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Golden Boots    pirate
06/01/2015 at 16:29

It's an Elite Crono Fluid ElastoGel. Put the wheel raiser back underneath (didn't think about that!) and my weight is shifted a bit. Am also just thinking of zip locking a weight to the rear part of the unit which should actually do the trick I think

07/01/2015 at 13:14

If it's the weight that's effectively controlling the resistance, I think you're going to need something that's nice and consistent so that the resistance isn't continually changing and you know all your power readings are correct (assuming you're on virtual power).

15/01/2015 at 10:26

Pirates...some help if you can.

I have been running trainer road for the last couple of months. Really enjoy it and I think the real time feedback is great. However, for the first time in 2 1/2 years of using a turbo during the winter, I'm getting a pain at the top of my knee cap (left knee only, my weaker leg).

This tends to kick in after 40 minutes or so and happens more acutely when my cadence is higher than average and in a smaller gear and tends not to happen when I'm turning a bigger gear and putting out bigger power numbers.

Anyone else experienced this or can give me an amateur diagnosis?

BluePeter    pirate
15/01/2015 at 12:32

Has your cleat moved on that shoe at all? maybe slight adjustment could help

Golden Boots    pirate
15/01/2015 at 16:43

Anybody used trainer road with a wattbike? Do Wattbike's run of ant+? Thinking about getting an iphone ant reader if so for when working away

Cortina5    pirate
15/01/2015 at 17:46

There was an article about Wattbikes and TR somewhere. Older Wattbikes don't work with TR, whereas newer ones do (I think).


Do you use TrainerRoad on an iPhone? does it work well? Work are likely replacing my Samsung with an iPhone.


ChallengeCheggers    pirate
16/01/2015 at 11:22

My computer is old and has always been crap with trainer road and so I've gone onto using my iPad. That uses the iPhone app and it is excellent. No problems at all - only thing I've noticed as missing is the percentage rating showing how much of a section of effort has hit the set power etc. I used to get that on the computer but don't get it now. 

The computer will get replaced eventually but I'll stay using the iPad 

16/01/2015 at 12:43

CC - I am looking into using trainer road.  My bike is currently kitted up with Garmin stuff so Ant+, can you educate me about how you link to iPad, which I would also end up using?  Cheers.

Edited: 16/01/2015 at 12:43
ChallengeCheggers    pirate
16/01/2015 at 13:02

Robbie - I'm lucky in as much as I'm using a Kickr which talks nicely to the iPad and a bike with a split in the seat tube (which I wouldn't want to use on the road) and that has the Wahoo Blue speed cadence on it and it all works well.

I think (but I'm not 100% certain) that an iPad lightning to 30 pin adaptor and a Wahoo ANT+ key will get the iPad chatting to Garmin ANT+ sensors but I'd punt around the internet (Rainmaker site?) a bit more to check I'm right before you committed to anything.

Hope that helps.

16/01/2015 at 14:37
Golden Boots wrote (see)

Anybody used trainer road with a wattbike? Do Wattbike's run of ant+? Thinking about getting an iphone ant reader if so for when working away

They do, well the newer ones do anyway.  The ANT+ output will give you speed, cadence, power, distance.  The power analysis available is excellent from a Wattbike.

Mr StOat    pirate
04/02/2015 at 19:32

Is there anyway of getting a second set of ant+ data displayed on the screen at the same time? I've looked into traineroad companion, but you need 2 accounts and so on. If its only every now and then, or not even in trainer road, but for general training, or long turbo session whilst watching other things, is there an easy program to display ant+ data?

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