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All suggestions appreciated.

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29/12/2004 at 22:06
Having just signed up, I am now into recce phase.
Therefore, I will absorb any information thrown at me like a sponge.

Any of you providing
1. Course details, the more detailed the better
2. Accomodation ideas
3. Training tips
4. Kit tips
5. Encouragement
will earn a special place in my heart.
29/12/2004 at 22:13
29/12/2004 at 22:20
Always a pleasure.
In addition, I will probably get round to posting my training, which may or may not bore you to death. Any comments or constructive criticism (ignoring grammer and spelling unless horrendously bad) gratefully accepted.
29/12/2004 at 22:28
Week commencing 19/12/04
Sunday - 10 mi run, 80 minutes
Monday - 7 mi run, 55 minutes, 1hr yoga
Tuesday - 10 mi run, 85 minutes, circuit training
Wednesday - 10 mi run, 95 minutes (felt like crap)
Thursday - 15 mi run, 2:10
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 5 mi run 50mins before crashing out spectacularly due to bad fuelling/stomach cramps. Walked home. Snow was nice.

Very run heavy just now, for 2 good reasons.
1. My bike is in St. Albans, I am not.
2. Training for 10mi in January, hoping for sub 70.

New bike is on order, hopefully arriving in about February. Titanium Airborne Valkyrie custom frame, haven't picked out components yet.
Wetsuit will probably be hired from for a fem months prior to event as per Carl's suggestion. Am I right in assuming they'll still only charge £50 for the race week as I'm too skint to be paying any more than that.
29/12/2004 at 23:58
2 trenches, are you related to barley/carl by any chance?
30/12/2004 at 00:26
Har dee har...
Nope - But you need a list done, who elso you going to call? ;)

I'm hoping the list will attract him and his expertise in the event.
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
30/12/2004 at 04:09
1. Course details, the more detailed the better

I’ll have a look around on some forums and see if I can dig out the course map though it may change back to the original course as was changed this year due to Addesley stadium being closed (usually the finish). Bike course is pretty flat/undulating.

I would recommend you do a full course recce (as a training ride in June.. id be happy to come along). This year we contacted Martin Dodd, swap the lake Friday Evening as Black Country Tri use it, rode the bike course on Saturday and did about 3 miles of the run course straight after.


Swim - The swim takes place in the clean waters of GAILEY RESEVOIUR; it will be a 3-lap course with ample safety cover, starting at 6.00am & wet suits are mandatory. Note: There is a 2 hour cut off for the swim section [8.00am]
Bike - The bike course is slightly undulating but potentially fast, it centres on the A5, A41 , A49 & A53 in Shropshire and is mostly rural with good surfaces on which to ride. AID STATIONS will be supplying water, carbohydrate drinks & food; they will be at intervals of 20 miles around the route. Roving bike mechanics will be moving around the course but please ensure you have basic repair items, as the mechanics are not on call. Note: The bike cut of time is 10 hours [4.00pm]
Run - The run is a 3-lap course, all off road & the route utilises the linear footpaths of the Kingswinford Railway walk adjacent To ALDERSLEY STADIUM. AID STATIONS will be available every 2k and water, carbohydrates fluids & food will be on offer. First aid will be available if needed. Note: There is an overall cut off time of 15.5 hours [9.30pm] for the race.
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
30/12/2004 at 04:16
2. Accomodation ideas

Think there is a Travel Lodge quite near, I camped at the Gailey Resevoir, there were about 20 other tents… nice to not have far to go in the morning.

3. Training tips

Where do I start lol……. You need to be doing 13 hours plus a week from March, include a long bike (70miles+ and long run 15 miles+ as two key sessions a week, in addition 2 more runs and bikes plus 3 swims, 1 open water.

Between April/May you should aim to do 2 or 3 100 mile rides and also include some long ride/run brick sessions.

4. Kit tips

The usual I guess…just plan well ahead and make sure you try out all kit in training. There is a full kit list of what I took on the ‘Carl’s Longest Day’ thread.

Vaseline, goggles, sunglasses, wetsuit, bike, tri kit, change of clothes, run kit (if changing), change of socks (for run), bike, pump, spare tubes, bike tool/tyre levers, bike shoes, arm warmers, drink bottles x2, etc etc

Biggest thing is nutrician, practise with what you will do on race day.

5. Lots of, I will probably be there, if not marshalling then deffo supporting.

Have a look through the ‘Carl’s Longest Day’ thread, lots of chatter on there but lots of useful info to.
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
30/12/2004 at 04:30
Sent you an email,

Ive got this years Longest Day Race Brief with all course details etc.

Email me and I will send it, cannot attach documents here.
30/12/2004 at 07:55
6. Weather tips

Make sure your supporters bring a brolly.
30/12/2004 at 08:25
I am sure that wasn't really aimed at me young lady !

And some nice shorts !
30/12/2004 at 09:21

...if the rainhat fits!(and it fit several people that day!)

And shorts are only as nice as the legs they reveal.
30/12/2004 at 09:37
Make sure that you're comfortable running off road and in mud.

Be prepared to run 28miles (just in case )

Enjoy :)
30/12/2004 at 11:26
hahaha, b-studs! yep, its those last 2 miles that hurt the most.

2 trenches, heres my top3 when preparing for an ironman:

1. read going long by gourdo/fiel
2. listen only to those who have completed ironmans and/or have been racing tris for years. some people are a little ahead of themselves and will pass on advice theyve heard that may or may not be true (have not been around long enough to work it out)
3. an ironman is harder than you think - give it respect.

one good idea in race week would be to start going to bed a little earlier every night until you can comfortably fall asleep at 8pm night before the race. Partic useful if you have trub sleeping before a race generally.

good luck with next year
30/12/2004 at 11:42
My advice is ruled inadmissable by Daz's point 2. above, seeing as I'm training for my first IM, but the two things that make my training loads easier are cold baths and naps after long bikes and long runs. Without these I think my legs would have fallen off.

Have lots of other opinions and advice but all of it is nicked from that Going Long book and people on this forum, so I'll shut up!

Lots of encouragement to you tho, hope it's going well.

30/12/2004 at 12:28
Cheers guys - exactly what I was looking for. My long run just now is about 20 mi, and I do plenty of XC, so mud shouldn't be totally unfamiliar.
Cycling, longest to date was 60mi club run a bit back. Fine to go on further though, I felt pretty fresh at the time.
Swimming - I can do the distance without too much trouble.

Carl, accomodation - I was considering the camping from the economical point of view. I assume you set up on the day you racked your bike. Don't much fancy having it lying around at night. Jj very helpfully boinged your thread, I've bookmarked it, so I'll be going through it with a fine tooth comb.

Daz- I've got Going long on order. And I can sleep any time in any conditions :) My speciality

Cheers MLK, any info is great, even if it is repeats or nicked.

Jj - just got a new pair of tri shorts from wiggle. I don't think lycra is quite as flattering on me as I'd like...
AndrewSmith    pirate
30/12/2004 at 14:07
and here are my tips
don't bother reading any books because they all make it out to be harder than you think and tend to either put you off or make you do so much training that you are constantly tired/injured/wondering if it is all worth it. (especially any book with freil as an author/co-author)
build up your milage as quickly as you can within the reasonable limits of doing too much(sounds like you are close already) preferably by May and keep it maintained with a long bricks, a long brick every 2-3 weeks will maintain your fitness without becoming a chore and you can then enjoy the rest of your training or concentrate on improving a weak part.
(walk lots on your long brick runs over 8-10mls) otherwise they will take too much out of you.
do some long stuff on your own to condition your 'head' for the lonliness of
the swim is the warm up you want to get out feeling good not tired, don't forget a few swim/bike bricks for variety
don't be taken in by peoples claims that it requires tons of training as this will lead to guilt about missing sessions, it doesn't unless you maybe want to break 11hrs and missing a few sessions doesn't matter as long as you get regular long stuff in because that is what will get you round.
And remember an ironman is only as hard as you make it.
if you prepare physically but not mentally you will struggle.
if you perpare mentally but not physically you will struggle
if you train both you will be ok
i have seen more people fail at endurance events because they could not handle the mental part, than because they were not fit enough.
30/12/2004 at 14:25
Some very sage advice Andrew - thanks.
WildWill    pirate
30/12/2004 at 16:22
I'll be there -

Im focusing on a sub 4hr FLM with a slow build up of my cycling

Then after the FLM i'll look at maintaining my running but realy concentrate on building my cycling up and stabilising my swimming
AndrewSmith    pirate
30/12/2004 at 16:27
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