Total beginner - try a triathlon??

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18/04/2007 at 20:54

I've been a runner for a number of years and in my youth used to be quite a good swimmer and am thinking that i'd like to maybe try a triathlon but don't know where the hell to start????? Any advice on where to go (careful!), what to do to find out where any triathlons are for beginners?

I live in south glasgow so anyone with some inside info on clubs in this area would be much appreciated....or a general starting point for a beginner?

Equipment.....another story too. What do you need etc.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated.
Garr    pirate
18/04/2007 at 20:55
My guess is that in 18 months you'll be calling yourself a pirate, and be a proud Ironman.

Just you wait!
18/04/2007 at 20:58
Oh my god what the hell is a i said total beginner!! would i not be an iron lady then...hell no...margaret thatcher ...think for once it's probably best to be a bloke on this one!!
M...eldy    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:01
another lamb to the slaughter :-)
Garr    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:02
Nonsense. Have a scan down the list of threads in this tri section.

They are all started by people who came into this forum exactly as you just have.

Once you read what people have achieved, where they began (some way behind where you currently are), and where they are now, you'll feel inspired.

If you want it enough, you can do it.

Pirates are the unofficial RW triatlon junkies.
Garr    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:03
There you go. Meldy, another Pirate (soon to be Iron Pirate)! Myself, a Pirate (double Iron)!
Garr    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:04
And don't go thinking we're lean mean triathlon machines. Pirates look like your average darts player.
Garr    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:07
Anyway, seriously now.

Avalaf will hopefully spot this thread as I think he lives in Glasgow. He'll probably be able to give you some suggestions. In fact, i think he belongs to a club himself.

As for what to begin with, anything really. Pick an event, and train for it. No reason to start with a Sprint. Start with an Oly if you like. I'm about to sign up to Plymouth Oly with a triathlon newbie. Personally, my first tri was Ironman Switzerland.

For proper advice, I'm sure there will be some much more sensible shipmates popping in soon.
Bionic Ironwolf    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:08
speak for yourself, Garr!
Garr    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:10
Ironwolf. Another pirate. There is no escape from us!
Garr    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:13
'Having a go'. First point, can I recommend changing your name to something weird and wonderful where the acronym doesn't spell 'Hag' coz otherwise you'll unfortunately find yourself referred to as that.

Second, we are an extremely sociable bunch. Nearly all of us have met face to face, and pirate support at a triathlon is second to NONE! There are some phenomenal athletes in here too, so there will be good advice to come.

For now, I need to get back to my maths studying. Hence the 'Stressed Out' profile picture.

Hope to see you on here again. If you fancy trying Plymouth, drop me an email.
Garr    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:14
How about 'Hago'? Random, yet still some semblance of it's origin.
18/04/2007 at 21:15
i'll need a dictionary to understand all these terms...sprint, oly, iron man, pirates
Garr    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:18

Multiples of Ironman

Then there's:
(where the proportions of swim:bike:run are slightly varied)

Olympic seems to be the most popular.

Ironman, try putting it into wikipedia. It is the daddy and the origin of triathlon. Kona in Hawaii (where the Ironman World Champs are, and where the first Ironman was staged) is like the triathlete's hallowed ground.

Us Pirates are purely a RunnersWorld event.
Pink    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:20
I'm a relative newbie to tri, having done my first tri last year

It sounds like you've got a great start with your running and swimming so you'll have no problems

Like Garr says, pick an event, enter it, and train

I'd like to amend that a bit to kind of think about an event (check the results from last year if you're worrying about beginner friendliness), wibble about it for a few weeks, get drunk one night, and THEN enter it, wake up the next morning, panic, and then train :-)

Equipment-wise: goggles and swim hat (wetsuit if open water), a bike (any bike is fine), running shoes and a number belt are pretty much the essentials. I would advise getting tri-suit of some description as it makes the 'oh my god what will I wear' question to rest

Good luck!
18/04/2007 at 21:21
I can't believe you haven't mentioned the shopping part yet Garr! It's the fourth discipline of tri is it not?

Equipment wise, it's simple you need a bike, running shoes and something to wear. It can get very complicated and expensive, but only if you let it (I dread to think how much I have spent this year).

It helps if you have a fondness for lycra too :-)

I'm new to tri this year, and if the racing is as much fun as the <whispers> training then I am going to have a great summer!

Not that pirates train or anything.
Garr    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:21
Helmet for the bike is essential. Cleats, aero-bars, speedo is all non-essential.
Pink    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:23
Yes, forgot the helmet

The other stuff is just for show and poncery :-)
debbo    pirate
18/04/2007 at 21:24
Silly Garr - Ava lives in Perth and he isn't in a club I don't think! ;-)

Having a Go - look on and they'll be able to tell you about weejie clubs. I'm in Edinburgh so know nothing about Glasgow apart from that there is a club called (most originally) Glasgow Tri Club

Shame you missed the Edinburgh NYD tri - it's a great one for beginners and full of hung over and still-drunk people cycling round Arthur's Seat.
18/04/2007 at 21:24
thanks...i'm going to give it a go.

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