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25/05/2013 at 18:05

I am looking forward to meeting people more than the race

26/05/2013 at 09:20

well did 90 mins out on the bike. DIdn't get up that bloody hill here's hoping adrenaline kicks in next week for it. Going for a lake swim later

26/05/2013 at 09:25

oh, and I had to stop because my handlebars weren't turning the front wheel - realised I had done the velco on the bento bag thing up tightly and it was preventing the handlebars from turning. Good job I worked that one out before race day!

26/05/2013 at 14:05

MC - Better to know now than on the day! Granny gears are your friend - I find positive self talk works as well and if all else fails stand up  

Ran 10km today - took me longer this time decided to go off road a bit which forced the hr up :/ gorgeous day out - quite warm even at 9am - need to get a running hat to mop my sweaty brow

Cortina5    pirate
26/05/2013 at 20:32

Enjoy the last week of wibling Half-Outlawers!

Sounds like a good run SuckItUp.

Grendon sprint tri today. Report to follow...

26/05/2013 at 20:44

cat - I am getting good at wibbling

Cortina5    pirate
26/05/2013 at 21:49


Race report here

Please all keep a positive mental attitude at all times!

26/05/2013 at 22:19

I am full of PMA, I have decided its too late to wibble.

IronCat, good report and shows you're made of strong stuff, even if the day did not provide you with what you wanted.

Did a run this morning, what was that yellow thing in the sky, managed 3.8 miles and did one whole mile non stop in 11.25 minutes, so that boosted me, although the average was 12.30.

spent the morning over at my Dad's mixing concrete by hand( does that count as cross training or madness) followed by late lunch.

Then this afternoon Mr Steady asks if I want to go for a short bike ride, yes of course, once I put the chicken in the oven to roast. I found out that he can not drink on the move, so you are not the only one to struggle with that MC. Then half way home, realised he had dropped his mini pump so we went back 2 miles looking for it. No sign of it, got home and eventually had a lovely chicken dinner.

The faffing is on the agenda for tomorrow, I had to play around with my Garmin as for some reason it had gone into metric for the measurements, I prefer good old miles.

Hands and shoulders ache along with the legs, so going to get a good nights sleep hopefully.



Cortina5    pirate
26/05/2013 at 22:28

Cheers Steady. A great day out for you though - shame about the mini pump (have done that myself).

We bbq'd tonight, homemade burgers. Gas ran out at the end though.

Yellow thing is aliens invading.

Rest up.

27/05/2013 at 08:53

cat - well done at Grendon even though you didn't get the result you wanted, it is stilll something to learn from and certainly reflects the balance that there is between work and tri. 

Found out last night that the ow swimming place is open again today. Trouble is, I just don't feel like it. Had a bit of a lie in (till 8!) enjoying the fact that there were no kids arguing, but they are going to back around lunchtime and I think I just want to chilll out a bit

27/05/2013 at 09:31

MC chill - how often do you get the chance to do that?! Magic time ... Enjoy? I'm off to break up the fight I can hear in the living room! 

27/05/2013 at 09:58

yes, decided to go for the chill and no training today. As soon as they get back I will have loads of washing to do no doubt. 

Going to head out and have a coffee and scone or something at my favourite cafe though and enjoy a bit of me time out of the house before they come back

27/05/2013 at 10:52

Liking the sound of chillin today, did my first 50miler on the bike yesterday and have a few sore bits to contend with... (thankfully not racing next week but have a bike course next sat and Berlin trip in 2 weeks eeekkkkk!!!)

hope to see some of you next weekend at outlaw half... Anyone else camping?

Cortina5    pirate
27/05/2013 at 11:01

Were chilling too. Family bike ride to pub at lunch  

Your bike ride sounded eventful Mrs Matt. Flown to Berlin lots but never been round it. It's high on my visiting list though. 

27/05/2013 at 12:07

I will be camping Mrs Matt, at the moment I have no camping stove or kettle, hoping to borrow the use of one.

My 48 miler only made me slightly sore, a 30 miler the other week was naughty and made me vow not to wear that particular pair of shorts for anything other than less than 20 miles.

I have heard a tale that the temp at HPP lake can rise from 14 to 19 degrees in a week, so my fingers are crossed.

Dustboy    pirate
27/05/2013 at 12:40

Well, nothing all weekend in the way of training and today I feel well ill following a day of decorating yesterday. The water based paints aren't so bad but the solvent based gloss don't agree with me at all. I am going for a 500 yard walk and see if I can make it to the crem and back without throwing up.

Steady, I was surprised last year when HPP was supposed to be 14 degrees a day or so before and themn hit 18 on the morning of Outlaw. All that warm piss helps though.

Groo-eerrgghh, er, actually, don't want to think about that at the moment.


27/05/2013 at 13:29

Dustboy - just dont swallow

Well Im glad the rain hasn't turned up!  Went for a swim but the pool was just packed and I couldnt find my happy swim place due to very slow peeps in the slow lane and fast peeps in the medium lane did 1.25 km not so bad.

Hoping next weekends weather is similar to this weekend!


27/05/2013 at 16:54

trying to convince myself that I might have done enough training - this year so far I have done 933 bike miles. I know that I haven't done enough long rides really, but I have done a fair few miles

DB - hope the walk has cleared all the fumes. I tend not to buy the smelly paints but go for the low odour type - they aren't exactly gloss paint but are normally called satinwood or something. I can't stand the smell and we have an asthmatic child so I wouldn't want to risk him getting an asthma attack

buttercup - hope we don't have the same wind as we have today and I could do with less sun as well, not sure I will have much time in transition for plastering on the sun cream.

How does putting the sun cream on before getting into my wetsuit sound? will it make getting into the wetsuit hard? Will the wetsuit just rub it off anyway?

27/05/2013 at 20:30

Keep that positivity up half outlawers! I have all faith in you....! You've all been working hard it will pull you through. 

Started my 14week programme for Wild Boar today. 55min run done. Plus, have entered Bath Tri-fest in July. hope everyone had a nice sunny bank holiday. 

27/05/2013 at 20:55

MrsD - have you got a training programme for wild boar? I think I need one and need to actually follow one! If I don't get round the half outlaw it will probably be due to the lack of following a programme

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