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08/02/2011 at 13:53

Hi JEvans,

No not a member of Cardiff Tri but Celtic Tri.

I did have one question - are people following a schedule or just training however you fancy? Im a fan of schedules and plans and wouldnt mind following one, any recommendations?

08/02/2011 at 14:55

JEvans - Do not worry,I ride a hybrid, at some point I plan getting some clip on tri bars, but as yet have to get back on it. I took part in  a duathlon last year with plenty of others with flash bikes whooshing past, no one really notices, just make sure it is not a granny bike with wicker basket at the front.

Due to my injury the static bike in the garage is the only thing I can ride at present, unable to grip/flex properly with hand so can't drive my car either.

This morning went along for rehab swim, did a bit more than last week. Getting frustrated at the slow progess.

08/02/2011 at 16:34

Vivki - not sure what people are doing. I'm making it up as I go along, but making weekly/monthly/quarterly targets to boost my confidence and make sure there is progress in each discipline.

Based on positive comments on this forum I'm planning on launching a "Power of 4" dvd boxset where each week you focus on a discpline (upping the distance, or just making sure you get the all important session in) to help manage life around training (I often find that if I don't have a focus, I drift and as such I haven't progressed in running as much as I would like). Then in the fourth week you step back (this wasn't part of my original structure, but it was recommended, and I got ill, so it worked well!).

But if you want a proper plan I'm not sure what to suggest, sorry. The magazine seems to have a lot of training programmes in every month so there is probably something on the site. They seem to structure training in the order of the race so one day you swim, the next day you cycle and the third day you run. Though I don't think this has to be followed.

08/02/2011 at 17:38

Welcome Vicki - I am doing a novice super sprint tri its similar to a try a tri in  the middle of May. As JEvans says plenty of plans out there, find a beginners one and feel free to adapt it to suit your life and how much you can train.
I am curently doing 2 cycles and 2 runs a week, with my Sunday run being 5 miles, Wed about 3. I also work on 3 hard weeks, one easy, then upping distance or speed. No proper swimming at present, due to wrist injury, but once cleared to swim will go at least once a week if not twice, at the mo I can do a little rehab swimmy thing, mainly backstroke sculling with the arms or using a kickboard and generally floundering around. I am looking forward to proper swimming.

You are lucky to be coming from a swimming background as that is where most people are weaker.

08/02/2011 at 17:58
JEvaNs, East Leek is end of March 400m pool swim 23k bike 5k run I'm defiantly doing it if I can get my swimming sorted.

Hi Vikki and welcome to the Chilli House did you see what I did Chilli House anyway I don't follow any plan cause I'm no good I start well then start missing things due to kids wife or work so I try to do 1 steady run 3/5 miles 1LSR 9/14 miles 2 bike 15/20 miles 1 brick bike 10/15 run 2/4 miles and 1 swim with Tri club but hoping to fit in another at local pool.

08/02/2011 at 18:00
SteadyJC now you've mentioned it I'm gonna take my wicker basket of the front of my bike were will I put my picnic when cycling now?
08/02/2011 at 18:06
ST - funny you should mention chili house - I've just got home after the painters have been round. They have been glossing the windows out the front and left the windows open for the paint to dry. Chilly house indeed!

Won't be doing East Leake then - I have a 10k and half mara the last two weeks of March

Aw Steady - I doubt your your rehab swimming involves much floundering!!

Just pegged it home on my bike. I got to work in 43 mins and hoped to get home in 50 (there is much more up hill on the way home!). Made it in 45! Very happy!
08/02/2011 at 18:07

Hi Vicki - welcome - hopefully nowt but good honest tips to be found here from those of us who have made the mistakes for you!!! Mostly me!!! I was a complete spanner in my first events, and not much has changed!!!

Hey JEvaNs - turbo training is hard work but good when weather is poor. I have a Tacx 1800 turbo (bought on recommendations from a forum, from Ironman mate, and feedback on Chain Reaction Cycles) and it works well - it has a handlebar mounted resistance adjuster, and I can use the gears too. I have it in my conservatory (on a lino floor), and have a front wheel riser to go with it so the bike stays flat when the back wheel is raised on the roller. I use my normal back wheel with its normal spindle in place and it works fine, although it is wearing my back tyre down quite quickly. It came "flat pack" and took a bit of setting up, but even someone as crap at DIY and fearful of anything from Ikea as me managed it OK! I also got a TV with built-in DVD player on ebay, and park my bike in front of it - distracts from the pain, and allows me to watch a couple of training DVD's i've got!

The training I do on it includes a 10min warm up first - quick 90-100rpm spin on res 1, gear about 5th - easy, no force, just loosening up. I then do one of the following, then a 10  min cool down again res 1, 5th gear, no force.

Pyramid - (one gear) 5 mins res 2, 1min res 1, 5 mins res 4, 1 min res 1, 5 mins res 6, 1 min res 1, 5 mins res 4, 1 min res 1, 5 mins res 2, 1  min res 1 (or whatever you fancy!) Ouch.

Follow a training DVD - i've got a great one of rides in California where you follow a group on a ride - the DVD gives you speed, rpm, gear, res levels and has rides from 40mins to 150mins. Brill!

Basic TT - after warm up - big gear (top ring, 5th/6th on back) for 25 mins (equalish to a 10 mile TT for me) and constant rpm. Go longer for eg 1hr for a 25mile TT, or 2hrs for a 50mile (not for me!!)

Easy spin - an hour or so of mixed resistances, gears, the odd sprint, as I fancy (it is stable enough to stand up and sprint on the pedals)

It can get very sweaty so I keep a towel over my front wheel and a big drink to hand. Get a telly/DVD player and stick a film on to avoid boredom! I watched The Life of Brian end to end on one ride!

08/02/2011 at 18:08 27th March Sunday
08/02/2011 at 19:44

Evenin everyone!

ST - very good. Just wish my littlest Chilibean would sleep! Sleep, that most elusive of elements. She turns 4 next week and my hubby and I have had a long talk with her today about the need to stay in her own bed all night and stop waking us up. So I'm a rather tired and grumpy Chilibean.

Jevans  - I have a hybrid which I bought at the beginning of January especially for training and racing. I'm not planning on doing great speeds and wanted a bike that would be comfortable (cos I like to enjoy things) and I could also use on cycle paths and with my girlies. I didn't feel that my 3 speed road bike with the wicker basket and toddler seat on the back was quite suitable.

Vicki - I looked up several different training plans but most were far to complicated for me. I'm a bit thick and need simplicity. And like ST - I have a young family so also needed something I felt was flexible, otherwise I would get stressed when i couldn't do it. So my plan is

run 3 times per week

bike 3 times per week

swim 1 times per week

At least 1 brick session per week.

Running is my strongest, but my swimming is pretty good too. My weakest is bike. I have a duathlon at the beginning of March, a sprint tri in May and an Oly length in July.  I actually feel I could do my sprint tri now, but I know that stepping up to the Oly is going to be a challenge and will add another swim session per week.

Anyway, today I had planned to bike to the pool and back and then a few miles run this eve. But based on lack of sleep, work and life in general getting in the way, I have only managed a swim of 50 lengths - which I think is probably the furthest I've ever swum (my boredom threshold isn't very high )

Following on from a discussion about fueling a tri -  having tried a few different drinks I like the blue powerade. It is also on offer at the moment at Tesco so fits my price range too. I do not particularly like snacking whilst running but on the bike is fine, so I think that will be my pattern at present.

Right - off to put my girls to bed and follow just as soon as I have my work complete.


08/02/2011 at 20:01
Shame JEvaNs
08/02/2011 at 20:30

Jevans - Won't be doing parkrun this week, as I'm away at my mum's. There is one that is just about feasible to get to from her house, but I doubt I'll do it.

I want to aim for sub-30. I was about that speed last time I ran, in 2008. I've never run much, so I've never improved beyond that point. I knew that at the moment , I'd be slow - I had about 35 minutes in my head, so was happy with 34:07. I thought when I started running again, it might take till the end of Feb to get back to 5K, so it's gone OK, really. No aches and pains, so I'm feeling very positive about it.

I ran yesterday in my new shoes, taking in quite a lot of grassy muddy stuff and a bit of gradient, to get a different feel. Felt slightly hard work on the old  ankles, but no ill effects, and the shoes felt good. Today I took advantage of the gorgeous winter sunshine and did a bit of birding and had a cycle ride from Sevenoaks back to SE London. About 45km, and idyllic really - it reminded me why I love cycling so much.

Can't claim to have turned on the speed, but there are quite a few Ups in those Downs!

08/02/2011 at 20:37

Like the sound of the ride, Yersinia - it's been the kind of day I long for at the weekends, weather wise! Never underestimate the effect of hills on your training!

Managed a 30min session on my turbo tonight, followed by our club run - 35 mins for 7km, with some Fartleks in. Hard going! Looking forward to my hard earned pizza now.

08/02/2011 at 21:05
Yersinia - I wish I could have had that bike ride today! Sounds wonderful!

As it was I had a bit of competition on my ride. I was going along and thought I saw a runner together with a cyclist. As I got closer the cyclist was pulling away from the runner, but I'd already decided to over take (on my pacey ride home!) and overtook probably at a slightly silly time (on approach to a bike gate) but I'd dinged my bell so he knew I was coming.
So off I went past him and through the gate and onto a short stretch that starts getting hard so I had to push (couldn't bear the thought of being over taken!). Just as I get to the end of the stretch there he is alongside me trying to over take!
I can hear him clicking away with his gears because it is a stretch that gets tougher. Round a corner, under a bridge and then a short sharp climb that needs a very low gear.
But I knew this and was prepared and had the motivation of not having someone overtake me back so whilst he was click-clicking, I took the inside on the corner, planned my gear change, hoofed some effort into it and zoom!zoom!zoom! His gear clicking faded into the distance behind me....

09/02/2011 at 10:12
Not wanting to sound stupid but was is a brick session??

ATM i swim twice a week, run once a week with the club and those are my only regular sessions

Thinking of biking at the weekend, but im a bit of a fair weather trainer and the rain and wind recently has meant i havent been out on the bike. I dont have a turbo either - where can i get a cheap one from??

Thinking of doing another run session on Tuesday mornings.

Im self employed so i find it hard to plan training (other then the reg ones i do) as the amount of clients i have booked in can vary week to week.

I feel really keen at the moment and really want to get out training!!
09/02/2011 at 12:45

Vicki - A brick is doing two of the tri disciplines in quick succession.

Maybe if your schedule is erratic you just have to grab your chances - if you get a window of opportunity, go out for a bike ride, doesn't matter if it's quite short to start with - you can lengthen it as daylength and weather improves.

Bear in mind that you will spend more time on the bike than on the run or the swim, so it really is worth making sure you're comfortable on the bike - I just looked at last year's female mean times for the tri I'm doing:

Swim 750m: 17:27

Cycle 20km: 49:40

Run 5km: 25:30

I went out for a gentle run this morning - 4.5km. Got circuits tonight, so I didn't want to overdo it.

09/02/2011 at 12:52
I do just need to pull my finger out, stop making excuses and just DO IT!! lol!

Im away with work from tomorrow until sunday but im going to try and get a couple of runs in between treatment sessions.

Next week, i plan to come on here and tell you of the bike, swim and run sessions ive be able to do
09/02/2011 at 13:35
Vicki - I am a bit fairweather too and am always watching the weather to plan my day when I cycle to work. I supplement outdoor riding with intervals at the gym or spin classes. It's worth venturing out on a grey day as the ride will brighten up your day!

Yersinia - that's a good idea to look at times like that. Is the bike section hilly? Really impressive run times.

Got myself out for a run but think my enthusiasm on the bike yesterday is evident! Legs felt really heavy and i was going to cut it short but figured I need to practice running on tired legs so did 5.5 miles. Not quite the 8 miles I would have liked but I am planning on running to the gym and back on Saturday so there are more miles to come!!
09/02/2011 at 13:53
right i'm doing terribly.. have had a bit of a stressful rubbish week here to training has not gone well.. but.. i did get out at lucnhtiem today and did 4.7 miles running.. so happy with that.. will do a bit of turbo tonight and then will be back on track!
09/02/2011 at 14:45

I think we all have sessions that seem ridiculously hard work for what we achieve, sometimes, and weeks where nothing goes to plan.

I'm a bit confused about the bike times, actually. They seem ever so slow compared to the run and swim times.

It's a 9-lap course in a park that has a few rises, but I wouldn't have thought there were killer hills, and being lapped, you'd expect to make it up on the downhill bits. Maybe the turns are very tight.

I should maybe go and try to cycle the route, but I'm not actually sure whether cycling is permitted on normal days. I could probably at least walk it to get an idea about the terrain.

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