Today's IM Hawaii day

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18/10/2003 at 10:49
Well todays the day for IM Hawaii. You can get a live feed from the race at

I think the race starts at 6pm British summer time.
18/10/2003 at 17:55
Race starts in 10min..! Great coverage online...
18/10/2003 at 21:10
Many years ago as junior cyclist I often raced against Leder. Would be awesome if he would finish top 3.
18/10/2003 at 22:26
I am supporting Chris Lieto (US Champ) - he might get top 5.
Realistically, Tim deBoom is the man to beat - watch out for Peter Reid, Chris McCormack and perhaps Cameron Brown.
18/10/2003 at 22:30
Lothar's the man!!!!
18/10/2003 at 22:31
Norman Stadlers leading at the moment
WildWill    pirate
18/10/2003 at 22:35
I'll read the report tomorow :o)
18/10/2003 at 22:39
Raced against Stadler at this years Maxdorf triathlon and was lucky not to get lapped by him! That guy is a monster on the bike.

There are few other very strong Germans in the field. Races against Taubert and Bracht (dropped out already) in Heidelberg and he lapped me there during the climb :(

Stadler, Bracht and Taubert are all the same training group and there is huge competition who is best German in Kona. If you want to do a triathlon better start in US, the fields in Germany are very deep.
WildWill    pirate
18/10/2003 at 22:40
as long as the water's not to deep :o)
18/10/2003 at 22:55
is there meant to be a video feed?
18/10/2003 at 22:57
Yep - it's very off-on currently though - updates are working. Lothar is NOT the man - 12 min back on the bike last I heard... Stadler however is 3 min off the front! Don;t think he'll hold the pack off though...
18/10/2003 at 23:02
o yes, got the vid at the mo
18/10/2003 at 23:09
3 Germans in the lead, looks like Hellriegel could make it. Marathon still to come and a lot can happen! The best runners are capable of a 2:50hrs marathon.

18/10/2003 at 23:11
LOL the Bible dude :) If you don't make it to 2:12hrs marathon you could still give long distance triathlon a shot! With a 2:30hrs you would be the strongest runner.
18/10/2003 at 23:44
The top guys are 2:20 runners when fresh...
19/10/2003 at 00:27
Looks like its deBoom or Reid...
19/10/2003 at 00:35
Looks Stadler is finished, Reid strong, but wouldn't write DeBoom off. Zack seems a strong runner too maybe a suprise. Very close race this year!
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
19/10/2003 at 00:35
Im watching the video feed now, excellant.

I dont have Satelite TV so its great for me.

How often are there feeds of events like tine, are there any for Triathlon's?
19/10/2003 at 00:39
Reid takes lead from Stadler at mile 9.
19/10/2003 at 00:40
This is, on paper, the best live feed EVER - few tech hiccups though...
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