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13/02/2011 at 14:16
So...(I fear I may regret asking) how far beyond race distance should one be swimming in training...?
13/02/2011 at 14:33
 It really depends on how far your race distance will be - if you are going to be swimming 500m on race day you don't need to train too much more than that and you don't need to do it in one go every time you swim. You should do some short sprints too, sort of what you would do in run training, some steady runs, some speed work. At tri club we rarely swim more than 1000m in one go, although most of us race at Oly, HIM and IM. Our sessions are up to 4km in total, but it's always a mix of technique work and short fast sprints. Even my OH  who's a long distance swimmer never does more than 9km max when training for a 12km open water race.
13/02/2011 at 15:47
For a sprint tri I was recommended swimming the distance twice in a training session - warm up 100m, then race distance first time, break, then 200m steady pace, break, then race distance again. Doing the race distance when tired really helped! Couldn't recommend for a long swim though - you'd be there all day!
13/02/2011 at 18:17

did my 2.4km swim yesterday morning and a 10km run this afternoon.. in rotten weather! glad they are done now.. still no outdoor cycling its a bit of a pain having to keep the bike in the flat because if the weather is anyway bad the flat will get wrecked after!!! thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it anyway!!!!

7 days to brighton half.. can't wait! sunshine is forecast at the moment so wait and see.. not sure how much or how little to do this week... not going to do anything massive though! 

13/02/2011 at 18:46
Did my swim training I'm up to 10 LENGTHS get in I know it's not much but three weeks ago could only manage one so making progress did a couple of six lengths too all together 44 lengths

Bootsie I would get out for two maybe three depending on weather short runs to keep legs ticking over 5k 10k 5k fast slow slow good luck with race you sound in good shape for it. Don't forget race report
13/02/2011 at 19:23
ST - your swimming is really coming along! Well done on that. Not sure how you are doing it, but when I had lessons they recommended I always do a few lengths with the kickboard and I think that has really helped my ability to keep going (mental note - I need to go back to the kickboard...).

UI - Thanks - again! I figure if I can do 2.5k comfortably, I'll be ok in the HIM, and I'm regularly doing more than 1.5k in training so assume I'll be ok in the Oly. I think I may take a rain check though and see how OW swimming goes. Am hoping tri club will have some sessions in April...

No training today for me so my totals for the week are:
Swim: 3750m
Bike: 44 miles
Run: 5.5 miles (oops).

Should have done a run today but feeling a bit tentative on pushing up a notch, whilst also thinking I did well on the bike this week... But I fear I am coasting. I need a third swim in my schedule, more running and consistent longer rides. I didn't even do circuits this week.

Going out for a run in the morning though. It is supposed to be dry and I missed out on a lovely fresh morning on Friday, so want to make the most of one tomorrow.
13/02/2011 at 19:47're missing your strength work, don't neglect it. I did a long run today and went straight into a weights routine when I got back. Your swim and bike totals for the week were good though.
13/02/2011 at 20:46

Mmm, strength work - deffinitely my weakest area (no pun intended!). Can't afford the ridculous price of the gyms around here. So have a few light weights. I guess if I actually used them it would be a start.

ST - wow, great swimming! You're not going to have any problems with that kind of progress.

Had hoped to do a bike ride today, but we had unexpected guests and it is just too dark, wet and windy to go now. Oh well, another day of rest before handling the bike is probably good for my mangled ar. The bruising has now reached a very impressive 20cm and the colours are quite eye-catching.

Do any of you live near Cheshunt, Herts? Would love to train with someone even if it was only occasional/one off.

13/02/2011 at 21:11
UI - I was/am hoping that my week will be able to include a circuits and a bodypump class each week, which would make me feel like I had done enough on the weights. But do you think it is better to do it straight after a run or a ride? And should I do more than a couple of hours a week?

I could probably try and work something out. I did manage to get to my circuits class on the bike the other week, so I cycled, circuited and cycled a bit more. It was good, but logistically challenging. Still, I suppose I didn't come into this because it was easy...

Chili - 20cm of bruising?!?! Yowsers! I'd be inclined to take another day or two...? Doesn't it hurt? A bruise that big is surely going to be sensitive? I'm wincing just at the thought of it!
13/02/2011 at 21:11
I'm no where near Chilli I'm in mids else I would cause could do training partner myself that's why I've joined Tri club £15 for the year hoping to get some support and training with them. This year for me is about training to do the distance then booking some races enjoy and complete not compete then hopefully build from there.
14/02/2011 at 08:37

Had a dismal weekend - I ended up doing nothing. Excuses include waking up with a sore throat, couldnot be bothered to get out of bed, fitting in other commitments,the rain, went to TCR Show on Sunday at Esher- neighbour did the driving.
But I did sit on a ladies road bike to try it out, OK until asked if I could reach the brake levers, which I discovered was still pretty painful but now dreaming of how wonderful it would be. Mr Steady relieved I came home without it, but has agreed that if I get a new bike he will make room for it in the garage.

Feeling better today will report later.

14/02/2011 at 08:42

steady TCR was really good wasn't it!

 I need to add in some core work too.. will do some work on pilates i think and taht will help!

gotta get on the bike, whether it be outdoor or turbo training.. just wished i lived in an area that was better lit for cycling in the nevenings!! 

14/02/2011 at 10:08
Bootsie the nevenings are dark here to lol sorry couldn't help myself

Steady go get that bike will cheer you up
14/02/2011 at 10:28

easily amused ST!!!

very annoying though living out in the sticks.. can't do a whole lot.. I have good lights on the bike but just not keen on the idea of cycling the lanes in the dark still ! 

14/02/2011 at 11:55
I live in sticks to Bootsie which is great for hilly lanes and for off road running. I agree though not so good for training in the dark although did my fastest 10k one night in the dark kept hearing noises coming from hedges which made me up my pace didn't fancy being chased by a fox
14/02/2011 at 12:44

Glad to report 1 hour on bike done, as the sun was shining I had the door open to the garage and did not feel a chill.

Now off to ice the wrist and pop some more pills.

14/02/2011 at 14:42
Nice one Steady, I got out this morning on my bike. It was lovely one and a half hours done run planned for tomorrow after work. Defiantly putting an extra swim in this week somewhere.
14/02/2011 at 14:47
what time does it get dark now in the evenings? I reckon there's an outside chance I could be home before 5... any chance of getting out on the bike then
14/02/2011 at 17:57

It's just before 6pm right now and it's completely dark. I reckon you'd be best getting back home by 5.30pm. I aimed for that when I cycled to work last week and it was as dark as I was comfortable with at that time.

Well done on the bike rides this morning people! I managed a 6 mile run which was a bit of a chore for the first half but nice for the second half. Kept having random bursts of rain! Lovely and sunny morning though. The rainbows, as well as the snowdrops and crocusses, were out!

Am toying with the idea of doing nothing else but run this week, just for a bit of a confidence boost. But I know I'll then worry about everything else! Plus I have turned into a bit of a fairweather runner too, and if it looks like rain, I'll just go for a swim.

Anyway, I'll worry about that later. Right now I'm off home for some romantic pizza and maybe a little gift from my loved one. I heard him with the sellotape past night!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! x x x

14/02/2011 at 18:31
JEvaNs it's Valentines day everyday in my house

I prefer running in the rain it's the wind that's killiing me at the moment it always seems to be a head wind

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