me, I will get back to you.

18/06/2010 at 08:51
good luck to everyone doing it!! will be thinking of you on sunday!
18/06/2010 at 09:00

aaahh shame you aren't recovered to do it Boots hope you are getting better.

Did 10m (taper) cycle 55 mins Weds - was quite fast for me but def an improvement on when I started. Can feel legs are stronger when I go uphill. Was just 10lengths on schedule last night, but did 20 as pool was clear, after a 5k run (32mins). Timed my swim of 12 lengths at 8-9mins. Well happy with progress. Is so different doing shorter training and mixing it up after the mara.

Good Luck to everyone for Sunday too!

18/06/2010 at 09:15

it is a shame tracy.. i'm still not even able to cycle yet and swimming is less than graceful but i'm doing great! Hoping my arm will allow me back on the bike next weekend.. fingers crossed!

You are doing brilliantly by the sounds of it! will keep a look out for your results but i'm sure you will do great! 

18/06/2010 at 11:39

good luck Tracy and everyone else doing this a bit  jealous i am not doing this myself but have a dua coming up, then a london to brighton 75 mile off road bike ride in september. so have just been focussing on them.

 Well done on all your  training progress  Tracy. glad your getting better  Bootsie wish you a speedy recovery

19/06/2010 at 09:54

Thanks bigsmile.. really looking forward to it. Am pleased with training progress Just back from a steady/3miler just cos I had time to do it Wow! You are a massive cyclist! They have some places too if you change your mind for Sunday

Had a tri anxiety dream last night. Got in/out the pool, for some reason had to get back in at another point and they switched the lanes the other way and I was disorientated, then had a fight with girls in the swim q who said I was pushing in even though I asked them to tell me where my space was. Then realised I hadn't a) done a wee and b) forgot to rack my bike! Then realised I forgot to take my bike!

I'm sure this is normal....

19/06/2010 at 21:45

lol funny dream Tracy, we all have them before a big race, i know you'll be fine 

No not really a cyclist at all just love a good challenge please do keep us posted on how you get on at the race, but have all faith that you'll kick a$$

20/06/2010 at 20:17

Hi All,

What a fab day!  

Registration 7.30-8.30 where you get your race numbers for your bike, helmet , and numbers to pin in your top/tri belt. Off for the race briefiling at 8am (learnt it all at the training days but the refresher was useful).

Just a couple of criticisms. Tri's have strict rules, but I appreciate this was a novice, but learn as you mean to go on. A key rule is not to mark your bike and place everything by the front wheel. People had boxes, crates, several towels laid out, and not necessarily at the front wheel. Also, I'm sure the run was just under 2m, instead of 4k=2.5m.

Plus points, marshalls at every corner turn on the bike ride, well organised, included breakfast afterwards (tea, coffee, soft drinks, pastries, croissants etc) a t-shirt AND a medal.. in my experience I only usually get one or the other, plus a bottle of water.

Really pleased I attended the training days and don't know how people knew what to do without them. A Tri for novices, but there were some top swimmers/cyclists/runners there.

The swim was well organised with 30second gaps between each person. By the 3rd length I found I was almost hyperventilating.. guessing the cause was nerves, excitement and going off too fast. I go off two fast in training but I know how to slow it down. Slowing it down in a race was totally difficult. I stopped to let the lady behind me take over. Smart move, then had no-one behind me for over a length! I relaxed and felt like I was training. My training speed is 12lengths in 8mins.

Off for transition, walked down the stairs (be careful in case it's slippery), then remembered I should be running to my bike Helmet on before anything as you can't touch your bike without it, glasses, socks, shoes, tri belt with number on, bike... Go!

Run out with you bike, get to the gate and mount bike when told. Cycle out the car park, foot down, wait to be told to go. Two loops of the course, very undulating, loved it! So much easier to cover the distance than on foot

Dismount bike, run in, rack it, helmet off, leg it to the run out. Twice plus one more lap to the finish, collect elastic bands to show the laps you've done. Started steady and second half planned to speed it up but left it too late and it was over! Did speed it up, did sprint finish

Was just bloody brilliant! I AM A TRIATHLETE! and now for Blackwater Sprint (moving up a gear) in September

Waiting the results but guessing swim was around 10mins, bike around under 60mins, run around 23mins - will post when they are available.

20/06/2010 at 21:12
way to go Tracy you are a triathlete/ marathoner, is there nothing you cant do? sounds like you had a great day. i did pants in the park 5k today that was fun i did it in 24 mins which was a pb for me. but congrats on you first tri first of many am sure
20/06/2010 at 21:19

Well done on your PB! Did you decorate your pants? I saw that when I was looking for 5ks, but obviously was day of tri! Thank you

20/06/2010 at 22:08
I was on a training ride, and bumped into the ride a it was going on. I was doing a race sim so was fully pimped up with tri bars, aero bottle, bento box etc. The marsalls assumed I was part of the race as I steamed through, not exactly looking like a novice though

21/06/2010 at 07:31
OrangeCannon... there were a few people like that though. Initially people were saying 'they aren't novices' but you can get people that are experienced cyclists (like you) but yet haven't done a tri. I saw a few people like you pass me... or did I pass them.. ? I wanna pimp my ride
Ultra AJH    pirate
21/06/2010 at 10:23

OC I think I saw you then I was marshalling by the bridge for some of it and cycling round the course for some of it..............................I am sure I saw you actually cos I thought , I know that bloke!

Well done Tracy and so glad you enjoyed your day

21/06/2010 at 13:05
Thanks Ultra! Sorry forgot to look out for you I remember a marshall by the bridge though!
23/06/2010 at 19:45

Well done TracyB

Be warned - your life will never be the same again now! But in a good way.

24/06/2010 at 06:21
Thanks Soupy

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