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Guess who's bought 220

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09/01/2004 at 17:21
I've hopefully planned the Sprint Tri's for this year....
9th May Stratford
13th June Mansfield
4th July Towcester
15th Aug Stowe
12th Sept Derby
26th Sept Roade
Also want to do some 10k's and hopefully Lake Vyrnwy Half M. again, looking like a busy year. :0)

WildWill    pirate
09/01/2004 at 17:22
Looks gud mate
cougie    pirate
09/01/2004 at 17:31
Is there a new 220 out ? Is it the girl in the orange Hawaian outfit on the cover ?
WildWill    pirate
09/01/2004 at 17:32
it had a free race calander in it
cougie    pirate
09/01/2004 at 17:41
Darn - not got it then.
Off to the shops this weekend !
Cheers Will - I'll hold you responsible for my excess spending ! ;-)
09/01/2004 at 18:08
oooo - that's a good idea, Cougie. I'll do that too - he's much bigger than my accountant!
09/01/2004 at 18:09
Got Michelle Dillon on the front in white top, very nice too ;0)
It comes out every 4 weeks so you get 13 a year which is odd for a magazine. Or so the race calendar would have you believe. Also the On Sale date keeps creeping backwards ie 28th on month, 26th next, 23rd month after that and so on....

cougie    pirate
09/01/2004 at 18:23
Tee hee Jj - I'll bet he is !!

220 is just cheating then eh ! Weaselling extra money off us each year.

(er.. have RW thought of that ?)
10/01/2004 at 10:42
Lake Vyrnwy is on the weekend between Derby and Roade so September is going to be really busy!!
Monique    pirate
10/01/2004 at 17:57
Derby is ace- done it twice now, last year I got the best race photos I have ever had and they were not expensive.
11/01/2004 at 10:16
Yeah I did Derby year before last, it clashed with Lake Vyrnwy this year, and LV won. The run is a killer though isn't it!!! up passed the tennis courts is mean, especially straight after the bike, but I agree, Derby is ace. Probably my favorite Tri,...... Stratford's good too, even if the Swim is chaotic.
11/01/2004 at 17:59
see you in stratford prozac!
the civil service massive will be down there.
and they ARE massive!
Monique    pirate
11/01/2004 at 18:04
Derby was the first one I did year before last, wanted to go round again I loved it that much, the hill wasn't nice, but running is the easy bit it's the swimming...
11/01/2004 at 22:38
Yeah you've covered half the 5k run by the time you've got from pool to T1 !!!!
I did love the race though.
Daz you'll have to be crap to see me at Stratford! I'm just in it for fun. Swim time 11 mins or somesuch, I'll do it in 9 but I like the crowd with slower swim times.
I think my 66 year old mum's doing the Stratford Novice Tri this year. Star !


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